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The ability to predict future business trends with reasonable accuracy will be one of the crucial competitive advantages of this new decade. The Business Administrator works with Claire Landis, HR Director Ericka Wrencher  and Compensation Consultant Margaret Ann Wolski.
No change: The data coordinator processes the creation the job opening and posting of the position into eRecruit.
The Business Administrator will be notifed by HR when to proceed with the creation the job opening and posting of the position into eRecruit. Please note that someone from each center needs to be trained in eRecruit so that they can manage the process in the various roles (data coordinator, hiring manager and resume receiver).
Once the new hire paper has been processed in payroll, the new staff member can be hired in FASIS, a NetID is generated for them within 24 hours and the NetID Coordinator is notified by e-mail. Please submit the eRecruit Access Authorization Form to Barbara Beeuwsaert prior to attending the class. The identified candidate must complete the personal data form  and other payroll forms for new employees. Personal Data form: The hiring department must indicate the starting date, hourly rate, job code, chartstring and the name of the timesheet Kronos approver.
To comply with Federal Law, Northwestern University participates in Electronic I-9s and E-Verify. All newly-hired employees will have to verify their identity and employment eligibility through the electronic system established by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA).
When a temporary employee is hired in FASIS, a NetID is generated for them within 24 hours and the NetID Coordinator is notified by e-mail.
Northwestern University has developed a Temporary Staffing Center  managed by the Department of Human Resources. The Business Administrator or Center director works with HR Staffing Consultant Ericka Wrencher and ORPFC on any issues associated with the employee's separation. The Business Administrator or Center director should arrange to discontinue any access to building, computer, servers, phone, voicemail, etc.). Exempt Staff should complete the leave accrual usage online in Kronos and submit the balance to their supervisor for approval prior to termination. Payments not made within regulated timeframes could result in a Department of Labor investigation and substantial penalties for non-compliance.
This new procedure will help ensure that the University is compliant with government regulations and should limit overpayment of paid time off benefits at termination.
The University Research Centers within the Office for Research, in connection with the Office for Human Resources, is pleased to initiate a process for managing the human resource components related to the termination of active employment for the following positions: Research Associate, Senior Research Associate, Clinical Research Associate, and Senior Clinical Research Associate and Postdoctoral Fellows. Five issues around the termination of active employment that may affect a Research Associate, Postdoctoral Fellow have been identified.
To assist you the Office for Human Resources has created several documents for easy reference. A template for an appointment non-renewal letter that is to be generated by the department and given to a Research Associate, Postdoctoral Fellow when an appointment will not be renewed. Your HR Consultant, Ericka Wrencher, is available to assist you with any questions you may have about this new process.
The Business Administrator or Center director should arrange to discontinue any access to building, computer, phone, voicemail, etc.).
The International Office would like to be notified of all terminations or departures even if for unpaid appointments. To obtain FASIS access, please complete and submit the FASIS authorizations forms  to Barbara Beeuwsaert, ORPFC, 633 Clark Street, Crown Building North Tower 2nd Floor, Evanston Campus before attending the FASIS Training Courses. For all Position Funding and Payroll Journal entries over 90 days: a paper journal along with 90 day exception memos and backup must be submitted to Barbara Beeuwsaert, ORPFC, 633 Clark Street, Crown Building North Tower 2nd Floor, Evanston Campus.
NOTE: If the payroll journal is on a grant a copy of the certified effort form needs to be included as back-up.
FASIS Temp Panels – Authorized supervisors and department heads have the ability to modify a temporary employee's record directly in FASIS without utilizing paper forms or approval processes.
Update Temporary employee job data, process position funding and payroll journal entries in FASIS for Temporary employees, including work-study students, non-work-study students, temporary non-students, and employees garnered through the NU Temp Center.
Department Managers and School Administrators have access to the reports to panel and should update this page as needed. The Faculty and Staff Information System (FASIS) Manual– compilation of Data Definitions, Procedural Descriptions, System Enhancements, Policies, and Training Materials.
