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Tired of getting shot with a cheap plastic bb gun that hurts like hell and breaks after 5 shots? It's therefore my believe that this is the perfect gun for any child, teenager or adult who wants to have some harmless fun in the classroom, office or backyard.
If this instructable was of interest to you it may also interest you that I made a second ible about how to make a clothespin luger rubberband gun. As soon as I had something that looked okay and the shapes where conform with eachother I decided to give them distances.
A note on the template: Remember that this template fits the hand of a 20 year old man of around 1m95 in length.
Okay so get your adjustable workbench out and make sure there is an open space where you can easily cut in. I decided to start cutting out the bent shape on the handle of the gun because it's by far the hardest part of the gun (pic 2). Normally you should have already drawn out the holes on the wood in step 2 so now we need to cut those out. To avoid having your drill slip and make the hole in the wrong place, premake holes with a nail so your drill can fit nicely in to it.
Note: My ping pong balls fit in the holes very thightly so they don't slip away during combat. Okay so now use 2 small nails or screws to attatch the rectangular piece of wood to your gun. When you are ready with that take your clothespin and dissasemble like shown in picture 3 & 4. Now you simply need to tie a rubberband on each of the bolteyes and you are ready to go shoot someone! If your ping pong balls should fall out of the extra ammo holes, consider nailing two small nails on each side and placing a rubber band between them. The total cost of this gun is exactly zero dollars for me as everything that was used in this ible  was laying around my house. The funny thing is that by making this gun I shot so many ping pong balls all over the place I almost completely ran out of them.
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The author has no economic interests in anyof the products or devices shown in this website. I made this gun for classroom- and office-wars but as these guns will last a long while I can imagine that if I get kids even they can still enjoy these great toys :) I must say that I have had alot of fun with this gun and alot of people have already asked me to build them one to. I started by drawing 2 straight lines from top to bottom I could use to make sure all the lines I would draw where straight. This is a great idea since you'll probably be on the move the whole time trying to avoid other peoples projectiles and keeping them in your pocket is not very handy for fast reloading. When you drill through the wood from one side only this will make the bottom of the  wood crack and ruin one side of your gun. Sand the inside of the holes (use hand sandpaper) so the ping pong balls will fit in nice and smooth. However if your ping pong balls slip out of the holes you may want to consider nailing two nails on each side and putting a rubberband on them. Just lengthen the so called "barrel" making the rectangular piece longer and get a stronger rubber band. You can avoid this by putting a rubberband on the clothespin and gun so the clothespin is always pressed down. For once I had very little problems during construction and I don't think you'll be faced with any problems either. I think this will be the same for many people but if you should buy everything new, including quality wood (unlike my pallet wood) I guess you would be around 10-15 dollars or so. The fact that it uses PPB's for ammo and those are not always widely available is the only downside I can think off.
So if you should come across any spellingmistakes or weird sentences leave a reply and I will correct it as soon as possible. This project was made possible in part by the Institute for Museum and Library Services, Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program grant. We make a meticulous three-dimensional planning, using the scan in little occasions as it is a serious aggression for the organism that applies one-thousand times (1000x) more radiation than an X-ray. There are some situations in which surgery shows its limits, even when it is us carrying it out modern advances in technology provide us materials that make it possible to correct facial defects in a non-surgical way, with no risks for future complications; sculpting the face with a degree of precision almost impossible until little time ago.
It contains no third-party advertising and it respects confidentiality in accordance with the privacy laws of medical and health information. I figure it's mostly because they are tired of getting shot with no means of returning fire but alot of people also admire the simplicity of the gun but at the same time the enormous amounts of fun you can have with it.
It's a great father son project or if your kids are to young to help just to make something  fun and cheap for them to play with.
During my research I also found that many people drilled holes in their guns so they could stock extra ammunition.
I also changed some things like making the front piece wider so the ping pong balls would have more room and I could use part as a handle for my other hand.
Just download and print out the template of your choice (3,5 cm ping pong ball or 4 cm ping pong ball) that is included with this step, then trace it on your wood. These will ofcourse not fit in the 3,5 cm compartments of your gun so you should take the second plan with holes for the 4cm ping pong ball.

You can check if it'll fit by just scaling it down cutting it out and seeing how it fits in your childs hand.
The problem with this shape is that the blade of your saw is to thick to follow it in one time and not get stuck in other pieces of the wood. As I didn't know what length would be good for my hand I decided to cut it out completely and then see how it felt in my hand. There you'll make a little hole using your nail so you can see where you must attatch it to the gun later on. Then bolt them on the piece of wood by using one nut on the top and one on the bottom (pic 6). Then take the left over clothespin and attatch it back to the already nailed piece of clothespin like in picture 6.
Note however that you can get the price down to 2 dollars if you use some cheap wood like I did. Being aware that other techniques could be used, during many years we have investigated looking for simpler and less aggressive surgical solutions to solve difficult situations.
Due to their difficulty, several techniques have been developed in order to avoid their use, but they are complex and they are not that efficient.
Many people have discarded dental implants as the only alternative they were offered was autologic grafts obtained in a complex way.
It is undeniable that it offers a clearer image of your maxillary but you pay a very high price for it, so it is necessary to only use when it is really needed.
Creating beautiful and effective dentures is also a job that demands a long specialization. During my research I found no plans on the internet that where free of charge so I decided to come up with my own design.
I started drawing the lines from there using my ruler and the measurements from the sketch.
The above information is so you know how I designed it and you can do the same when you want to build your own design. I also made the holes in the word document adjustable so you can choose to have less holes or holes in a different place. Also note that when you scale it down you probably can't have that much ping pong ball storage.
That's why you'll probably need to start cutting a new path once or twice so you can make bigger turns to match the line (pic 3) Don't worry if you can't get the shape completely right. I ended up cutting off a part  since it was too long (pic 4 & 5) but if you are using the template this is of no concern to you as the handle is already changed there. I recommend pallet wood because it is usually made out of strong wood as it has to carry alot of weight.
All the cases show typical results, not exceptional ones, that is why we show various examples for the same situation. I knew that the ping pong ball holes would need to be 3,5 cm wide as my ping pong ball was 3,5 cm wide.
I didn't do that and my gun works fine but on my second build I'll probably do it since it will be extra strong then. So you really don't have to worry about any danger as a ping pong ball has never hurt anyone.
From there it was just measuring and check with your hand on the wood if it would fit right. Where bb guns are mostly made from little plastic pieces which break easily and render the gun useless my gun is made from a solid piece of wood and all parts are found around the house making it easy to replace something in the (very) unlikely event something should get broken.

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