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Human resource management is therefore understood as the all significant art and science of managing people in an organisation. HRM is not just an arena of personnel administration anymore but rather a central and pervasive general management function involving specialised staff as assistants to main line managers. Corporate culture exerts a major influence on achievement of excellence and must therefore be    strengthened with consideration of employee welfare. Whilst integration of corporate resources is an important aim of HRM, it must also be recognised that all organisations are ‘pluralist societies’ in which people have differing interests and concerns, which they defend and at the same time function collectively as a cohesive group.

Chang Hang HRM accumulates nearly 20 years' experience in human resource management, provides excellent business solutions for enterprises, applies the four features which are selecting, training, assigning and holding into medium and large manufacturing enterprises and commercial enterprises, fully meets the enterprises' HRM requirements, as well as creates the best human resource management model. Enhance managements for jobs planning, recruitment, training, and performance, that means planning staffs' career development and improving enterprise's HR development and application. Increasing research output in behavioral sciences, new trends in managing ‘knowledge workers’ and advances in training methodology and practices have led to substantial expansion of the scope of human resource management function in recent years. Exalt the HR from traditional management to development level; the primary task on this stage is using creative thinking to perfect human resources.

Since every organisation comprises people, acquiring their #services, developing their skills, motivating them to higher levels of performance and ensuring that they continue at the same level of commitment to the organisation are essential to achieving #organisational goal.

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