To obtain access to Vista Plus, please complete and submit the Vista authorization form to Barbara Beeuwsaert, ORPFC, 633 Clark Street, Crown Building North Tower 2nd Floor, Evanston Campus. Position Management provides schools and departments the information they need to help manage staff positions and salary budgets. Once a new faculty, staff member or temporary employee is hired in FASIS, a NetID is generated for them within 24 hours and the NetID Coordinator is notified by e-mail. NOTE: All new employees will now be able to get their Wildcard, Parking, Blackboard, NETID, and Email accesses as early as 90 days before their hire date, as long as the paperwork has been sent to Payroll and entered into FASIS. US citizens and permanent residents who are rehired will need to complete a new I-9 if the hire date listed on their previous I-9 is older than 3 years ago. Each year, members of the University staff examine their activities for possible conflicts of interest between personal activities and University responsibilities. The Performance Excellence Process  helps the individuals and organizations of Northwestern accomplish their goals. Employment Information FASIS Self Service allows all active Northwestern employees to access various details about their current and previous appointments at the University.
Online Directory Personal information such as name, phone numbers, home and email addresses, job location, and job title is stored in FASIS and viewed through the Online Directory. The FASIS eDevelopement module provides users a means to administer University training and development programs. Supervisors must approve both time sheets for biweekly employees and leave accruals for exempt employees using the Kronos Time System. Northwestern University's Kronos is used to record time for all biweekly staff and temporary employees.
The Kronos approver for Temporary bi-weekly employee is maintained in the FASIS Temp Panel for Temporary employees, including work-study students, non-work-study students, temporary non-students, and employees garnered through the NU Temp Center. Recording Part-Time and Flex-Time Schedules (only for exempt staff employees) Employees who work part-time or work full-time with a flex schedule must submit a Monthly Employee Part-Time or Flexible Schedule Form to HR. The Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA), that falls under a division of the US Department of Labor, was enacted to provide employees with up to 12 weeks of job protection while caring for their own serious health condition, care for a family member's serious health condition, and military leave.
Proper compliance is essential since FMLA regulations hold the employer responsible for ensuring that employees are aware of their FMLA rights. Do not allow employees to return to work after a medical leave without a release to work from the Benefits Division.

Effective September 1, 2015, departments with staff or faculty members on a Hartford-approved medical leave (EST) can receive financial salary relief from the central HR Extended Sick Time account, using a new electronic process. Exempt Staff and Faculty: Extended Sick pay will be charged to the department initially, but may be recovered from the benefits pool using the process below. The employee’s medical leave must be for the employee's own illness, and must be approved by The Hartford. The department is responsible for salary payment during the 5-day waiting period before EST. A FASIS Administration Deployed Funding user in the department must enter a Payroll Journal in FASIS to recover the funding incurred during EST (charge the Extended Sick Pool: 120-1130001).
Requests for salary relief must be initiated within 90 days of the date the employee's leave began (for monthly employees).
If an employee leaves again within 90 days of their return, there is no 5-day waiting period. In general, appointments will be housed in the unit that (1) pays the individual and (2) is responsible for the individual's work and effort. Graduate student appointments will be housed in the department and school that will bestow the degree. All necessary access to buildings, laboratories and mail rooms will be provided by both units. NOTE: As part of the Visa process, the International Office requires an Official university position confirmation.
The center administrator should contact the International Office Adviser to sign up to receive any updates via e-mail list serve.
Visit the International Office website to ontain information about non-immigrant visa categories such as J-1, H-1B, E-3, TN, sponsorship of international employees for Legal Permanent Resident status, the associated internal and external processes in obtaining visa, and other helpful hints to assist International Scholars in maintaining their status. Please consult with your IO adviser on which visa is appropriate for the scholar based on timelines and job duties. The Center Administrator works with the employee and hiring individual to gather all REQUIRED DOCUMENTS FOR ALL APPLICATIONS to be submitted to the International Office.
