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As most of the world’s economies are dealing with one of the harshest recession in recent history or with its side effects, getting a good job can become even tougher and more competitive than it already was. So improving your CV can make the difference between a well-paid and fulfilling job or one that isn’t quite up to par. It is the perfect way to increase your professional value while putting the free time you have in-between jobs to good use. Based on your field and expertise there a huge number of courses you can take to learn and improve your English level. Learning English can also open a great deal of new job opportunities from writing, copywriting and editing to translation work and teaching and even a governmental position. Recent polls show that executives and people in highly paid positions speak at least two languages, the same study shows that military personnel who know more than one language can earn considerably more during their career.
Even more than the knowledge of English, learning the language can show potential employers that you are willing and able to continuously update your CV and improve yourself and your communication skills, a quality that is desirable in any type of job. Also the people who study English often become more fluent and improve their communication skills in their native language as they are using the same brain pathways and are revisiting grammar and language structure.
Language courses that are specifically designed for certain fields like Business, Medicine or Law are also growing in popularity and can offer the exact training one might need to give him or her that extra boost and secure their desired position. Another aspect that is often overlooked when it comes to improving your job opportunities by learning English is the flexible thinking that comes with it.
In three years, LAX airport has improved the customer experience and transformed from an airport that customers tried to avoid, to an airport customers now enjoy. Today, you’re going to learn how LAX has transformed their customer experience through the implementation of four simple changes in the way their handle customer service. Use these tactics inside your own company and stop making excuses that stop you from improving the customer experience.
Here are the four customer experience strategies LAX used to improve their customer experience….
You should create resources and information (blogs, FAQs, guides, maps) that are instantly accessible. LAX Airport does a great job of providing useful information in the form of airport maps, passenger information, real-time flight status update, traffic info, and travel guides.
No longer do customers need to ask the service desk, wait around for 30 minutes and finally get an answer. Hubspot research found that customers spend 60% of the buyer’s journey before calling sales. Customers are no longer using traditional customer service or sales channels to seek answers. When a customer is looking for more information on a topic, you need to position your information and guides to be easily found and read.
The beauty of this strategy is that after the customer has consumed your useful content, they’ll remember your company when they are ready to buy. Exceeding customer expectations is the fasted way you can create amazing customer experiences. When you exceed customers’ expectations, you create positive emotions in them that will be tightly linked to your company. Back when I last visited in 2011, I remembered LAX being very busy, stressful and frustrating. I challenge you to think about ways you can you wow your customers and experience expectations?
Improving small micro-expectations can really add up to create amazing customer experiences that build loyal, happy customers.
The challenge is making sure you use technology to enhance the experience, rather than rely on it to create the experience (read more on this).

They have also adopted TSA Pre, which allows low-risk travelers to experience faster, more efficient screening at participating U.S. These three little improvements in the customer experience have been a result of adopting new technology. Remember that you should first try to find out the requirements of what you need to do to improve the experience.
Do not go searching for a technology first and then adapt that to your customer experience – this almost always ends in shortcuts. CRM tools for relationship management: Keep all data and communications between your company and employee in one spot so everyone can see it quickly. Online survey tools to measure customer satisfaction: Survey customers, get feedback and measure satisfaction.
Web analytics to track customer behavior: Measure engagement, number of site visits and page visits.
What that tells you is that your customers want to engage with you on these social media channels. For example, if a customer talks with one of your support staff, then puts down the phone and sends you a tweet two hours later – you need to be able to respond promptly to that tweet while referencing the earlier conversation. That might be a bit tough for some bigger companies who don’t have the right technology and tools.
LAX airport are big on social media and they have the tools to create consistent experiences across all touch points. Since the big companies offer customer support and service through these channels, customers now expect all companies (including yours) to do the same. In just three years LAX has gone from an airport customers use to complain about, to an airport that customers enjoy. Follow the practical advice provided here to start improving the customer experience inside your company. From my experience working with companies in this space, the big changes do take a while, so try to be patient! Ross Beard is on the marketing team at Client Heartbeat, the simple customer feedback tool. A simple customer feedback tool that surveys customers, measures satisfaction and identifies unhappy customers.
Client Heartbeat sends personalized email surveys to your customers on a periodic basis to measure customer satisfaction.
By using past scores and industry data, Client Heartbeat identifies unhappy customers are 'at risk' of defecting to competitors. One of the best ways to improve the chances of you getting a job or making your entire CV look more professional is to learn the English language. The English language is without doubt the most used in international circulation and can improve your chances of getting a job in just about any field. The IT field for example is always on the rise and can offer some of the most well-paid jobs on the market. Good knowledge of the English language can help you ditch the tiring and poorly paid job you have at home and can help you get a better paid job in just about any country, particularly English speaking countries with some of the biggest economies in the world like England, Australia or the United States. By rewiring some of your thinking patterns it shows an inclination for improvisation, fast thinking and the ability to function under pressure, qualities that aren’t literally written in your job application but that are implied through the knowledge of a second language. I’m going to take you through some ways that LAX airport (the 6th busiest airport in the world) creates amazing experiences for thousands of customers each day. As you’ll see today, with only a few changes you can make a big impact on the experience for customers. Jay believes that to build loyal customers and win over prospective customers, you need to provide them with useful information before they even realize they need it.

Customers can then quickly find and discover the information they need – when and where they want to. They can jump on their smartphone or laptop, logon to free wifi and access the information instantly. Overtime, these positive emotions add up and contribute to increased customer satisfaction, sticky loyalty and greater word of mouth. I purposely made sure my transfers were greater than four hours, I made sure I had some cash for a luggage cart, and I downloaded all the airport information prior to leaving just in case LAX wifi didn’t work. Over the past three years the airport had really focused on improving the customer experience. As a customer, my expectations were exceeded over five times during my transfer and I walk away with positive emotions that will turn into loyalty and positive word of mouth for LAX. The little things like free luggage carts and fast processing for passengers with tight transfers make a big difference. Nowadays with marketing automation tools, workflow tools and customer relationship management tools, you can leverage personal data and information to create a better experience for customers. They’ve taken a ‘Youtility’ approach – for example – they now offer free wifi for all customers which means everyone can access important information on the go. Numerous benefits here – it helps customers check flight status and access information – instantly. LAX didn’t have to offer free wifi, mobile apps and TSA Pre – but they wanted to – they recognized the need to create improved customer experiences. You should speak to your customers and conduct research so you can find out what you can do to improve the experience. Once you have that, you can go to market and find the right technology that will enable you to do what you want.
The customer experience can’t stop once a customer puts down the phone or leaves your shop. They no longer want to call up the call center – they want quick answers and don’t want hang around on the phone with long hold times.
This means you get more actionable customer feedback that you can use to improve satisfaction. However there is a slim chance to get a job in that field without a good grasp on the English language, particularly on IT terminology. It can increase the chances of getting a promotion or getting transferred to a better paid position in your current workplace.
They are turning to platforms like Google, Quara, Facebook and Twitter to find these answers.
Customs and security was super quick and very flexible – they offered express processing for travelers transferring on a tight schedule (big win).
The benefits of this include faster transit through airport security, shorter lines and no need to remove belts, shoes and jackets.
Twitter offers the perfect medium for customers to ask questions and get responses, quickly. If you don’t answer back to a tweet within 24 hours, the customer will be upset and not enjoy the experience with you. Once you have proven the benefits of a better customer experience (increased loyalty, retention, satisfaction), then you can lobby to implement some bigger, more robust changes.
Zeithaml, posted by the MIT Sloan Review, found that every customer has a perceived expectation of the level of service they expect from a company before they engage.

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