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This post is written by Aditi Sharma ( New HSB Contributor) – How to Improve GRE Verbal Score.
Most of the Indian students taking GRE score a perfect Quant, the Verbal section gives them jitters!! Reading Comprehension: It consists of passages which are followed by questions and answer options. Sentence completion:  It consists of a single sentence, one blank and six options out of which two correct choices are to be selected. How is can an average student supposed to know the meaning of words like curmudgeon, excoriation, peccadillo etc etc etc….?
Read Newspapers , Magazines , Novels and whatever good reading material  you can get your hands on-to. If you are a lazy person like me who would rather watch the movie than read the novel, you better start learning the word list. Ok tell me, how on earth are you supposed to answer the questions or fill up a blank if you don’t know the meaning of the word! You can find the word list in Barron’s old book (18th edition) however I fail to understand why the word list is not given in Barron’s New GRE (19th edition). Once you understand the meaning of words, you can string a sentence and infer meaning out of it. Another small tip here– read everything online because the Final test will be on the computer screen. Language: English will help you polish your English language skills - to improve verbal communication, business communication and better at e-mail writing. How to use body language to improve your social work practiceMost of us are familiar with the theory that 90% of a person’s emotions are expressed through non-verbal means of communication.

You can use this method with friends, at work, in your family, or wherever you want improved communication.
Of course you need a killer vocabulary along with understanding the author’s perspective and drawing conclusions from it. The questions asked in GRE contain words which are not used in our common conversations or even our text books! In medium to hard questions, you’ll find about 4-5 words per sentence whose meaning you wouldn’t know, unless you have gone through the word list. Well, there are many ways – Flash cards, word root method, Pictionary or simply mugging up. Do your word list and alongside practice GRE questions from standard books like Barron’s, Kaplan, Princeton, ETS official guide.
You will be able to understand how a word is used in a sentence because many words have quite different meanings in different context.
Every bit of information required to answer the questions is there in the paragraph, you just have to see it. But did you know that a greater awareness of body language can transform your daily working life?
Help service users feel relaxed in your presenceMirroring the body language of a service user helps create rapport and this can help someone feel more relaxed. When you listen well and wisely people tend to relax, feel safer with you, and move into a cooperative mode.
So unless you were a sucker for newspapers and novels write from your childhood, You better look at option no.
Passages can be about biological sciences, History of music in US , the American culture, arts, humanities, famous personalities anything!

McLachlan suggests observing how the service user moves and then reflecting it in your own body language.
It helps you take turns, so that both people focus on one person's point of view at a time. Good listening techniques will help you diffuse anger in unpleasant or confusing situations. Even I used to keep a pencil in my hand and just go though the passage underlining important info in between. Stay in control when the other person is trying to dominate or intimidate Here, you want to avoid sending the message that you feel anxious, which signals you are giving up power. He warns against leaning forward, especially if the service user is leaning forward: “That’s meeting aggression with aggression. Prevent confrontation from escalatingIf interactions become heated, try to keep your body language open.
Or someone might tell you they agree with you but, even as they say it, they shake their head. The trick is to identify what is normal for that particular person so you can spot any changes.
What the service user really feels about someone in their lifeIf a service user’s relationship with someone – e.g.

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how to improve verbal communication at work

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