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My lotto magic - win lottery win lotto, Lotto, lottery, pick 3, pick 4, win win and lotto systems. About the AuthorMaya on Money is a collection of articles by financial journalist Maya Fisher-French; contributions from other authors and questions posted by readers.
Our family has a game where we write down what we would do with our money if we won the lotto. Apart from the obvious ones like paying off your bond, there are always value-based ideas that are different for each person. For example I realised that the portion I would give to charity would be in helping more children to receive an education. With food in their stomachs children are better able to learn, and knowing they have a meal waiting for them at school makes them more likely to come to school. Then I realised that I could boost these points further by opting for a credit card tied to the airline’s rewards programme. So this week I signed up for credit card that will boost my points (it was very easy to do and the questions around my living expenses were laughable, but that is for another column). I will pay the amount I spend each month on average into the credit card at the beginning of the month. So how about playing the “if I won the lotto game” and find innovative ways to fund your dreams.

I want a better education for my children: Join your local school’s governing board and help improve the school.
I want to take my family on an overseas holiday: Have you ever noticed how many competitions there are for family holidays? I want to leave my children an inheritance: Start a tax-free savings account in their name. I want to change the world: There are so many charities and non-profit organisations that need time more than money. Maya on Radioactive Health WarningWhile we hope the information provided on this site will be useful in making financial decisions it is not to be viewed as advice.
We encourage readers to post questions and add comments to create an interactive forum where people can gain information on how to better manage their money. This is not just a fruitless exercise of “what if” because what it does is show us what is important to us –what our dreams really are. Education is important to me so rather than waiting to “win the lotto” I started a monthly debit order to the Peninsula Feeding Scheme which feeds children across the Cape Peninsula. As I fly a fair amount locally for work, by committing myself to one airline for all my local travel I could clock up enough points to upgrade to a business-class ticket at least every second year. This means I could upgrade my husband rather than having him sitting behind the curtain in economy class – that may have been a marriage breaker.

If you put just R500 away each month into a fund growing at 10% a year it would be worth R380 000 in 20 years’ time – all tax-free.
Firstly if you save 20% of your salary and invest in a fund that returns around 10% a year you will have a year’s salary put away within four years.
First make sure they are legit and set up a separate email address so you don’t get spammed. There are volunteer programmes across the world where you get free food and lodging for helping to build a school for example – you get to travel and do good. Start by cutting up those store cards and credit cards and committing a few hundred rand extra each month to repaying those debts.
By focusing all my spending through the single card, I can work on my goal to travel business class without winning the lotto – the odds are far more favourable!
Do a six-month house swap or build up a reputation as a trustworthy housesitter and sign up with a global housesitting service.

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how to win lotto and powerball

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