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Shi Jing – The Book of OdesThe oldest collection of Chinese poetry, more than three hundred songs, odes and hymns. Lun Yu – The Analects of ConfuciusThe Master discusses with his disciples and unveil his preoccupations with society. Zhongyong – The Doctrine of the MeanConfucius' grandson comments about the Way and human nature.
San Zi Jing – The Three-Character ClassicA textbook helpfull to start learning Classic Chinese.
Dao De Jing – The Way and Its PowerThe naturalist, individualist and politic doctrine of Lao-tse exhibited in 81 poetic and obscure texts.

36 Ji – Thirty-Six StrategiesA recently uncovered notebook of 36 proverbs commented as military tactics that helps dealing with conflicts.
The Book of Odes, The Analects, Great Learning, Doctrine of the Mean, Three-characters book, The Book of Changes, The Way and its Power, 300 Tang Poems, The Art of War, Thirty-Six Strategies Welcome, help, notes, introduction, table. The I Ching, or Book of Changes, is one of the most ancient philosophical systems available today. Well, these Chinese classics have had a major influence on the oldest civilization still in existence on the face of this planet; that should be enough.
If not, please consider that China, mostly as a distant mirror where hopes and fears are reflected, has exercised a profound impact on the thinking patterns of Western civilisations, and will.

It was he who first expressed the fundamental principals of life and universal energy by means of the special eneergy language of linear hexagrams. The Natural Path contains two treatises by Confucius onhow to effectively live in harmony with these cycles.
The sixty-four hexagrams give us insight into specific events and situations to which this vast body of knowledge can be applied.

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i ching book of changes interpretation

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