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Elise has always been on the outside and gotten picked on and endures school with no friends. The official synopsis does not even prepare you for how heartbreaking Elise’s story is in terms of how she gets made fun of and bullied.
Aww, I’ve seen so many glowing review of This Song Will Save Your Life in the last few days. I’ve seen this one around, but like you, kind of thought the whole teenage DJ thing was going to be corny. I’ve had this one on my TBR list for a while, but with every review I read I just know I need to read it. I think this book might be the sleeper hit of the year — keep seeing great reviews pop up!
Wow-I can really relate to the Elise you describe in the beginning…makes me very eager to check this out! I adored this book so very much, it was seriously tough to write my review of it because there were no words to describe how much it resonated with me, I get emotional just thinking about it. I’m totally with you on the slowly starting to become non-awkward around 10th grade, so I suspect this is a character I could relate too.
Aw these early reviews of This Song Will Save Your Life make me want to kick myself for choosing another book over the possibility of receiving an ARC of this book. I think we were psychically connected on this one because we posted about it on the same day. Enter your email address to subscribe to Good Books And Good Wine and receive notifications of new posts by email.
No one can make me laugh as hard as the people in my family can -- the fall-to-my-knees-crying, certain-I'm-about-to-suffocate-and-die kind of laughing -- and no one can make me as batshit angry as my kin can either.
For me, there's nothing better than getting immersed in a sprawling, epic, multi-generational family saga, and One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is the most sprawling, epic, and multi-generational of them all. It only makes sense that Khloe would opt to stay home with her husband while he’s in the midst of those struggles, then. Khloe released the cover art for her book on Thursday, October 22 — just one day before she called off the tour. She makes one last attempt to create a new Elise and try to fit in but it fails in the worst way and she thinks she just can’t bear it anymore.
It sounded like a fun contemporary novel that I would LIKE but I didn’t expect it to really make the kind of impression that it did and hit me square in the heart.
I expected I would LIKE it but I didn’t expect that I would feel so strongly about it and that it would have been such a touching read for me.
When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating gelato, listening to music with oversized headphones and teaching her niece how to be as awesome as she is. So glad I cancelled my preorder on the paperback and ordered the hardback instead because I’m convinced I’m going to love it!
But since reading your review and the reviews of others, I think I’m going to have to check this one out. I really liked the other book I read by Sales, (it fell into the, really liked it and it was cute category) but this one sounds fantastic. Like you I thought it would be a fun contemporary that I would enjoy, but I had no idea how much it would make me FEEL.
I’m late to the party on it as I read just a couple weeks ago, but I thought it was amazing.
Legit, I am at the point where I am ready to nix my pile of doom and pull out my copy of?Mostly Good Girls because that is the only Sales book I have yet to read. She’s incredibly precocious which means she does not exactly have great social skills, but she is awesome at projects and school.

