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This best selling textbook provides a comprehensive introduction to human resource management, covering all the main areas of HRM practice as well as the key skills that HR practitioners will need.
Derek Torrington is Emeritus Professor of Management, University of Manchester.Laura Hall has been a senior lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University and a national examiner for the CIPD. Due to demand, this product has run out of stock, and so the promotion is no longer available. She is now a freelance academic carrying out work for a range of bodies including the CIPD.Stephen Taylor is a senior lecturer in HRM at Manchester Metropolitan University and a national examiner for the CIPD. Pearson Education’s MyLab products provide an innovative and interactive web-based solution that personalises both the teaching and learning experience. He also works part time as a consultant on HR and employment law matters.Carol Atkinson is a senior lecturer in HRM at the University of Bradford School of Management and is also a member of the national examination team for the CIPD.

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human resource management 8th edition noe

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