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I have seen dozens if not hundreds of tributes on social media in his honor and each has provided comfort, a smile and often a laugh.
My tribute to you dear Wayne is I will honor your teachings by living them daily and when I step out of them, I will forgive myself and return. SERENA DYER PISONI – Here is a photo of when my dad told me he dedicated his most recent book, Memories of Heaven, to my daughter Sailor. When people who are dear to me make their transition into Nonphysical (even with everything I have learned from Abraham—and all that I KNOW to be true) I feel an emptiness that seems to have no limit to its bottom—for a while. But after a while, that awful emptiness lessens, and then after more time passes and we have adjusted even more to our new point of view without them—something truly wonderful begins to happen. LIZ DAWN DONAHUE – My Dear Friends, I have been trying to find the words to write about Wayne Dyer.
Wayne will be with us in spirit and we will take his speaking slot and have a Celebration of the Life and Teachings of Wayne Dyer, joined by the other speakers at the event. We will all walk through this experience together and do what Wayne would want us to do, which is to embrace what is, and learn and grow from it. Wayne’s life was completely dedicated to teaching the world how to live in the highest level of integrity, open hearted compassion and joy.
SONIA CHOQUETTE – With a very heavy heart I want to share that my beloved friend Wayne Dyerhas made his transition into the light.
While I am very sad at his passing, I know that his soul is now free to rest, explore, and teach. Wayne, although I know you have gone on to a better place, and to have a grand new adventure, I know that I am certainly going to miss your physical presence. JAMES VAN PRAAGH – So sad to learn of the passing of the great teacher, colleague and friendWayne Dyer. I know Doc would be terribly upset with me if I were sad about his transition so, I will use everything I ever learned from him and do what I know best – Pray. THE FORD INSTITUTE – Tonight please join The Ford Institute in blessing the soul and spirit ofWayne Dyer. Widely known in recent years as a popular TV personality and lecturer, he penned dozens of self-help books that sold millions of copies around the world. Months earlier he had released his book, Your Erroneous Zones, and at first, it languished.  Then he proved his own theories by traveling the US diligently, visiting every bookstore and every TV station that would let him talk. Later he moved with the rest of us toward a more spiritual explanation, just as simple: Listen to the dreams of your soul, then hold that image of who you want to become until the Synchronicity begins to guide you there. One hour ago I received a message that my old friend and colleague bestselling author and master teacher Wayne Dyer had unexpectedly and suddenly left his body. I have known Wayne since the 1980’s when he along with the magnificent Louise Hay, the brilliant Deepak Chopra and myself all toured together giving speeches and conferences on transformation.
Wayne was always so generous with me over the years, endorsing my books, appearing in my TV infomercial, and just this year, writing a spectacular endorsement and review of my new book Soul Shifts. I have always said that Wayne was one of my fellow teachers for whom I had so much respect because of his own personal dedication to the exploration and unfolding of his consciousness.
There are times of grace when life makes sense and we feel we are in tune with its mysteries, and then there are other more baffling times when we cannot fathom why things happen as they do. I offer my love and comfort to Wayne’s family and children, to all of my fellow authors and teachers and the staff at his Hay House Family, to my friend and his beloved longtime right-hand angel Maya Lobos, and to all of his readers, followers and fans around the world.
I bow in humble gratitude, my heart bathed in tears of love and deep appreciation to you beloved Wayne, as you ascend now to merge with the Supreme Love, Supreme Bliss, and Supreme Light. May your soul be blessed now and forever on its divine journey, and may the Divine Embrace of the Creator tenderly welcome you Home. Affimations to go!ipop-in is all about bringing affirmations to techno-savvy, busy, iPod wearing people who want to kick it up a notch by putting good stuff in the brain.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License. I decided to gather as many of them as I have seen to share of those who new him personally.
Our team has discussed this at length, and feel that it is appropriate to honor Wayne’s life at the upcoming CYL conference. Our intention is to use this time to help those of us who knew him to heal and for those new to Wayne, to begin to experience his wonderful life-changing teachings. Wayne’s wisdom and courage have been written into the tapestry of life as a living testimony of his greatness and gifts to our world.

