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This is for products that either weren’t right for them at the time, or that they subsequently discovered were, for want of a better word, rubbish. One of the major appeals of buying products via ClickBank is that they give you a watertight 60 day refund period on any product you buy via their payment system. Naturally there are some products featured on ClickBank which don’t quite cut the mustard. TIP: You can find your ClickBank order number on the confirmation receipt email you received when you bought the product. In a few days time you’ll get another email from ClickBank confirming that your refund has been granted.
I have tried unsuccessfully several times to obtain a refund on a product ordered in error (within about 6 minutes of placing the order when I realised my mistake, so far I have not been given any indication my refund is forthcoming and I explained I needed that money for accounts due and payable tomorrow and Friday. I AM TRYING TO GET A REFUND I THOUGHT I WAS GETTING A DVD TO PLAY INSTEAD OF A DOWN LOAD WHICH I DO NOT WANT MY COMPUTER IS OLD AND SO AM I JUST WANTED SOMETHING EASY TO DO PLEASE REFUND MY REFUND OF $47.
To give it a second trial, I have filled the refund form online this morning asking for a refund of the second order about three weeks ago. I purchased goods from clkbank around the 12 febuary 2015, costing around ?155-90 but but never received the goods, but dont know how to get my money back.
Recent CommentsRiaz Shah on How to do SEO for a Website in 10 Simple StepsRiaz Shah on What is O2 Worldwide? ClickBank will soon be charging additional fees to product vendors with high refund rates in an effort to lower refund rates throughout its Marketplace. If vendor refund rates are over the 15%, ClickBank may keep processing fees on refunds rather than return them to vendors.

ClickBank’s new policy will likely only affect a small number of vendors, and may drive those vendors to other marketplaces. Hiller also says the new policy is an imposition with little reward, so it’s not going to be welcoming news for all vendors.
ClickBank states that vendors will be able to easily track their account’s refund rate and that vendors will be contacted individually to help lower their refund rates before any fees are charged to the vendor’s account.
Schwarzer agrees that the easiest way vendors can lower their refund rate is very simply to provide customers with the product that they expect to receive. The 15% refund threshold only applies to high-volume vendors, so you’ll only see the refund rate displayed in your account if you’ve made enough sales in the past 60 days to meet that threshold. You can find everything on there from Forex trading systems and self-help guides to eBooks on how to train your pet Chihuahua. How long the money will take to hit your account can vary, but it shouldn’t be more than a week or two. You can initiate a live chat with ClickBank’s customer service team, or you can email directly to the seller and they can start the process for you.
In this instance the method detailed above is the fastest and easiest way to get your refund processed. Right now, I am in my second week struggling to get a refund that they acknowledged they have processed. But, your advocacy about the merit of ClickBank does not seem to hold water if not unduly exaggerated.
I’ve ordered and refunded products in the past from ClickBank and not had any problem, but it seems like some people (such as yourself) have experienced substandard service.

Much like a few spammers can ruin an IP address for everyone; high refund rates could jeopardize ClickBank’s status with major merchants.
He also recommends that vendors should have a plan in place to save refunds and to systemize a process so that no customer falls through the cracks.
Two weeks later, it is not back into my credit card account from which the order was charged. I suggest that you retract what you have stated in this article and any other you might have written at other times. I have tried to call many times but I am always kept on recorded voice telling me that some one would be talking to me. Or, you make an effort to make them live up to what they claim to be as a legitimate business organization. I wrote several emails asking whether or not the refund is coming to me, still to no avail, no response from ClickBank side. Make sure you keep an email trail of your refund requests as well when they were sent, so that you do get through you can present what you’ve described here.
Fortunately only had a few chargebacks, but have not had an opportunity to argue the chargeback is unfounded, (with PayPal they have a dispute process) seems ClickBank gives chargebacks as a matter of course.

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how to refund clickbank product

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