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The Human resource management system is a process of controlling and managing the employee’s activities in analyzing his skills and assigning work according to his ability. Human resource management system project helps us in decision making for assigning next project to the employee or provide training to enhance his skills. Then primary objective of the Human resource management system project is to record the details various activities of each employee in the organization. Human resource management is an important function of any organization it helps in assigning right project to the appropriate skillful hands. The existing system is implemented in Manual way, therefore the response time is very slow.

All the transactions are executed in off-line mode, so the on-line data capture and modification is not possible in the current manual system.
In the implementation phase each user will be given appropriate training according to their specific needs and skills. HR Management System is the perfect project to be adopted by any organization for managing its Human Resource . HR Management system also provides all employee personal record along with his Skills, Educational, Certification and Projects handled details.

Proposed project facilitate the HR Manager to add new employee, view and update existing employees’ details and generate meaningful reports for better human resource management in the organization.

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human resource management course online

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