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It is great to be involved as an affiliate for Clickbank in view of the wide array of products they have available. For most, they will simply choose the best selling products to sell after deciding on a particular category in the Clickbank marketplace.
If you like getting paid for surveys, and are going to join only one site, I would recommend you choose Ipsos-iSay. With additional effort (not really a lot), you can easily uncover the sort of products in the marketplace that can bring about instant improvement on your bottom line.
However, you should conduct a proper research on desirable products before you embark on any meaningful promotion.
Due to the Clickbank’s massive array of products, first-timers often get overwhelmed in the marketplace as they go about deciding on a product to sell. Thankfully, there are many ways to get Clickbank to show its products list, through various indicators. Basically, the products are ranked by individual affiliates who has successfully closed sales on these products over the last 12 weeks. It doesn’t make sense to try your luck on products that feature lowly according to this gravity measurement. Try Swagbucks, the famous rewards program that pays you for watching videos, taking surveys, shopping and more. Narrow down on your products by specifying an acceptable gravity score range (minimum and maximum).
Check out the individual dollar value for every sale closed, this will help you to determine how much you can make. Study the average rebill total is to get an indication on recurring payments (I will explain further on this in the later section). Obviously, those high ticket items would be attractive as you can extract huge commissions from these sales.
Change track and pick up products that customers will find useful over a longer time horizon.
How it works is that your account would be topped up with recurring commissions every month. All you need to do is to make that one sale, then in the months and possibly years ahead, you’ll continue to enjoy the commissions from that particular sale, with you doing practically nothing!
We all hear that a good back end is so conducive to close sales, but not many have a real good handle on it and profit from it. After you have short listed a particular product to promote, check out the sales funnel of the window concerned.
You’ll want to focus on your chosen product and capitalize on the money making this opportunity brings, and a sales funnel could indicate what is your chance like for this purpose. You can find such information from the vendor directly or through the provided affiliates page. In light of these efforts, it makes sense to find vendors who are willing to lend support to your endeavor. There are some useful stuff that you can immediately make use of, like seaward target lists, professional looking banner ads, free reports for your customers, email swipe and so on. I would never advocate you to produce product reviews on things you have never used, or even seen.
This is the reason why you should get into direct contact with the vendor and ask for a test product. I cannot say this often enough, but by promoting a shabby product, you risk your own reputation and your reader base will progressively lose faith in you. ClickBank has lots of great quality products that you can promote as an affiliate and make money. Hopefully this short guide on how to choose the best ClickBank products to promote will help you succeed.
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March 15, 2013 by Jay Gumbs 7 Comments When it comes to making money online, one of the places that is recommended for affiliates now starting out is Clickbank. Clickbank is an affiliate network where you can find information products and services that you can promote and earn up to 75% commissions. The reason why Clickbank is recommended is because it is very easy to get started – just fill out the form and you can start promoting within minutes.

There are lots of different ways you could go about promoting Clickbank products from posting ads in magazines to posting a link in your forum signature.
Results may vary depending on your choice of promotion and even the product that you chose to promote. No matter how you chose to promote your product, you still need to get a couple of things right before you can even grab your affiliate link.
A common mistake first time Clickbank affiliates make is to chose a product that looks good to them (probably one they think will make a lot of money) and they try to promote it. The first thing you should do though is to find a niche market (group of people who the product is for) or find a product then try to figure out who it is for.
Whether you chose the niche first or the product, your next step would be to do the proper niche research. Someone who has a passion for the niche they’re promoting already has some type of knowledge they could use. You can go about getting to know your niche by finding relevant forums (like fishing forums using our example) and seeing what people are talking about. The preparation techniques above are very important  to promoting Clickbank products – do not skip them. For the actual promotion, you’ll need some type of website or a place where you can create content. I recommend buying a domain name for this though (but you can still use a free website if you want to test things out first). Your first step is to buy a domain name that is relevant to the niche you’re promoting. After buying your domain you’ll need to get hosting and install WordPress ( you can get free web hosting and free websites at Wealthy Affiliate).
You will then promote your site, especially your product review page, with various methods of promotion. Because you now have a hub for your niche, you’ll now be able to add more relevant products from Clickbank and other affiliate networks that are useful to your readers.
I have been trying so hard to promote my clickbank affiliate products on facebook and my website but I am not getting sales. The best way to promote Clickbank products is to identify your the problem is in your niche, find the keywords that they’re searching for and create content that helps them get rid of this problem. You can promote Clickbank products using Google Adwords but you definitely have to do a landing page. About the Clickbank termination, I would say you probably did something that is against their terms. My name is Jay Gumbs and I've been doing affiliate marketing since 2006 after an unsuccessful go at MLM (Amway).
But in order for you to maximize your earnings, the approach should be selling the products with the most profit margin, not necessarily products that are easy to sell. It is good to keep in mind that popularity alone may not be a sufficient indicator to predict your sales and conversions.
This makes it possible for you to zoom into your preferred products through a combination of selection criteria. Unless you are able to repeat these deals regularly with individual customers, they very likely turn out to be one-time deals. Any provider worth his salt would usually lay open such information so it is not too difficult to gather facts. Mind you, selling is always competitive with all the hard work expected to define your potential customers and set up your promotions. It eases on your pre-selling efforts so you have more time to work on sending your customers to the landing page. There could be credibility at stake if your readers go on to make that purchase but soon find out the product features or capabilities does not square with your review. That said, choosing the right kind of products to promote is the most important part of it all. Read MoreSave a Ton of Cash by Following These 10 Companies on TwitterSocial media-- the very phrase conjures up a million different ideas. Material shared on this blog does not constitute financial advice nor is it offered as such.
However, it is not as simple as grabbing your affiliate link and posting it everywhere online, a typical newbie mistake.