If needed the Center Administrator should follow up with the IO adviser assigned to their case until the USCIS Receipt notice or USCIS Approval notice has been issued.
Payroll appointment process can be initiated upon receipt of the Document of employment eligibility (USCIS Receipt notice or USCIS Approval notice). In some cases if the intended start date approaches and the individual does not have an Approval Notice. NOTE: The E-Verify I-9 must be completed by all new hires and individuals who receive employment-related payments. Foreign nationals who receive payroll payments from Northwestern University must complete certain paperwork, including tax returns. Nonresidents receiving payroll payments must provide their information in the University’s Foreign National Information System (FNIS). FNIS Access Request Form should be completed by nonresidents or departments if the nonresident haven’t already received an email asking them to do so.
FNIS Information and Explanation explains the entire process and provides screen shots demonstrating the system. Social Security Number and Tax ID Numbers explain the procedure for acquiring a Social Security or Tax ID number. NOTE: Current paid employee will need to update work eligibility expiration date with the payroll office, update FNIS and complete the E-Verify Section 3 of the Form I-9. Assign approvers for Conflict of Interest (COI), Training (Learning & Development), Performance and Exempt employee leave accrual.
Once the new hire forms has been processed in payroll, the new staff member can be hired in FASIS, a NetID is generated for them within 24 hours and the NetID Coordinator is notified by e-mail. Check in FASIS lookup that the appointment had been keyed in the system as it was submitted on the forms. The center administrator should track the appointment end date, Visa and work eligibility expiration date for the employees in their center. Even though the International Office might notify the employee that their VISA is about to expire, the center Administrator should also notify their employee and supervisor. Your HR Consultant, Carol Michelini, is available to assist you with any questions you may have about this new process. Check in FASIS lookup that the appointment had been terminated in the system as it was submitted on the forms. Depending on the type of the visa the employee holds a departure notice form is to be completed when an employee in your department is terminated from their appointment, resigns or completes their stay.
The Center Administrator sends the completed form to the International Office (IO) at least ten days prior to the employee's departure.
NOTE: If the scholar changes status but continues with your department, it is not necessary to fill out this form.
The Center Administrator can obtain clarification by contacting your International Office Adviser or by visiting the International Office website.
The Office for Research promotes, facilitates, and enhances research at Northwestern University. Kristen is a podcaster, speaker, and best-selling author who helps people stress less and boost results. The first thing Kristen does each day is to make sure she is focused on the tasks that will bring her business. Entrepreneurs often fall into the trap of thinking, "I have to do everything and be everything." In order to have an entrepreneurial mindset, you need to get your life aligned to your business.
In order to get loved ones on board with your entrepreneurial dreams, you need to show them how it will benefit them.
As women we often give to others first and sometimes we forget to do fun stuff for ourselves.
Kristen has always been a talker, but she does get nervous before a speaking engagement, and has had to learn to master her mindset and control her nerves.
When you go to happy hour, there is a marked shift in your mindset, you release the stress of the day and you connect with others on a personal level.
Kristen’s company actually started out as a health supplement product, but after she had already sunk in lots of money, she realized it required too much funds to move forward! This is particularly important for positions with end dates, such as backfill or other termed appointments. The Center was established to supply temporary staffing coverage for various needs throughout the university: vacations, leave of absences, temp to hires, special projects, seasonal peaks, and unexpected business demands.
After five days, if the timecard has still not been approved, Payroll will send a second reminder.
This process will ensure consistency across the Centers and the University as well as provide information, guidance, and support for both the Research Associate and the Center. These issues are: appointment expired (not renewed), performance issues, staff reduction (lay-offs), resignation, and leave of absence.

The Manual is available in PDF format and is easily searchable and printable in part or in full.
They will receive all emails for newly hired faculty and staff employees, temporary employees and is responsible for forwarding the email to the employee. Any HRIS user has the ability to modify the NetID Coordinator for any department ID within their security access. They must also be able to provide acceptable documentation to a University representative with access to our I-9 Service Center to complete section 2 by the third date of employment.