I did think that?This Song Will Save Your Life was pretty accurate in portraying that type of guy and their allure to girls with low self esteem.
Some of Elise’s thinking was like echoes from my high school self which was only a couple of years ago so there was still that closeness to that period in my life.
I think the story that Leila has managed to tell is one that a lot of people will be able to relate to.
The story spans six generations of the Buendia family living in the mythical town of Macondo. After pushing away her friends and boyfriend, Jill is left only with her anger and her loss. I completely forget which book it was I was looking at, but I’m glad I picked up this book.
Khloe is steadfast in her decision to stay by Lamar’s side, and take care of him as long as he needs.
In her book, Khloe opens up majorly about her (now on again!) marriage to Lamar, and his struggles with drugs.
Lounging naked and looking carefree really is the best way to represent a book that bares so much, isn’t it?
After she hits an ultimate low, she wanders off to walk one night and ends up in front of a warehouse where a secret party is happening and she meets people who welcome her in and accept her rather than looking at her the way her classmates do.
I’m DEFINITELY going to be checking out Leila Sales others books if this is what I have to look forward to because she writes a damn good story with characters that feel familiar yet feel so unique.
I remember that feeling of needing to blend in during high school and it makes me ragey now to think about how much of my self I hid. I will tell you that she successfully proved me wrong and I felt like I was walking into the club with Elise for the first time and feeling so excited every step of the way. I love that this is not that light and fluffy but touches on more heavier topics and a lot of bloggers could connect to Elise. Everyone I know is super in love with this book and I can’t wait to see what all the fuss is about!
I literally got a stomachache reading it on the train last night because I was so worried for Elise. Then again, perhaps I will be like Shanyn and put it in my pile of books to save when I need a guaranteed good read. Like, Sales is so open and honest and she doesn’t shy away from the difficult and I LOVED that. I was also the awkward girl in my younger years (high fives for that!), so I could totally understand where Elise was coming from. This novel, a masterpiece of magical realism, of lyricism, of comedy and tragedy, is a profound exploration of human nature, culture, and history.
When her mother decides to adopt a baby, Jill is adamantly opposed to the idea, since it feels like her father is being replaced. How to Save a Life is about two eighteen-year-old girls: Mandy, who is pregnant, and Jill, whose father died less than a year ago. Once inside she falls in love with the rush of the music and finds herself enthralled with DJing.
Its spirit pulses from the pages, right through to your veins and reverberates in your soul — a feeling reminiscent of any great concert or night out dancing where your ears are still buzzing and the music still pounds within you. I know bloggers read my blog and thus I can wield my magical powers and influence you to hurry up and read your ARC of?This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales.
It’s such a blessing to see her blossom into the Elise she is at the end of the book! It's also rollicking, hilarious, heartbreaking, and heart-soaring, with unforgettable characters and storytelling so alive, the book practically vibrates in your hands.

Not embarrassed to admit, I still well up thinking about brothers Ponyboy, Darry, and Sodapop (and surrogate brothers Johnny and Two-bit), lost boys who only have each other. As she falls more in love with DJing and feels like somebody, things at school seems to get even worse as her past sticks with her. Music has been amazingly lifesaving in my own life and I could just FEEL how it was invigorating to her and stirred something inside her.
Heartbreaking at times, honest and inspiring in that you don’t necessarily have to CHANGE to find yourself but you just have to see those perceived weaknesses or quirks as your strength and learn to be comfortable in your skin.
I just finished?This Song Will Save Your Life not thirty minutes ago and just had to talk about it because it was awkward and fantastic and fucking real and I loved it hard core. I mean, okay I wasn’t totally like her, in that I had friends but I was always a little off at reading social cues. I was a little nervous at points in the book to think this story was going to follow the trend of romance being what redeems or saves someone but Leila stayed true to the title and Elise truly is one of the most kickass characters ever. The power of music and TRUE friendships that don’t try to change you also really resonated with me. If I haven't replied back to you, feel free to tweet me so we can chat further as sometimes that is easier for me to get to when I'm on the go! So, she starts taking these walks at night and one night she’s walking and stumbles upon an underground warehouse party.
Tide yourself over with her other books and have this one on preorder, it’s fucking fabulous and among my favorite 2013 reads.
Other terrific family sagas: The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende and The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver (also an exquisite and pitch-perfect study of voice and shifting points of view). But the gold medal goes to the kooky, mesmerizing, idiosyncratic Dufore family in the not-very-well-known sparkling debut novel The Wives' Tale by Alix Wilber.
I was also amazed with how realistic the characters and their relationships with one another were. In the midst of this boisterous tale that spans four generations of the wild Dufores in the town Esperance, Vermont, characters literally burst into flames, literally rot, literally float into the air when they fall in love, literally don't sleep for years.
As Mandy tries to cope with her past and her future, it becomes clear that her baby isn’t the only one in need of a family. As Jill tries to adapt to life with Mandy and the major change she is bringing, she also struggles with the loss of her father. It feels like if a couple are together as a YA book begins, the guy will cheat on the girl, or do something else that is equally horrible.
I identified with Elise which means I was rooting for her and sad for her and invested in her.
It’s really about how music can totally save your life, or I suppose you could substitute that for just about any passion.
When it feels like she can’t remember the person she used to be, Jill will to learn that she will never be the same person she was before her dad died. OH and I should mention she’s kind of a snob and judgmental and lol you guys, the whole time I was like, ARE YOU ME TEN YEARS AGO? The writing was very good: reading this book made me block out everything going on around me.
I think fans of YA contemporary will enjoy this book about dealing with loss and the changes life brings your way.

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