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Every year, publications like Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek and the Harvard Business Review publish the current list of reasons why bosses lose their jobs. Here is a brief review of the general top five every year, and then I’ll get more specific on the precise behavior to look for as indicators that leadership may be heading down a bad path.
Watching for these kinds of outcomes can help trusted strategic advisers anticipate, detect and prevent them from happening to the senior executives they work for.
James Lukaszewski, ABC, APRJames Lukaszewski, ABC, APR, is one of America’s most visible corporate go-to people for senior executives when there is trouble in the room or on the horizon. The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) advances the careers of communication professionals across the globe. Communication World (CW), the digital magazine of the International Association of Business Communicators, is a must-read publication for communication professionals worldwide. When SunTrust, one of the country's leading financial institutions, embarked on a recent rebranding journey, they didn't follow the traditional track.
And they emerged with a new definition of purpose and a key question for customers: "How can we help you shine today?" Like a mantra for the new brand, this question is a conversation starter and relationship builder.
The basic premise is that members who recruit new professional members will get three free months of membership for each  new member they bring in, up to a full year at no charge. If you're a creative professional with some years under your belt, you're probably wondering how to take yourself to the next level of your career.
IABC members can take advantage of both the early registration discount of $250 and the additional IABC member discount of $250.
In this Cafe2Go interview, Neville Hobson, ABC, interviews Tim Buckley, 2013 Chair of the IABC Gold Quill Awards. January 29, 2015 Whether you are a consultant, a professional in career transition, a job seeker or a student, the elevator pitch is your personal 60-second storytelling commercial.
Recent tragic events in Paris have undoubtedly touched us all deeply and dampen the start of the New Year. On that note and on behalf of IABC France leadership, I wish you a hearty, healthy, safe and flourishing 2015! Our new website is now LIVE and below, I highlight some major activities you can be expecting in this quarter, for your learning and development.
Coincidentally, freedom and justice were the tenets of the Magna Carta, or “Great Charter” 800 years ago. IABC France is offering three (3) scholarship tickets to members who are keen to participate at the conference.
Are you managing communications for the sake of communicating, or are you managing communication priorities by considering your larger organizational and business agenda?
January 28: #11 Ways Strategic Communications Impact Organizational Performance by Stephen Welch, communication consultant and Michael Ambjorn, entrepreneur and global IABC Vice-Chair, co-hosted by Revolution 9. March 26: Building a World-Class Communication Operation – a Case Study of the UK Department of Business, Innovation and Skills by Russell Grossman, group communications director and global IABC Chair. Both Russell and Michael will also be visiting some of our members at their companies during their respective visits to Paris as IABC’s global chair and vice-chair. 18 February-25 March: a 6-session online course on going from Tactical to Strategic Communication kicks off with Barbara Gibson, a researcher, lecturer and consultant with 25 years of experience as a business communicator. February 12: Professional Networking Soiree mini-workshop with Bernadette Martin, a prolific networker, speaker, author and consultant of personal branding.

