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This document simply includes 4 sources and Tables by which the reader may make logical excursions through all the documents, by hyperlinks, in "Conclusions". What will we find if we arranged a certain gif 1 into Table 1 which shows the spiral, zig-zag levels of atomic sized elements to the size of the human brain, in perfect Phi ratio, then compared these Phi relationships with Table 2 of solar system sized Phi relationships and with Table 3 of 26 Hierarchal Levels of Temporal Existence, to see if we can find commonalities?
Now that we have Table 1, the only one that I have ever seen, that organizes atomics in this manner, we can compare it with other bits of information. Two telling quotes reveals that The Auric Scale Table has Eastern music connections which resurrects my study of the Holy Quran and the pentatonic fifth. The authors admit that they are not musicians and show some knowledge of the spiral of musical nature and how natures ratio never exactly fit into a scale, not including the reality of two opposing, complimentary, 7 levels of partner scales as applied in ambidextrous music. Note: Notice that the number series 1-26 is from the top, in this Table, while Jerry Iuliano reversed it, beginning from the bottom, in his version. These two scales are only said to be culminating, together at a certain time in the near future, however the synergetic or independent natures of the scales, in the past, are not well explained.

This Table should be similar to The Auric Table, because both deal with the non-linear Phi relationships.
76 shows up multiple times in another solar system study based upon Phi, called "Exponential Order in the Solar System.
THE AURIC TIME SCALE AND THE MAYAN FACTOR (PDF) or Demography, Seismicity And History Of Great Revelations In The Light Of The Solar-Planetary Synchronism by Sergey Smelyakov, Yuri Karpenko. In rounding, if the number preceding the zero was insufficient to warrant a carry that affected the number on the left side of the zero, it was dropped.
Nevertheless they make a great effort to understand it, while diverging toward the Population of China Model, to plot bifurcation points in the future. A form of this number that is found when working this that is considered a square in effect or resultant. Let's begin searching all the 76's in Spira Solaris, in Reference, below, and if you keep following the link, you'll find yourself right back here.

288^2=82944 is the mathematical base for the third order of magnitude or the spiritual realm. You'll also find that 76 is a Lucas number, which acts like the opposite spiral side to the Phi spiral side, together creating a cadeusus, only the Lucas series is slightly different than the Phi series.
6) = 76.01 which should imply 76 multiples of Phi ratio from a base position of "Term u1", "Fibonacci 0" or "Term vk = v0. A review of the PDF document is needed for what these terms mean in relation to the Solar-Planetary Synchronism (SPS) Table.

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i ching book of changes pdf download

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