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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Tips on how to improve management of equipment spares and other supplies used for maintenance management. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Have you been worried for so long because when you have tasks that need to finish as soon as possible, you always end up failing?
About UsAt Catapult, we built our first product based on a simple idea – calculating freight rates accurately shouldn’t be so difficult. Poor quality components can result in premature failures and additional maintenance work.? Maintenance records can be useful to identify suppliers of quality parts.
Have you been having issues when it comes to managing your own life that's why you'd like to learn how to improve your management skills? On one hand it represents the opportunity for freight forwarders and carriers to win new business.
Knowing your where your strengths lie is important as you decide which tenders you want to participate in.

Not every bid is necessarily a good fit, so focus on where you have the best chance to win.Know What You Are Best AtYou likely have industry types that fit well into your operation. Knowing what you do best makes it easier to add new business that fits in with your current operations. Adding similar volume to what you already do well adds beneficial scale.Be Organized with Your RatesWith all the time and resources tender management takes, having your rates and contracts organized and accessible is vital.
International shipping is too complex for companies to manually manage and calculate rates when responding to bids.
Freight forwarders need technology to support the process.Be ResponsiveRFQs are time consuming for the issuer too. Being prepared and organized with your freight rates and contracts makes this easy and may give you an advantage against the competition.Ask Good QuestionsA useful and simple way to set your company apart when responding to an RFP is to ask good questions. It’s a clear signal to the issuer that you are more than just your rates.Be AccurateMaking errors on a bid has the opposite effect of asking good questions. Sloppy work is a good indication of poor service in the future when it comes to moving the freight.
Calculating freight rates is never easy, so make sure you have the systems and process to be accurate.Be CompleteAttention to detail matters, so it is important to make sure you are responding to the whole bid.

You get one chance to make an impression with new customers and your bid is that opportunity. Make sure you do it right.Know Your MarginsThe last thing any freight forwarder wants out of a bid is more freight at bad or negative margins. Of course, the ability to accurately calculate your own costs is the key first step to ensuring this does not happen. You have to know your costs to get the margins you need.Be Aware of Future TrendsTenders represent a contract to move freight in the future.
As any freight forwarder knows, international shipping rates are dynamic – with countless market forces adding or changing fees and surcharges all the time. Anything you can do to anticipate cost charges, the better your ability to protect your margins.The most important rule when it comes to responding to tenders is to be efficient and accurate with your process. In addition to using these 9 tips, leveraging technology to support your process is the most cost effective way to minimize the resources it takes to respond while maximizing your win rates.

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how to improve management skills ppt

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