This is something that held me back in the beginning because I didn’t understand until a bit later. If you chose a fishing product instead with no knowledge of the niche, you’ll have a tougher time promoting the product.
If you decide to skip this important step, you would run into all types of problems with your promotion. If you decided to choose a product where you don’t have much experience with the niche, then this is even more important. You can get free step by step affiliate training at Wealthy Affiliate if you’d really like to become a better affiliate marketer. You can use Weebly to build a website so you can just put the content on your website hosted at Weebly. I think Weebly does a good job with this but they’re more of a website builder with their own hosting platform than they are web hosts. I created a clickbank account and I created a good landing page and I also created a auto responder to give a gift like a PDF file for free who are not instant interested with my current clickbank offer . However, the website that the landing page is one needs to be relevant to the product that you’re promoting and it also needs to have great supplementary content (just like what I talk about in this article right here). Most importantly, you’ll grow your knowledge of the niche so that you can write about topics without sounding ignorant. Each post should attract more and more people who will be interested in the Clickbank product which should get you consistent sales. Now here in this new post I am going to teach you how to promote clickbank products with a website.In order to make money with clickbank, you have to make sales.
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I tried to contact by phone contact but the result is currently they have not available any affiliate support .
The reason I choose this service because you can get domain, hosting and website setup for less than $50 a year. Which which is beginner friendly.Fatcow web hosting will get you a decent class web hosting with a free domain. You should not name your website after a product name that will limit the scope of your website or even get you into trouble for copyright laws.Once you have your domain name and hosting configured, go ahead and build your website with the drag and drop website builder,You can also install WordPress into your domain to build your website.
I am going to share exactly what you need to do with your website.First you need to build your unique brand. Getting a cool logo or banner could be a great start.Create an “About” page in your website. By learning the guitar, that person is going to feel better and it may also help them in their career.So when you are promoting a product that teaches how to play the guitar, make a website with content that talks about playing guitar. When you are a beginner in that field and also writing for the beginners, people will be able to connect with your articles.Some people will advise you to buy articles from professionals for your website. I suggest you don’t because when you buy article writing services, these guys won’t be putting their heart and soul into that topic. This article may pass in the eyes of google, but for a passionate reader it won’t be much.Your goal with your website is to produce articles on a regular basis. Give away free tips, advice on your website and people will keep coming.At the end of each article mention the product you are promoting and then link to it (it will be your affiliate link)When people are reading from you for a long time and trust your advice, they are going to click on the link and buy from you. In the next part I will share what are some other ways you can promote clickbank products and make money.I will also write some more about setting up your own website to make money, so stay tuned!Enjoyed this post? The Essential Online Earning Guide for BeginnersHighly Recommended if you are just getting started in online earning. Enter your email to download, Essential Online Earning Guide for Beginners, Highly Recommended! This site shares all the important info that one needs to earn money online without investment.

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how to promote clickbank products on my website

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