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Identifying project risk, performing risk management planning, and analyzing and responding to risk are all crucial areas when kicking off a new project. All in all, brainstorming is just one effective method to identifying risk and coming up with different, creative ways to responding to them. In any business, it’s easy for processes to become chaotic, especially when one process is handed off to another department. Business process management (BPM) is firstly a methodology that formalizes how you manage the many different departments or teams in your company. All businesses have processes, be it a business that provides consumer products or a business that delivers services.
Business process management software (BPMS) is a technology that can help you enforce the way that a policy or process is actually performed. With the use of BPMS, you can create policy documents and store them in central libraries or servers for ready access by everyone concerned. Moreover, BPMS helps with the monitoring, measuring and tracking of the performance of the many teams you handle, by providing insight into individual and team performances through metrics, averages, volumes, and other types of measurable data.
Software configuration must be done only after the business process has been thoroughly studied. To maximize brainstorming opportunities, groups should be held with a minimum of five team members and no more than ten team members. So we’ve got a risk facilitator or colleague PM running the brainstorming session, we’ve got different team members of different areas of expertise and experience, and plenty of ideas…but how do we record them?
There are other risk identification techniques such as the Delphi technique or interviewing. You can lose sight of where things are, and you run the risk of work redundancies because of unnecessary duplications. It defines roles and actions served by each individual, plus the outputs needed from each part of the team to serve the interests of the client or customer.
The main differences between these approaches is that the Lean methodology centers on limiting waste, and each step in the process should add value to the product. Business processes encompass the actions and each action’s byproduct to come to the desired output.

BPMS can visually represent the flow of work and information from one team to the next in the organization. BPMS can also generate forms tools that capture the necessary information, and then route this information to the appropriate departments and people.
Software should never be adopted to reduce headcount, or your people will not support you in its implementation.
She currently holds content development and marketing positions for companies such as ZipBooks, free bookkeeping software and QuickBooks alternative for small businesses, and Comindware, provider of work management software. It’s important for a project manager to think of how best to identify and address risks, especially with new projects or prototypes.
First, the whole idea behind brainstorming is to get creative and think up as many ideas as possible.
Whenever and wherever possible, team brainstorming sessions should include essential team members that will be participating or working on the project in some form. They can either be recorded on a laptop or tablet with an overhead projector, a visual bulletin board or dry erase board, or even a flip chart. However, brainstorming is a great and casual way for team members to get together, bond on a particular project, or even participate in a great project. BPM provides visibility, allowing you to analyze the bottlenecks in your business and make improvements where necessary to maximize efficiency. Business processes include the people that are involved, the steps that need to be performed and the systems you use to get things done. The project manager must study the different business process of each team to reach an optimized process that can be accomplished within the shortest possible time. Important as it is to start off on the right foot, in this dynamic and highly competitive environment, doing things right the first time can be next to impossible. Uncooperative staff, especially during training, will waste your investment, both time and resources, into the BPM. Obviously we’ve all heard the phrase, “two heads are better than one”; this is certainly true with brainstorming. Secondly, team members should never feel hindered to thinking of an idea or that their idea wasn’t well received or was “stupid”.

In addition, brainstorming sessions can also include managers, supervisors, and even higher level executives. When team members offer ideas and can read them, then other ideas will “piggy back” off them, which is how brainstorming spearheads. She has over four years experience in publishing as a full time editor and project manager.
Both Lean and Six Sigma originated from a manufacturing standpoint, whereas BPM focuses on optimizing business processes.
A good BPM, therefore, needs to be flexible, other than first and foremost have the end user in mind.
While the whole idea behind brainstorming is to just think up as many ideas that will pertain to a project and its associated risks as possible, there are some rules project managers need to consider.
The whole point behind brainstorming is to open up creativity, go in with an open mind, and just think of creative ways to respond to project risks. Different levels of experience, points of view, and vested areas of interest can all be crucial components to a successful brainstorming session. Her project management experience began while she was working for Victory Productions, a small publishing house in Worcester, MA.
She now holds a position at Pearson Learning Solutions, the largest textbook publisher in the world, managing an initiative to ensure that custom higher ed textbooks are more relevant and cost effective for students. As the textbook publishing industry is facing steep competition from digital format books, she has learned to work closely with professors, adopters and field editors all over the country to ensure projects are seen through to successful completion. Language Solutions, is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals with their language needs and challenges whether it be translation, editing, writing blogs, or project management.

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how to manage project sponsors

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