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OUTCOME – This is a high-level mission statement that describes the goals of the project and the desired final outcome. ACTIONS – This is a bulleted list of actions that need to be completed to move the project forward. The DROE Archive tab is where I store all of my processed notes (Daily Record of Events), both typed and handwritten. Key Information is where I keep things like passwords, account numbers, personal data, etc.
The Articles & Reference section is a dumping ground for all other data that has been processed. This entry was posted by carl on November 17, 2007 at 4:44 pm, and is filled under Productivity. Small text notes that I make in the DROE just stay in the DROE page, which has a single large text frame. Brian – You are absolutely correct with regard to Windows Desktop Search (and Vista search) as well as OneNote.
The brackets do still serve as a quick visual cue of the project title, and you can use them in Outlook searches. Thanks for sharing your system, I’m finding it very useful as I set up my GTD in OneNote! I can also paste particularly important emails here… I usually strip the attachments first using an Outlook VBA macro that I wrote. If I categorize emails as per contexts, they don’t appear in the To-Do bar unless I flag them too.
Categorize email but don’t have email in To-Do bar (by not flagging or not converting to task). For emails that require more immediate attention, I either complete the action immediately, or I convert them into tasks and file away the original message as described in your #3 above. Also, for messages with large attachments, you can strip the attachment using the macro here before attaching the message to your task.
You current feedback is certainly very helpful, I am already using your attachments macro . But this scenario is quite dynamic, where you are working on the project while it’s being defined. Once both links are on the project page, that page can be the starting point whenever I need to touch that project. I know there is a temptation to start dragging all of the emails to the project page, but this creates extra work.
I think it’s a neat idea to do it this way, so let me try to incorporate your method and see how it goes. I found a solution to the problem I was having with the Linker for Windows tool and wanted to share it here. I hope this helps if you decide to make a post on the tool or if anyone else comes across the same issue with Outlook 2007. Finally, I noticed in your OneNote setup you don’t separate out work and personal projects.
I was thinking whenever you get a chance to respond to the above query, if you please also talk about the Outlook folder structure to implement GTD? On a related note, I know you like ClearContext, did you ever get to compare it with the NetCentrics GTD Outlook Add-In? I agree with you that Categories and even maybe Outlook folders are best customized for each person.
My name is Freddy and I’ve wasted nearly a month of my life on this place I found it after being recommended by a few friends who have been hanging out here for quite some time.
I am a writer, graphics artist, photographer and just about anything else that comes up around the office.
Well, I hope that I get to know more people here, share some experience and start learning.

