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When I was a kid, I moved around a lot, but most of the time I was living in states that did not allow the sale of lottery tickets.
Because there wasn’t usually a lottery where I lived, whenever I went on vacation with a set of parental figures, we’d end up buying lotto tickets in Florida or New York or wherever.
A couple of days later when the winning combination was announced, we’d all thumb through the newspaper or watch the nightly news to see what happened.
If you’ve ever picked up a $1 lottery ticket or done any kind of gambling, you probably know how the fantasy goes, because I bet you’ve had one too. Fast forward about twenty years to the day before yesterday, when Jolie and I were walking around Portland, Oregon on a three-day trip down from Seattle. While passing by a 7-11, one of us said something about buying an Oregon lottery ticket before going back to Washington. My decision is that I don’t want the money-for-nothing; I want to create my own happiness and my own amazing life. I don’t really remember when I bought my last lottery ticket, but whenever it was, that was the last one. How about this one instead: what if life was what you want it to be because you made it that way?
I do always know what the Powerball amount is, and I can do the conversion in my head (take it in a lump sum halves the jackpot, then halve that number for after-tax net). I won $3 in the Texas Lotto once for matching 3 numbers – I used my winnings to buy a coke and chips. That being said, I have purchased a few Powerball tickets thinking that winning would take care of everything. But the last time I won €50 I decided to quit while I was ahead and came to the same conclusion you did. The real value in such a windfall would be to direct its usefulness to some purpose which has fallen past agencies and systems that serve the needs of people. I am so glad you are fortunate enough to realize where the blessings in life have placed you and I admire you for your thoughtful articles and thought provoking posts. However, I reserve the right to play local lotteries to the profit of local organization like a school activity or else.
If I can trot into Fast Stop and blow $5 on a pop and bag of chips that will just go to my butt anyway – whats the difference if I blow $5 on lottery tickets.
This is exciting and scary at the same time and I hope to have the balls to use this newfound freedom. I have to admit, I have bought the occasionaly lotto ticket … once, when all I had in my pocket was $2, I thought, “why not? Also keep track of the large jackpot winners ($250 million plus) and the areas where large jackpots are won. About Chris GuillebeauWelcome to The Art of Non-Conformity, a home for remarkable people of all kinds.

Patricia Easley, a 10-year resident of Gurnee, Illinois, won a top prize of $50,000 when she scratched a Gold Rush Instant Illinois Lottery ticket. A weekly report of strategies and tips for winning the lottery, plus an analysis of what numbers are overdue and best combinations you should pick. Springfield, IL - The Lotto winning numbers from Wednesday, April 11, 2012 are 1, 4, 10, 12, 13, 49.
As of April 11, the biggest lottery jackpots in the world are Italy's Superenalotto ($108 million), Powerball ($94 million), EuroMillions ($70 million), and Mega Millions ($42 million). On April 14, Spain's Loteria Nacional will hold a special lottery draw with $110 million in cash prizes. Please pass it on to others at your favorite social networking site, or share your own thoughts in the comments below. Even without knowing the specific odds of winning a lottery, the order of magnitude always made the prospect of buying a lottery ticket a nonstarter.
Part of this is because there’s one of those electronic billboards with the current jackpot on it right on my way in to work, and the other part is I find it a useful pre-fiction writing worldbuilding exercise. The latter balances stochastic and deterministic control through informed risk analysis, at least for the professional player. Specifically, the value of attaining a windfall would be to redistribute the winnings in a way that allows others in dire circumstances to get a break. I edit math and stats books for a living and when you do that all day, going and buying a lottery ticket on the way home just seems embarrassing, not to mention pointless. For me – I skipthe lottery tickets and instead take the two bucks and put it in a savings account. I just found your manifesto through Michael Bungay Stanier great work blog (love his work) and I like your ideas a lot!
My grandfather actually won form the lottery – an appartment which was in a different city from where we lived at the time. But now my job allows me to save some money and visit 2-3 countries in Europe and I hope I’ll eventually be able to save enough money to travel to more distant places.
Do you know how many of those tickets are completely identical to your fellow gamblers so no one can win? The rotten scoundrel who rigged several lottery drawings and KNEW the winning numbers before hand.
It is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS a small unknown town that wins $326 million, $400 million, $590 million, $636 million, etc. Easley was at home when she scratched the winning ticket and discovered her $50,000 windfall. At least with a competition, like poker or a marathon, you have some measure of deterministic control or your odds.
It would be a nightmare of sorts to not need to contribute to society and laze my life away.

Those with chronic and life-threatening illnesses, children facing cancer or chronic illness, those who cannot care for themselves and their families and those who are forgotten and ignored by society. Also, the Texas lottery started in my formative years, and I remember my mother grumbling that the proceeds of the California lottery were *supposed* to go to state education but they really didn’t and they just used it as an excuse to cut other education funding. I have an automatic transfer scheduled with my bank to move the two bucks to a high-yield savings account each Friday. I’m 25 now, graduating as a computer scientist any day now and it feels a bit like this will settle my dept to the western society I grew up in by getting my degree and then, for the first time in my life, I am really free (I know I always was, but still).
WIth a $20 bill in my hand I knew that I had decreased my odds… From there I lost control. The game was well received due to its delightful gameplay, cute lead character, and innovative level design. That separates people who make millions a year, and a novice like me — in my case, playing a round of poker would be closer to buying a lottery ticket.
I once won $30 in the Virginia lottery but other than that, I only play when the jackpot is big.
Keep up the good work and if you are ever in my country other then our beloved aitport I would be happy to show you around. I insulted my boss, slacked on the job, visited car lots, and was living in a fantasy world. That $20 Mega Millions ticket could have been spent on a bag of popcorn, soda, and a movie. The retailer received a $500 bonus, 1% of the prize amount, for selling the winning ticket.
I feel sad when I see people overspend since they have too much money and don’t realise the value of it and what good they could do with it.
But it’s not, and we all know you never feel as good about yourself when things are simply handed to you as you would if you knew you had earned it.
I justify that SOMEBODY has to be and it might as well be me, and the fact that most of the pot goes to education and other needy programs. Just think if the Detroit Redwings had sat on their bums and somehow still won the Stanley Cup. The only thing that scares me about the lottery is that if I were to win a UK lottery, I’d owe taxes in both the UK and the US! And now that I have kids, I’ve taught them to save two bucks every week from their allowances and now just a few years later, my 14 year old has a CD worth nearly $1000 and his younger brother just renewed his CD at close to $700.

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