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A level system for behavior contract is in many ways a sophisticated system for improving and shaping students long term behavior. By establishing levels, much as in a rubric for academic performance, you can shape student's behavior by slowly increasing the expectations for meeting each level. You can ask for certain kinds of academic behavior that show whether a student has been attending or not.
In other words if you successfully identify behaviors that are pivotal for improving a students over all performance and behavior in your class, focus on them.Behaviors need to be explicit and measurable, although data collection is not your primary focus.

Positive consequences can be given weekly or daily, depending on the age and maturity of the student or the intensity or inappropriateness of the behavior. For students with grossly inappropriate behavior , or who have a long way to go, you may want to reward performance daily.
Secondary students are especially gifted at working teachers against parents or parents against teacher. Remember, keep it positive.Where: all classes, or just one where the student is struggling?

Will you give the student input on evaluation, or will it all be on you?Monitoring Tools: You want to create a tool that will make it easy for you or for general education teachers who may be evaluating students.

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how to write classroom management philosophy

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