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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Importance of Letters in Communication by Lisa Mooney Business letters formally communicate information.
What we need to remember here is that, a company is made up of people and to bind these people together in an organizational set-up, communication is a must.
If a business entity has to thrive in the market arena, it has to have a system of effective communication.
Presence of effective communication system leads to productivity and helps in avoiding unnecessary delays in operations or implementation of a policy or transactions.
One minor mistake and it can cost companies millions of dollars and loss of loyal customer base. Right from business development to personal selling or marketing, communication plays a vital role in almost all the spheres of the business.
This single most factor can provide an edge to the organization and makes it flexible to respond to the changes in the market without disruption of operations. Effective communication leads to a good style of management and that certainly augurs well for the future of the business organization. Whether we recognize it or not, we have no option but to communicate.Then we here stands for all things living. Internal communication is crucial for managers to effectively convey the role and responsibilities to the employees and what is expected of them. Company that understands importance of communication also saves itself from wasted time, resources and man power. However, what they can do is to build up the communications skills of employees which play a significant role in retaining customer base, offer better service and make the customers visit them again and again. The message must be understood clearly and then only workforce can function in a defined way.
Internal communication is the key to increased employee productivity, high motivation levels and a feeling of mutual understanding within the company. Corporate organizations which, after all, consist of the human element, use information- based systems like Management Information System (MIS), Decision Support System (DSS) and Strategic Information System (SIS) to run businesses successfully.This is what communication is all about. There is not much different between the quality of products and services offered by the companies in same category.
But they can definitely differentiate themselves on the basis of better customer service and effective communication. Communication works on two different levels of internal and external in an organization and both play an equally important part in deciding the future of the company.
Communication is essentially the ability of one person to make contact with another and to make himself understood.Since man is a social animal, it is vital that he express his feelings and emotions, receive and exchange information. Business letters are generally printed on company stationery and are hand-signed by the author. It is here that communication comes into play.In case of organizations, it becomes even more important as people working in different departments have to achieve common objectives. The working of inter-personal relationships is possible only through communication.Apart from binding its various components internally, communication is what links an organisation with the external world. While some consider letter writing a lost art, it remains an important medium of doing business all over the world.
It is only through communication that ideas, information, attitudes or emotions get conveyed from one person to another.At the individual level also, effective communication skills are responsible for success. People develop sales letters, business proposals and invitations to functions to send to associates. Other reasons for this type of correspondence include letters of introduction, requests for approval and funding, appreciation for services and appeals for credit.
It includes both, the act of communicating as well as the message to be communicated.Attempts have been made by different authors to define communication.
There are also business letters that provide a formal means of rejecting job applicants or proposals. Business letters are typically used when informal methods such as electronic mail or phone calls are too casual for the situation. For instance, many letters are written to persuade someone to do something, such as a sales pitch advertising a new product or service that a small business has to offer. Terry“Communication is the transmission of information, ideas, emotions, skills, etc.
For instance, a company leader might draft a piece of correspondence meant to inspire her employees to meet a particular business goal for the year.
These pieces are generally addressed to a specific person to provide information or make an appeal. Sensitive matters can be dealt with in a private business letter that allows for tact and empathy. This personal way of communicating allows for the reader to think before responding, unlike a phone call or face-to-face meeting. She has worked with various clients including many Fortune 500 companies such as Pinkerton Inc. Mooney holds bachelor's degrees in both English and biology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The components of a society are into a relationship of sharing, be it information, feelings or emotions.The same holds true for business communication. It involves the effort of people to get in touch with one another and to make them understood. It is critical to the-success of any organisation and has a very significant impact on the ultimate effectiveness of the whole organisation.

Communication is a means by which behaviour is modified, change is effected, information is made productive and goals are achieved.Business communication can be internal when it is directed to persons within the organisation such as superiors, co-workers or subordinates. Business communication can be external when directed to customers, suppliers, government, public, etc.Effective internal communication works towards establishing and disseminating of the goals of an enterprise, evolving plans for their achievement, organizing human and other resources in an efficient way. It helps in selecting, developing and appraising members of the organisation, in motivating and encouraging people to put in their best, and in controlling their performance.Growth in the size and multiple locations of organizations require keeping in touch with employees spread over different states of a country or over different countries. Sending directions and getting feedback from them would be possible only through effective communication.Rapid technological advancements deeply affect not only the methods of work but also the composition of groups.
