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In Georgia, winners of the lottery must have their names broadcasted and published for transparency reasons. Georgia state Senator Josh McKoon is trying to pass a bill that will allow winners to remain completely anonymous. Here at GAFollowers we vow to give $1,000 to every single person that likes our Instagram page, this is real! Would you pay that much to stay anonymous? DES MOINES, Iowa — Even a jackpot isn't enough to buy anonymity for many lottery winners, whose names are often made public by state law. But now it's becoming increasingly possible for big winners to hide their identity, and lottery executives are trying to strike a balance between ensuring privacy and safety while still proving to the public that real people can win.
Jackpot winners "get a big old target painted on their backs," said Andrew Stoltmann, an Illinois attorney who has represented winners. On the other hand, allowing winners to collect jackpots in secret invites public suspicion and makes it easier for cheating to go undetected, according to gambling experts and others. Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio and South Carolina allow winners to remain anonymous. States including Illinois and Oregon have made exceptions to their policy of disclosure when winners demonstrate a high risk of harm.
Bills to keep lottery winners names confidential failed in North Carolina and New York in the last few years.
Advocates of privacy cite cases in which winners saw their lives upended after their wealth became widely known. One example cited by Don McNay, a Richmond, Kentucky, financial adviser who also has represented lottery winners, is Abraham Shakespeare, a Lakeland, Florida, janitor won a cash payout of $17 million in the Florida lottery in 2006. Oregon typically requires public release of winners' names, but the state lottery allowed a Kurdish man from Baghdad, Iraq to remain anonymous after he won an Aug. The man, who purchased the ticket on an international website, said the jackpot would place his family in danger if his identity were known. Critics complain that allowing winners to hide their identity is a convenient way to conceal criminal activity.
Anonymity "throws a layer of assistance to someone who wants to rig a drawing," said Dan Russell, former attorney for the Florida Lottery and now a private-practice attorney representing major casinos and gambling industry manufacturers.

The risk of anonymous winners came to light after a lottery insider fixed numbers in several games over several years. Iowa prosecutors say a computer expert working for the Multi-State Lottery Association, or MUSL, which runs games for 37 member states and U.S.
Authorities believe Eddie Tipton and his associates successfully cashed in tickets in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Wisconsin, netting more than $2.6 million in payouts. Tipton was convicted of fraud in July for attempting to claim a $16.5 million Hot Lotto jackpot in Iowa.
The requirement that names be made public was "the layer of security he couldn't break," Iowa Lottery CEO Terry Rich said. Gary Grief, chairman of the Powerball committee for MUSL, insists he has complete confidence in the integrity of the time-tested ball-drawing system, and he still supports revealing winners' names.
Name disclosure is "a positive thing to reinforce to players that real people do win and that those real people don't work for the lottery or aren't involved with lottery," he said.
A Powerball-type game has not had a high-profile scandal since 1980, the year of the so-called "triple six fix," in which a lottery insider and others secretly weighted balls with paint so only a few combinations of numbers could surface in the Pennsylvania Daily Number game. Find out what's happening, right now on Twitter, follow us to know more, we cover the top social media news.
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The next UK Lotto draw is set to take place on Saturday, 25 January 2014 and will have the special weekend jackpot prize of ?4,500,000 on offer. EUROJACKPOT LOTTOThe EuroJackpot Lotto game was formed by the pan-European countries, pooling all their collective resources to create the game. LOTTERY RESULTSCompeting in your favourite online lottery is only one half of the equation. From Miranda Kerr's secret rooftop haven to Kim Kardashian's white roses: Celebrity gardens REVEALED! With a jackpot of the record setting $1.5 billion this can become problematic for some people.
Chris Christie in 2013 vetoed a bill that called for a one-year delay in releasing names, saying it could reduce lottery sales by hampering marketing and muting public excitement when winners are announced.

He had spent or given away most of his prize by the time he met Dorice Dee Dee Moore in late 2008. His body was found nine months later, encased in concrete and buried behind the home of Moore's ex-boyfriend. This popular and internationally-recognized lottery has been gifted with some truly remarkable odds; often experiencing a handful of jackpot wins in the period of a single month.
Will we see yet another jackpot win, or will  we see a jackpot rollover – which will logically result in an even bigger jackpot prize for the next UK Lotto draw after the weekend?
Although only in existence since 2012, it has already seen the prize pool rise as high as €90 million, quickly cementing its reputation as a serious lottery game. Once the excitement of picking out your own unique numbers and participating in the draw dies down, a fresh wave of excitement will come crashing over you as you wait breathlessly for the lottery draw results to go live.
She tracked him down, befriended him and within a few months became his financial adviser, with control over his remaining money and his home.
This makes it one of the most winnable lotto games in the world, and is a fair contributor to the game generally boasting low rollover sessions.
In fact, the rollovers are limited to only four consecutive draws, before the jackpot prize will be automatically rolled down to the second prize tier and distributed amongst winners placing in that division.
In the second prize tier, there were three players who successfully matched five out of the six main numbers, but who were fortunate enough to have selected the Bonus ball as well. In the third tier, there were a total of 2445 players who were able to claim in this division, thanks to them matching five of the six main numbers only. The ?105,840 prize pool allocation to this tier was divided equally, which meant a ?432 payout per player.

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