I’ll curious about the [tag] format you are using and how it is in the subject of each task. I don’t know of a way to add the [tags] automatically in OneNote, but you could do something with VBA in Outlook once they are synced. For status, I have used several other fields in the past, but I am mostly just using due dates now because I want to have sync capability with my mobile phone. I have buttons on my toolbar (visible here) that trigger small macros and allow me to change items and move them between lists with a single click.
Microsoft OneNote 2010: Just for Students is packed with information for the student who wants to really learn how to use OneNote. Switch from a paper-based to a digital note taking system-Scrap your paper notebooks and maybe even your textbooks by switching to a completely digital system.
Take effective notes-Learn tips on how to import notes from other programs, create and format your own notes, and use OneNote’s built-in tools to create notes that are easy to study. Collaborate on group projects-Use OneNote to collaborate and share ideas without needing to attend meetings. Get prepped for the semester-Eliminate disorganization by setting up your notebooks right the first time before you even step foot in class. Research with OneNote-Learn to use the research and organizing tools in OneNote to help with your next writing project.
Make OneNote more useful-Find out where to get add-ins that will help you take notes for math and science classes. Or, get all the OneNote books plus access to videos, articles, and more with a one-time membership. Outline Word Processor and various additional tools can handle notes of a wide range of complexity. In Outline you can create notebook for your personal needs of widest range: travel or recipe book, any kind of journal or diary, photo album, daily planner, and so on and so forth.
Notebook structure is dynamic: Pages, Sections and Section Groups can be easily moved and re-ordered by Drag & Drop. Outline suite of formatting tools and build-in styles makes your note-taking experience rich yet simple.
To organize notes even better and make them simpler for perception apply bulleted and numbered lists, use tags and check boxes.
Would you mind sharing your outlook VBA macro that will create a link to the email on onenote.
Meaning, work from two places: To-Do bar for other stuff and emails arranged by category for emails. While we anxiously await the Outlook part of your GTD setup, can you please help with a dilemma?
Then are 4-5 emails where you’ve generated preliminary data and shared with them and then there are further discussions and refinements on what else they need. You now have a bunch of data (files, PDFs, etc) on your computer that you’ve either generated or downloaded from the internet. Normally one would get a project, make a OneNote page using your template (which is uber-useful!), brainstorm the NAs and start doing. Aside from the above interests i’m really into scifi as I know that is so much more out there to be discovered, and a feeling that the universe is just teaming with life. Are you typing that in yourself for each NA or is there some automatic way of getting the project’s tag name into each task? It took me 2 months to configure some kind of GTD system which works for me, your article helped a lot to put together the last puzzles. It's perfect for college students, older homeschoolers, or high school students that have digital access during class.
Learn the steps to take and the pitfalls to avoid while never having to worry about losing critical notes again. Using tags, creating your own customized tags and learning which ones to create will help make more useful notes, letting you take advantage of a special search system so you can stay on track in school and even life!

Learn how to use built-in tools to create interactive to-do lists, ways to use OneNote in the cloud, and how to combine OneNote and Outlook to create a super-organizer.
Get tips on how to Use OneNote to store all of your class materials, eliminating the last-minute test prep scurrying that frequently happens. Find other add-ins to add “missing features” that regular OneNote users have been asking for.
Creating, organizing, storing and editing notes with Outline is as simple as that with a real paper notebook. It makes Outline a universal note-taking app that will fit almost any professional and personal environment. Just think of that – you can import necessary information, whether full page or snippet from Safari or Preview tool to Outline in few actions! This feature allows transferring data between apps using contextual menu and makes this process faster and shorter, when generally it requires launching additional apps.
Send web pages, text, pictures from Safari and any app with printing support through Print dialog window. Keeping databases, project management, meeting notes are usual purposes for which Outline is a perfect solution. You can start anywhere on a page, organize your ideas as text blocks, resize and move them around to build the best map of your mind. It is up-to you to decide whether to add all the file pages to one Outline page or split them into several pages. Outline saves changes automatically every 3 seconds, so you can always access your up-to-date notebooks in Finder. Synchronization is easily set the same way as with Dropbox and you can keep all your notes up-to-date automatically. Looks like there's a little bit of a sync issue between the time on her phone and the analog clock icon at 0:05. Puppet Enterprise now offers more control and insight, with role-based access control, activity logging and all-new Puppet Apps. Do you copy everything into one text frame (for example from DOING to FOLLOW UP, or you use individual text frames for different information on one page? So far so good BUT most of my day I deal with emails (corporate work environment), so most of my projects (as per GTD definition) and tasks come through email. The starting point is easy, make a new page with title, put the 1st email in reference section, but what next? You detailed response has answered my question and made it very clear for me, I really appreciate that. Students will learn how to use OneNote to make school life easier using the first book on OneNote written just for them. See what it takes to digitize your notes and take advantage of OneNote’s powerful search tools to make organizing and studying easier. Use OneNote to reduce slacking and increase accountability of group members using built-in tools.
In the same way, you will be able to use this tool in order to export data from Outline to any other app supporting Share Extensions. Among our users are pilots, architects, designers, physicians, lawyers, teachers, software developers, writers, … and maybe you? Thanks to its organization your lectures, presentations, workshop notes and exam materials are clear, well-structured and easy to revise and edit.
OneNote”, one of the main reasons I chose OneNote is that it can be indexed and searched by a desktop search application (WDS).

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