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This pop-up asks you click Allow or Deny permission to store information in your local storage .
Most importantly, temporary info will be coded and  DoubleU Casino never store info on your account or any other private thing.
You should be careful in clearing cache of your web browser because it also delete the info on your local storage. This mission requires you to win specific multiplies of your bet money by one of your spins while playing. One of three notice pop-ups inform you of the factors that resultin connectin lost occurred to your game. This pop-up indicates that your connection has been lost by another login into your account from another browser, browser tab, or computer.
In DoubleU Casino app, only one login is allowed per user account at a time as stated on the pop up above.
Therefore, it is recommended that you refrain from collecting bonuses from the feeds while playing game.

Another person could be a family member, relative, friend, neighbor, or any other related person.
You might load more than 2 game clients into a single web brower or browser tab by mistake or accident. This pop-up means that your session has been closed due to the instability on your network or the server. Wireless LAN is more unstable than local internet service, so network disconnection may occur more frequently.
The frequency of connection lost may differ according to the status of wireless LAN service nearby.
This is only a guildline to prevent disconnection, so DoubleU Casino has no responsibilty or liability for any possible securtiy breach caused by disabled auto-lock option.
We have several countermeasures to protect your free spins, hands, payouts or any other item from connection lost.
By allowing this permission,  temporary information on your game will be stored on your PC.

If you clear cache after disconnection, you can't go back to your bonus round or video poker hand after disconnection.
Enter your first name and last name into the boxes, and choose your name that you want to display. If you want to learn how to  take a screenshot of the receipt, please click the link below. This allows you to go back to bonus round in Slot or hand in Video poker after disconnection and refreshing window.

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how to win a jackpot on double u casino

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