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The Texas lottery instant games have been some of the most popular scratch-off games in the U.S. However, the Texas Lottery has been criticized for continuing to sell tickets to games where the top prizes have already been won – tickets remain on sale until 90% are sold. The Texas Lottery offers the typical games of pure chance, like the Lotto Texas, Texas Two Step, All or Nothing, Pick 3, Daily 4, Cash 5, and the multi-state Powerball and Mega Millions.
The only way to really increase your odds of winning these lottery jackpots is to buy more tickets.
To be clear: The Texas Lottery drawings are a game of chance because the numbers are drawn at random.
Even how winning tickets are dispersed in a given roll is often not random to make sure there’s not a long list of losers.
A story in Wired Magazine explains how a geological statistician living in Toronto, Mohan Srivastava, discovered a pattern to how the tickets were printed. Building on tip #1, the odds are better if instead of buying one ticket every day for a week, you spend the same amount and buy 7 tickets at one time.
This isn’t about improving your odds necessarily, except that after scratching off 10, 15, or 20 tickets, it’s easy to miss matching symbols or numbers. If you do nothing else, at least be sure to check the appropriate website to see which games still have top prizes available.
Now to really improve your odds, let’s do a little math (there’s a spreadsheet at the end to make it easy). We start with a simple concept: When tickets are sold and prizes won, the odds of winning change. For example, if a game has sold many tickets, all or nearly all the top prizes could have already been won, so the odds of you winning that $1 million went from very small to virtually zero to perhaps zero if all the top prizes have been claimed. Again, simplifying the math for the example, let’s say 50% of the tickets have been sold but only 25% of the prizes have been claimed.
In column B, we filled in the odds, which are usually stated as “1 in X.” In the Money, Money Millionaire scratch-off game, only 2 odds are provided, which are printed on the back of the ticket. To generate a reasonable estimate, the spreadsheet uses the estimated tickets sold of the lowest prize amount because this gives us the largest sample size and will be more accurate than the numbers with fewer prizes. Column I automatically takes the estimated tickets sold and subtracts from total tickets printed to get the estimated remaining tickets. In our example, you can see that the odds for most of the higher prize amounts have moved slightly in our favor, especially for the $5,000, $1,000, and $500 prizes. If you’re looking to minimize your risk, don’t play this game given the odds for the smaller, more of the sure-win prizes are not in your favor.

However, if you’re looking to win greater jackpots, then this would be a good game to play because most of these odds are moving in your favor. Bottom line, don’t just walk into a store and purchase a few random tickets, unless you really don’t care and just want to have fun.
Note, this is a Google Doc so you won’t risk getting viruses or other crap you get if you download strange files or those ending in .exe.
A weekly report of strategies and tips for winning the lottery, plus an analysis of what numbers are overdue and best combinations you should pick.
Texas Lottery scratch-off tickets have prizes, that range from breakeven to really GRAND prizes. Approximate Number of Tickets: The approximate total number of tickets printed for this game, including winners and losers. Overall Odds: We calculate our estimate of the odds of winning based on numbers that the commission provides. Game Rating: We calculate a rating for the game based on various factors, compared against the other games that are active. These are game highlights that could be helpful if you enjoy playing certain types of games.
Winning Lotto Numbers It couldn't be easier! Pick 3 lotto and Pick 4 lotto games have the best odds of winning.
All these things are possible using the strategies I developed over 7 years of study and playing lotto. Once you get good at the game, you can play your numbers 2 and 3 times to double and triple your winnings. By analyzing the numbers from past draws and applying the techniques I am going to teach you, you will be able to win on a regular basis.
Step-by-step instructions for winning the Pick 3 and Pick 4 Lotto with several different methods for discovering your winning number! And just last year, the Texas Lottery Commission was charged with misleading its players after dozens of scratch-off game players who thought they had won were told they were losers. If you really want to win, always check the website first to see which games have a number of unclaimed top prizes and follow our strategies in this story to increase your odds. The Texas Lottery Scratch-Off Games are not like the lottery drawings because a lottery official must decide the number of total tickets to print, the number and amounts of winning tickets, and where the winning tickets are sold across the state. If you buy a new ticket from a different roll, the pool of losing tickets is much larger and your chances of getting a winning ticket goes down. If you see a prolonged losing streak from a specific roll, your chances of getting a winning ticket increase because scratch-off tickets are sold with a guaranteed number of winners and losers in each pack.

The overall odds are 1 in 2.9, but this includes break-even tickets sold and the specific odds for break-even tickets are not given.
Sometimes in your favor, represented by a green bold number, and sometimes against you, represented by a red number.
I have spent untold hours sitting at my computer using spread sheets, entering and crunching numbers hour after hour. I had been looking for one for a while at a good price and yours was priced the best from all the books on winning the pick 3 and pick 4 games. But I have taken things a few more steps forward and have designed tricks, tips, and strategies they haven't. Given a random variable with a finite expected value, if its values are repeatedly sampled, as the number of these observations increases, their mean will tend to approach and stay close to the expected value. The purpose of each decision is to make the game more appealing and keep players coming back. But a slight move in your direction can help and a few times, you’ll find significant swings that can make a worthwhile difference. The odds for the top prize of $1 million is 1 in 1.2 million, so we can fill in the numbers we have and put 1,200,000 at the top in column B. This is a number not provided by the website, but it’s critical in determining how the odds have changed.
Is the Texas Lottery Money Money Millionaire game better or worse than the 50X the Cash game?
I have been using your system with the Match 4 game here in Washington State with a decent payback. Most don't have half the information or even close to the amount of methods I give you.
And yes, you’re reading it correctly that your chance of winning $25 is less at 4%, but the chance to win $20 goes back up to 16%.
I was disappointed about buying your book when I first got it as I wasn't able to pick the correct numbers. Look at the number of available prizes and you’ll see that there are a lot more $50 prizes available.

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how to win at texas lottery scratch offs nc

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