This periodic review is intended to remove any questions about conflict of interest and resolve any doubt about any activity that might present a conflict.
It encourages leaders and their teams to set priorities for what needs to be accomplished and how things need to be done. The page includes basic compensation, hours, and department information for each job, as well as Service History, Benefits, and Tenure information. For example, all time away from work for September 2012 must be entered by the employees by Oct. This will allow employees to enter a day off in Kronos and accurately record half and full-day absences associated with their daily schedules. Northwestern University, as a covered employer under this federally mandated program, must ensure that managers are aware of our compliance responsibilities. The Benefits Division will follow up with the employee to see if a Leave of Absence is needed.
The employee will communicate any needed medical information directly to the Leave Administrator in the Benefits Division.
If the individual is supervised by a faculty member, the faculty member's affiliation with the Center or department must also be considered in making this determination. The Center will provide its chart string to the department in cases where it provides stipend or other support. Please keep in mind IO & USCIS processing times are subject to change based on processing and procedures.
The NU hiring department will have to suspend employment until the IO receives the approval notice.
FNIS uses this data for tax analysis and to create necessary forms for taxation, including available tax treaties. All of these MUST be in sync and in order for there to be a seamless continued employment at the university. Employee must provide acceptable documentation to a University representative with access to our I-9 Service Center to complete section 2 by the third date of employment. How about some great advice on going from overwhelmed to figuring out what to prioritize next?Maybe you're stressed because your family isn't on board with your great big dreams. At that time she was in a demanding corporate leadership role, had a 10 month-old baby, and was understandably stressed to the max. How many things on your calendar are you doing out of guilt or because people expect you to?
Begin by writing down everything from your calendar and to do list, write it all down so that you can see it all visually. To align your life, make sure you have your loved ones on board and have the right support network outside your loved ones. Show your loved one that what they appreciate about your current life will continue, that you will not neglect your current responsibilities or role in the family. She had to prove that she could entertain a live audience, and started on a small scale initially.
When you are alone in the bathroom, think about, “What is my mood, how do I feel, what do I need to do to get back on track?” It may be the only quiet moment in your day, so take advantage of it!
Kristen was left with lots of unusable product and a big business loan with no way to pay it off. If the Kronos timecard has still NOT been approved within five days of the second reminder, Payroll will assume that the Vacation PFH data in Kronos is correct and will initiate payment for the next available payroll run. Training guides with step by step instructions for new employees, remote hires, and section 2 processors are available. Conduct in business and academia has been the subject of public scrutiny and legislation in recent times, and it is good practice for us to demonstrate that our work is free from any question about our motivation and our dedication to the University mission. If funding support is provided by a more than one unit, the secondary unit's chart string will be provided to the primary unit. From this point forward all activity regarding the H-1B application is tracked through the Tracker Portal. The NetID will allow the employee to access  the Kronos Time System and other applications. Cross out the things that are not critical to your families’ health, wellness, and happiness.
Pencil in some time that is reserved for you that cannot be booked with someone else’s needs. In addition to the Online Directory, faculty and staff may enter their Emergency Contact information.
She knew she needed to make a change from corporate America, and she realized she needed to do something that made her happy. Her goal is to help people re-shift their life so that the things that are most important to them take top priority. The Emergency Contact panel is part of Northwestern University's Emergency Planning effort. Kristen also advises us to be ok with being a story teller and ok with sharing your personal story with others.
To get to that place mentally, first begin by being aware of what you juggle in the first place. Afterwards everyone came up and thanked her for being so honest, and shared their personal stories with her. Kristen firmly believes that right when you are about to give up is when the miracle is about to happen. Having emergency contacts in the system will allow us to have the information readily available in case of an emergency or disaster. That was the moment she knew that if she could keep her emotions in check that she wanted to continue speaking in order to help others.
Be aware of where you are at the current moment instead of always thinking about what’s next.

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