March 3: International Women’s Day Telepresence Seminar by SWiT (Scottish Women in Technology) and Cisco. Filed Under: Blog, Career Development, Coming events, Communications Planning Positioning yourself as an expert: presenting, blogging and sharing knowledge! Then came an email from IABC membership chair, Kasha Dougall, inviting me to meet up to discuss how IABC France could better meet my needs.
Well, chalk it up to Kasha’s boundless enthusiasm, within 24 hours of our lunch I had signed up again for the IABC and several days later became a member of the IABC steering committee.
To my delight, the evening was incredibly useful to me (and from the look of it, to everyone else in the room).
Make presentations at conferences: these talks are a highly effective means of positioning oneself as an expert. Janody explained that when she started out in content strategy she wanted to go to a lot of conferences in this burgeoning field. In closing, Janody added, “I knew a lot about my subject but I didn’t consider myself an ‘expert.’ I shared what I knew and it allowed me to reach peers. Patricia Lane, Cross-cultural corporate communications expert at Franco-American Quill, told us that she has been blogging for eight years. Half of the time Lane blogs in English, and the other half of the time she blogs in French. Julie Vetter, digital marketing expert, founder of Hoi Moon Marketing, said she originally got involved with social networks because she owned a restaurant with over 500 (very active) Facebook followers.
She noted a startup social network intended for women that is being developed by one person and has over $40,000 invested in funds and hours prior to launching.
Vetter’s final words of advice: “Authenticity is the most important thing on social media, more important than being perfect is being real,” she said. December 11, 2014 Revolution9Join us for networking, drinks and participate in a round of fun and lively mini-presentations!
Recognizing the patterns of failure is a key ingredient of being a trusted strategic adviser. I’ve been in Public Relations for 40 years, and at best, the best promoters of what they’re doing turn out to be the people who run the organizations themselves. Personnel issues are the toughest to manage and leaders generally, especially new ones, are bringing people in from the outside to help them achieve their objectives. Yes, the military term “Absent without Leave.” This is the CEO or senior executive who has fallen in love with him or herself, goes on a rubber chicken circuit writing books and being distracted from the work they should be doing leading the organization. Even the most anticipated new chief executive or leader can fail to move the organization in significant directions or repair and rejuvenate those areas which require it. He has spent his career counseling leaders of all types who face challenging situations that often involve conflict, controversy, community action or activist opposition. But how do you create a strategy for guaranteeing that innovation and creativity flourish in your organization?
Established in 1970, IABC serves members working in a wide variety of industries in 80 countries, helping them to make a bigger impact at work, uncover opportunities in the hidden job market, enhance their skills and expand their social network.
CW covers the latest in communication trends, practice and research through in-depth reports, how-to articles and insightful interviews. The promotion will begin on 1 December 2012 and run through the last day of December, Pacific time.

Tim outlines some of the significant changes now in place including new divisions and categories that open the Gold Quill program to new audiences along with the move to online entry that saves time, eliminates shipping and better meets the needs of today's communicators.
Join other professionals in practicing and perfecting your elevator pitch in different situations in a fun and dynamic speed networking session led by Bernadette Martin, Brand Strategist and Founder of Visibility Branding. My freelance market research business had been slow since June, and I wanted a few more contracts before paying the annual IABC membership fee.
What’s more, the proposed ideas for network development and positioning yourself as an expert, were actions I actually felt I could take. The group has people who need these tools for their business, so they are highly motivated to participate. Looking forward to seeing you on January 28th at our Galettes des Rois and 1st seminar workshop of the year at Revolution 9, Paris 7th. Our annual Christmas soiree of professional networking and refreshments will take place on Thursday evening, December 11, 2014. It seems that no matter how much trouble an organization may be in, the boss can somehow make the silk purse out of the sow’s ear. Since I work at this level consistently, I can generalize that those who run truly successful organizations rarely make this mistake. Based on my observations, the most likely candidates for this circumstance are the proteges of truly successful executives: those who leave their home organization and are hired principally because of their past associations with extremely successful individuals. This issue will cover how to continually develop insights to fuel both your organization and your career, explore creativity exercises that work, and address what blocks or enables innovation and creativity inside companies. Your name as the referral must be given at the time payment is made and the new member must not have been an IABC member since August 1, 2012. The packed agenda will kick off with networking tips and tools followed by your chance to practice numerous times your pitch AND get feedback. But choosing one language and culture would have cut me in half, so I made my own rules,” Lane added.
Sooner or later somebody notices, an investor, another leader, a customer or employee, and when someone introduces the requisite amount of pragmatism, it often costs the chief executive their position.
According to Dan Ciampa and David Dotliech in their new book, Transitions at the Top, abrupt CEO transitions are usually forced by the board and are more likely than not caused by poor transitions in an organization at the top, combined with issues that defeat those brought in to help the CEO achieve his or her objectives. But those who run mediocre to poorly performing organizations tend to look for distractions, which those of us in leadership communication are generally happy to create, develop and provide. It's that easy, so talk to your colleagues about the benefits of joining IABC and cash in on this promotion.
On the other hand, doing a search in real time, “Dan Brown”, the author, didn’t appear in search results on LinkedIn. What if no one is listening?’” However, as time went on, Lane realized, “We are all the same.
Some of my posts have attracted a lot of debate in the comments, sometimes years after the first publication date.

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