Thank you for your friendship and all of the support and inspiration that you gave to me over the years, and for the remarkable work you did on this planet. Thank you for everything you have done, and for being such an integral part of my life and my journey, and for believing in me and always doing everything you could to share my message with the world. He will surely be missed by thousands – if not millions of people. You are and always will be a brilliant light! In the course of a lifetime, Wayne lived that truth, and more than anyone caused it to seep deeply into Human Culture. Golfer Jason Day was on his way to winning, and commentators began noting approvingly that before every shot, he paused consciously to half close his eyes and visualize the ball going toward the hole. Wayne Dyer was a master teacher, spiritual thought leader, and a perpetual student of the human experience. Like all of us at the #HayHouse Family, as well as all who loved Wayne, I am shocked and griefstricken at the thought that Wayne has departed for higher realms so soon.
He was a serious spiritual student, and sought out the Truth wherever he could in whatever way he could, even when it took him into areas that were outside of the conventional realm of psychology or public approval.
This is one of those times, when I know how many more lives Wayne could have touched if he had remained on the planet.
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He always said he couldn’t wait for this next adventure to begin and had no fear of dying. I have learned so much from him and treasure every moment that I’ve been lucky enough to spend with him in this life. And I want you to know that today I can feel, from the depths of everything that I am, the love that he is feeling for all of us! Humanity has lost a truly great teacher, but his words and wisdom will remain with us forever.
Dyer, whose transformative message touched so many lives, we’re sharing my interview with him from my Power Talk.
His grounded guidance helped me through some of the most challenging passages of my own human journey.
I will miss you, my dear friend, even though I know that I have another angel watching over me! Wayne had a profound impact on my life and work and I’m so sad to hear of his passing. Wayne was a shining light in the world, and made an enormous difference in my life and I had the privilege to be able to call him a friend.
His kindness to strangers and friends, and his eagerness to mentor people who had a powerful message to give the world, was extraordinary. The idea of Self-Actualization and visualization has reached all the way to golf and beyond.
He combined a love for people with the quest to seek a deeper and richer spiritual path through all of life’s experiences.
And yet I fully know and believe that he has leapt out of his body into the most effulgent Light, and is being heralded and celebrated by angels, divine beings, guides, ancient teachers and gurus for his absolutely devoted and supreme service to the planet during his time here. We spent many contemplative hours together in deep discussion about life, the spiritual path and the mysteries of karma, love, and every other intense topic.
In this way, he was an authentic, sincere and humble seeker, and took the path of awakening seriously. Our hearts are broken, but we smile to think of how much our scurvy elephant will enjoy the other side. My heart is so sad, but I know that he is happy in another place and I know he will always be with me. And it is no small adjustment for any of us when they are no longer here with us, like they have always been. Their powerful thoughts of love and appreciation and all manner of interesting awarenesses begin to move into my mind. I cannot even find words to explain how these dear hearts who we have known and loved feel about all of us. I am saying affirmations for him and his family and I know he will be shinning down upon us all from the otherside. Wayne was profoundly kind and gentle, loving, generous, and I felt incredibly blessed to have him in my life.

You blessed this world with your light and I know you will continue to guide us in an even more profound way. I was blessed to spend time with Wayne and his family on one of his tours, and he spoke at one of my Experts Academy events. There is no possible way to measure the impact his soul and work have had on the lives of the people on this planet. I trust that in this moment Your arms are opened wide to receive the spirit of my brother and friend Dr. I believe this is one of the reasons we had such mutual respect–he also recognized me as a serious seeker and always honored me for having had formal spiritual teachers and training, and having dedicated my life to spiritual freedom. Then I remembered that he is larger than life and although he has left his physical body, his essence, his teachings, his books, his life will continue on through all the people he has touched. His presence in this world has left a massive impact, and I am so grateful and thankful for all he has shared with us.
I am certain that with his loving commitment to the healing of the planet and the evolution of every soul, Dr. A pioneer of conscious living, Wayne opened the door to the spiritual dimension for millions of people.
He was such a gracious loving soul to me when we worked together at Celebrate Your Life with Mishka Productions He was absolutely one of the GREAT teachers who I was blessed to be a colleague of as well. And despite my shock and sadness over Wayne’s sudden exit from his body on August 29, the night of the Super Moon in Pisces, I feel such a sense of celebration for him and the way he chose to leave. He was ever generous in a way so rarely seen, and will be missed greatly by the generations of people who he inspired with his wisdom and humor!
We all feel this loss…and at the same moment, we know that he has simply changed his clothes.
I’m sure his readers and fans will mourn at this news, as well as all Hay House authors and those of us who were guided by his work.
He taught me to always be myself and honor each and every person in front of you… always. One of those lives that were changed was my own father and I owe it to Wayne, for opening my fathers eyes on the Hay House cruise years ago. I had the absolute pleasure to work with him and spend quality time with him a few years ago, what a delight and a soul that will be truly missed!
I confess that the human in me wants to deny the reality of this moment, the passing of my brother and ask You why? Receiving a copy of “You’ll See It When You Believe It” from a friend healed my heart and set me out on a whole new path. Please join me in celebrating his profound healing impact on Earth while sending his family our love, prayers, and condolences. I am grateful to Wayne for so many things, but I observed this beautiful quality in every interaction we had over the years.
After reading that book, it wasn’t long before my shelf was filled with almost everything Wayne had ever written. I forgive myself and ask Your forgiveness for the strains of human selfishness that would lead me down that path. It was such an honor and a dream come true to share a stage with him at several Hay House events.
Dear God, let not their hearts be troubled; let them know there is no loss or separation in your Spirit. I ask that those closest to him, those he loved and those who loved him be filled with Your spirit of peace. I ask God that your mercy will allow this to be a gentle passing, a passing that reflected his life, his gentleness and his love. I ask God that you allow all who knew him, knew of his good works, those who were the benefactors of the wisdom You gave to him, become the living, breathing demonstrations of all he taught and believed. I now call forth the blanket of Your peace to fall on us all as our brother makes his sojourn to You.

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