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Hit The Jackpot has proved a fantastic horse for his owners since recruited from the Horses In Training sales for a song and posted his best effort yet when winning at Doncaster last Saturday. The seven-year-old looks as good as ever this year and his owners are now looking forward to a trip to York’s Dante meeting in May, where he will once again race in a valuable ten furlong handicap.
In the meantime we can enjoy some of the images from Jackpot’s fine win at Doncaster again.
In a Powerball draw, five white balls are drawn from a drum with 69 balls and one red ball is drawn from a drum with 26 balls. At $2 for each ticket, then, it would be possible to buy every possible ticket for $584,402,676. With the sky-high jackpot in play, this actually at first glance guarantees a profit a€” at least before taxes. The first problem is the actual physical act of buying 292 million Powerball tickets and filling them out by hand. Similarly, a large, decentralized consortium of several thousand or a few million Americans connected over the internet a€” something like an office Powerball pool on a mass scale a€” would be physically capable of buying 292 million lottery tickets. The second and larger problem with our comprehensive Powerball scheme is the risk of splitting the jackpot. That would mean splitting the jackpot two or more ways with other players would be absolutely devastating to our plan.
The above analysis of our odds of splitting the pot assumed that all the other tickets sold were to normal people who would choose their numbers more or less at random. Of course, if two or more banks or consortia tried this plan, they would be certain to have to split the pot and thus lose a bunch of money.
In Chicken, the strategy you adopt depends on what you think the other driver is going to do a€” assuming you're actually playing something as reckless and stupid as Chicken in the first place.
Banks or billionaires with thousands of employees that are considering buying every Powerball ticket need to make a similar consideration. Enchanted Dragon is a WMS Gaming video slot with an Asian theme, 20 pay lines, an interactive pick a box bonus, a gamble option and a top jackpot of 5,000 coins.
UK Players Only : At the moment WMS online slots are only available for players located in the United Kingdom. The Enchanted Dragon logo is the highest paying symbol with five on an active line awarding a big 5,000 coins. After the top two pays the next highest line wins for five symbols are 700 coins (Princess), 500 coins (Temple) and 250 coins (Yinyang or Lion).

The scattered Dragon Bonus symbols pay in any position on the reels with three or more triggering the Enchanted Dragon Feature. Once you've triggered the bonus you move to a second screen stage where you select one of six Dragons (Preview) to reveal a prize of between 1 and 7 times your total bet. As well as the reel based features, Enchanted Dragons also has an optional gamble feature where you can try to increase your winnings from the spin by selecting either red or black. Multiply that by the 26 red balls, and there are a total of 292,201,338 possible Powerball tickets. As a journalist, I don't have that much money sitting around, but either a consortium of a few million Americans or a large and wealthy institution like a bank could conceivably assemble that level of cash.
As we are buying another half-billion dollars' worth of tickets, part of that money will be added into the jackpot pool. Since we need to very carefully and systematically make sure we get every possible ticket, using the computer-generated random quick draw will not work for us. Of course, the logistical coordination of such a consortium would be a daunting task, and one could imagine various legal and practical difficulties with distributing the money after the drawing. While the fixed prizes do provide about $93 million of our winnings, the overwhelming bulk of the money comes from the big prize. Business Insider looked at this after the January 6 drawing in which there were no winners, paving the way to the current insanely high jackpot. With that many tickets sold, and under the assumption that everyone else playing Powerball is picking numbers more or less at random and independently from each other, there's just a 22% chance that we would be the only winner. But seeing as we are going all in and buying every ticket, it's possible that someone else could be attempting this as well. This situation is similar to the game Chicken, in which two drivers start out driving directly at each other.
If you think he's crazy enough to keep barreling forward, you should be more likely to swerve.
If there's a low likelihood that a competitor is going to also mobilize a small army of people in a bid to win a historically high lottery jackpot, then perhaps that risk is worth taking. The game is part of the I-Play series and offers a pick a box style bonus feature as well as the option to gamble your winnings.
There is an extra reward for hitting four or five scatters as all bonus winnings are then paid at X2 or X4 respectively. You then select chests to reveal prizes of between 1 to 6 times your total bet plus the amount you uncovered on the original Dragon selection (Preview).

You can also uncover a Pick Again symbol which lets you pick another dragon and in turn increases any further successful picks on the chest stage. This feature can hit at any time and awards a shot at a Jackpot Party bonus feature (Preview) where you can collect star symbols to win one of the five site wide progressive jackpots.
If each employee spent 10 hours a day buying and filling out Powerball tickets for three days, this would mean each employee would need to fill out about 50 tickets per hour. Adding in the fixed prizes, we get a total of about $558 million in winnings, which is now less than the ticket costs of about $584 million, leaving us a loss of nearly $26 million.
Following the logic from that post, we can estimate our odds of getting the jackpot alone based on a few guesses about ticket sales. There are, after all, several organizations in the US that have the financial and personnel resources to theoretically go out and buy 292 million Powerball tickets.
If one driver swerves while the other keeps going straight, the first driver "loses" and the second driver "wins." If both drivers swerve, the game is a draw.
If you believe, on the other hand, that he's going to veer out of the way first, then you might be more likely to keep driving straight.
If, on the other hand, we think that there might be not just one but several other wealthy organizations or people that are making similar plans to our own, we should stay out of the fray.
If you're a fan of WMS's Egyptian Riches slot you'll like Enchanted Dragon as the game play is identical.
Getting four wild Logo symbols aligned left to right pays the second highest reel based jackpot of 1,000 coins.
If you hit five scatters you're looking as some big wins with the Dragons paying up to 28 times total bet and the picks up to 24 times. So while this would be extremely difficult to do and perhaps not the best use of a large organization's resources, it seems that it might be physically possible, if somewhat grueling, to actually buy every Powerball ticket. Naturally, if both drivers keep going straight, their cars crash and they die in a fiery wreck.

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