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HTML5 is the new version of the markup language HTML that has been used for presenting and structuring online contents since the early 90s. If you want to learn more of it’s background and history these HTML5 infographics can help you. HTML has been standing in the shadow of other frameworks like Flash and IE, but the word is, that this is going to change with the arrival of HTML5. Online web design tools based on HTML5 makes it easier to incorporate audio, video, drag and drop, fonts, animations and graphics into web pages.

HTML5 also helps web designers build mobile friendly website themes to ensure excellent user-experience when surfing the Internet on mobile devices. However, since such tools are fairly new, some people may still be unaware of their true potentials.
Also, some web designers still want to use Flash and other popular framework as their primary tool set. They can provide developers and web designers with maneuverability in making websites more convenient, productive and attractive.

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html5 online course

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