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There may be weapon cheats or glitches, but those will take some time before they are found by the Halo community.
Oh, and there are plenty of other minor prizes to win, so do the Dew, and inhale those Doritos, because they’re so flavor-packed and delicious anyway.
As the game release nears, obviously more details about the various Halo Reach weapons will start making it onto the web.
In the real world there are consequences like broken bones, torn ligaments, fractures, and sometimes death.

Unlike the previous Halo games, typically those tricks of certain button combos or sequences don't have hidden benefits.
When the day comes for you to insert Halo Reach into your Xbox 360 and when you head onto Xbox Live, I suspect you will be relying on getting the sniper rifle or BR to pwn your opposition. Finding out little tricks with weapons that help you win more was a nice easter egg for a lot of us. With the new Halo Reach game, I'm sure there will be plenty of great new strategies to learn.

Xbox 360 is not done yet, and with Halo Reach, we all better renew our Xbox Live memberships.

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how to win halo reach jackpot

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