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These are just some of the many different classroom strategies you can try – what other ones would you like to include. Here is a simple way of turn your class around, all it takes is a quiet place (such as a staff toilet), 30 seconds to see the video and then another 2 minutes to complete the instructions.
They are designed to make your life easier and of course to make sure that you are more organised and your classroom is more tilted towards a positive behaviour environment.
EYFS Visual Timetable – A student who knows what is going to happen throughout the day is a far happier, relaxed student.
34 Visual Timetable Cards For Primary Schools – the number of classrooms without visual timetable cards is amazing.
Interactive Whiteboard Organiser  – Most teachers keep their interactive whiteboards and projectors switched on.

Noise Level Monitor PowerPoint Presentation – This is a really simple PowerPoint presentation which lets anyone coming into the classroom see what the students should be doing at that point and the level of noise they should be making. 5 Steps To Successful Learning Poster – There are five simple rules a good listener does in class. Positive Behaviour Interactive Display – Students and teachers can both take part in a race to see who has the positive behaviour. Thinking Hat Detention Reflection Worksheet – Okay, so sometimes students still need to be reminded of their roles and responsibilities. This simply adds a proforma onto the whiteboard, reminding teachers to show a learning objective, vocabulary, classroom notes and a day timetable in each lesson. This fun worksheet has 2 pages and is based on the Thinking Hat model, along with the Spider web thinking model.

Adding some nice images makes it easier for Visual learners and students who lack full English to also know what they should be expecting. The student will think about their actions in 6 different ways, and suggest their classroom management strategies for a better experience!

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how to teach time management skills online

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