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I mentioned under the information section of the video that I would add a few close-up photos and mention a couple more likes and dislikes for the Curl Secret in this blog post, since I have thought of additional points I would like to add. I hope you enjoy the video, I’m definitely starting to enjoy filming and editing videos a lot more. My next video will be a makeup tutorial on the eye-look I was wearing in my Empties video.  It seems quite a few of you liked the makeup I was wearing in that video, so keep a lookout for that. As always, thank you so much for supporting my blog and now my YouTube channel – it means so much to me knowing you take time out of your day to pop onto my blog or watch my videos.

I really am tempted to get one of these but I wish I could somehow try it out first (I have quite long hair and I have heard very long hair gets stuck in it).. Let me ask Clicks if there’s a store that has a demo model – where are you situated? I initially wasn’t sure about the Curl Secret when it first came out but you have totally changed my mind, it looks so easy to use.
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And if you have any questions regarding the Curl Secret, just pop me a mail – I’m happy to help!

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how to use the secret for relationships

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