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Tampon Timer is a simple and effective at reminding you to change your tampon, menstrual cup or pad!
Read about Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) and the importance of changing your tampons frequently. Step 4 - Once the applicator or outer tube is inside your vagina, use your index finger to push the inner tube (the tube where the removal string is visible) through the outer tube.

Step 5 - When you are ready to remove the tampon, hold the string and gently pull it downward until the entire tampon is out.
Hold the middle of the tampon, at the spot where the smaller, inner tube inserts into the larger, outer tube.
Some women prefer sitting on the toilet with knees apart or standing with one foot on the toilet seat.

The cardboard tubes can also be flushed away.) Make sure that the string hangs outside of the vaginal opening.

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how to make your vag look good

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