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Every month thousands of lottery winners claim payouts averaging over $108,000, and you could be the next big winner! We collect and use the information provided to us (on this form, via a web page, via a web application or by email) in order to provide advice, information, services, or assistance. When contacting us by email, we recommend that you only provide the personal information that you think we need to respond to your concern. It is the policy of the California Lottery to share your personal information only as strictly necessary to provide services or assistance. You may review the records we maintain that contain your personal information, as permitted by the Information Practices Act.
There are more than 22,000 Lottery retail locations across California.Find a Lottery retailer near you.
From Scratchers games vending machines to draw games terminals, learn about more ways to purchase Lottery tickets. For a limited time, you can buy 2 SuperLotto Plus®, 2 Mega Millions® and 2 Fantasy 5 Quick Pick® plays for $5! More chances to win!  SuperLotto Plus tickets now include a code which you can enter into a weekly 2nd Chance drawing for cash prizes.
Find a SuperLotto Plus playslip at one of more than 21,000 California Lottery retail locations.
Players receive one 2nd Chance code on their ticket.  For every $1 spent on the ticket, you will receive one entry into the weekly SuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance draw. Download the official California Lottery mobile app today and take the Lottery with you wherever you go! Lucky Retailers are those locations that paid out large amounts of prizes to players in the last calendar year. You may want to update your browser to the most current version to insure that you can enjoy all the features on this site. If you choose to download a new internet browser, please select one of the following browsers to download.

Even with the states dismal economic condition it is estimated that over two million people play the lottery each week, getting rich quick being the number one reason. Even sadder is the fact that there are people out there who shouldn’t be playing at all! Most Californians play the lottery for fun using money from their entertainment budget to buy a lottery ticket. Okay, with that being said let’s get back to the big question, “What would you do if you won the Lottery? We’d most likely buy a couple of energy efficient vehicles, remodel our current home, and do some traveling. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Being Reno’s closest lottery station, Gold Ranch is one of the best and most convenient places to get in on all the lottery action bubbling up in both California and Nevada. If, however, you do not give us enough information, we may not be able to contact you or help you resolve your concern.
This may include disclosing your personal information to Lottery affiliates and to other government agencies.
Please be sure to refresh your page and look for the draw date when viewing winning numbers. We suggest you use one of the supported browsers listed below to enjoy all the features on this site. This is a question that often comes up in conversation, particularly when the jackpot is over a $100 million.
Obviously we haven’t won the big one, but we have won small amounts from time to time (small being the optimum word) and once even won a hundred dollars! They really can’t afford to be chasing a dream with money they need for more important things like the needs of their families.
But, approximately three percent of those playing the lottery suffer from a gambling addiction.

The lottery station features all the most popular games including Scratchers, Mega, Super and Fantasy Five.
In the event of any discrepancies, California State laws and California Lottery regulations prevail. The idea of wining a quick fortune and having your financial prayers answered is very alluring, but your chances of doing so are slim, something like one in a million, You have a better chance of being struck by lightning. I can already hear some of you saying that what you would do and how it might effect you would depend on the size of the prize. But I would really enjoy going back to school not for grades or to prove anything, but simply for the sake of learning. Complete game information and prize claiming instructions are available at all California Lottery Retailers. A smaller payout would keep you more modest and less extravagant, while a big pay day might take you over the edge. But I don’t see us moving to a mansion in the hills or buying a Bentley, Beamer, Mercedes or Porsche. The time before the draw is yours to dream and a ticket, plus a little luck, is all you need to win. I’m probably missing a few but you get the picture, the state has given us lots of ways to win and make our dreams come true or have they?
Even with the additional funds created by the Lottery California continues its decline in Education and remains near the bottom of all states in per student spending.

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how to play super lotto second chance

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