In such a situation, proper communication between superiors and subordinates becomes very necessary.External communication relates an organisation to the environment outside. With the passage of time, society has also become increasingly complex and businesses more global. It is no longer a management-decides-and-workers- follow kind of working pattern.Participative management has become the watchword.
Their growing importance can be judged by the tremendous surge in the sale of books on these subjects.The essence of all the writings is that we change the way of looking at human nature. Communication is the only way to meet the challenge and to strengthen the relationship between superiors and subordinates. In this era of the global marketplace, the competition is really tough, and companies are under constant pressure to attract clientele and to perform. He wants to get his opinions, ideas, facts, thoughts or information across to the receiver. These thoughts have to be converted into suitable words, pictures, charts or symbols so that they can be delivered to the receiver.This process of converting thoughts into suitable words, charts, symbols or any other form in which they can be understood by the receiver is called encoding.
The choice of the method of communication is made here – will the message be verbal or non-verbal?Channel:How does one communicate? The channel can be a letter, an email, a fax, a telephone or memos, reports, bulletins, posters and manuals.The choice depends on the relationship between the sender and the receiver as well as on the message that has to be communicated. Thus, in feedback, the receiver sends his reply or response to the sender, indicating that he has understood the message received. And how to avoid such barriers?Good organizers of communication need to anticipate the barriers and remove them. The barriers range from a poor microphone to an emotional attitude that rejects the message before it is received (e.g.
Also, if the listener is too far from the speaker, he may not be able to hear him, in which case distance is the barrier. Similarly, the time taken for the message to reach its destination can become a barrier, e.g.
Some background knowledge is required to understand certain messages.(d) Where they understand faster boys are more outdoors oriented while girls tend to take a major interest in housework.
While roving is a natural tendency of the mind and the attention span of a listener is limited, there may be other causes of inattention too. Such a person may not be receptive to the ideas counter to his ideology.(g) Loyalty to a brand or an organisation is also a barrier. They may also find it difficult to communicate soberly with a person who has not contributed to his anger. A liberal education is meant to remove irrational notions which stay on as prejudices.(j) Personality limitations, too, put a barrier. These are similar to ideological barriers, as some personalities are naturally attracted to certain ideologies.
One bent on getting into a job for livelihood may not listen to the advantages of entrepreneurship.(k) Fixed images about other people stand as barriers to see them in a new role. A comedian coming in as a hero of a film may not be acceptable to an audience which sees him typed in comedy roles.(l) Poor retention power is a barrier.
If one fails to take timely notes when instructions are given, hoping to remember them all, one has perhaps given away a part of the communication.iv. The context changes the meaning of the word.One has to ask, is the word conveyed in its proper context? Words are indeed so tricky to use that one can hardly ever convey the same thing to all receivers in given words.The words generate different meanings in different minds, according to their previous associations and language levels. Literary texts, created by master writers and read by expert critics, are continually open to reinterpretations. A good communicator takes the trouble of removing all ambiguity and wrong coloring of words.
One may want to say that students of a particular college are rowdy, but in order to avoid naming names, one may abstract and generalize, and put the blame on college students as a whole.
Also, when idioms are meant to be understood in the idiomatic sense but are taken in the literal sense.
The American accent is insufficiently understood in India while Americans may have a hard time making sense of Indianised English.Inadequate vocabulary in a new language is a handicap to communication. What the speaker means is an MLA, but the listener may try to associate the word with a mango and get nowhere.Symbols (non-verbal) create the same problems as languages.
A candidate from a modest background may be awestruck to see the glitz and glamour of a multinational company where he has to appear for an interview.Cultural barriers are a special case of collective psychological barriers. A culture brings its own habits, modes of dressing, greeting, eating, food preferences etc. Only then would they be able to do business with eastern countries.This advice can, in fact, be universalized. Media power which the English speaking countries enjoy tends to give them a false sense of universal acceptability of their culture. In Indian business, it is a grassroots reality that Indian words and Indianisms are freely used.
Exposed to native speakers of English, Indian businessmen are often at a loss.Resistance to the written word exists as a barrier.

Letters remain unreplied while personal visits or telephone calls serve the purpose.A proper understanding of the nature of barriers helps us to arrive at a solution. The boss needs to show understanding.One may develop a better listening capacity by systematically testing oneself on listening comprehension. Simplicity:In practical life, most communication has to be simple, direct and without ornamentation.
Use of feedback:The sender or originator of a message should prepare himself to receive the feedback.
Then he knows what reaction the message is producing in the target audience.If a new product is launched, surveys may be conducted to know how people feel about it.
Listening with understanding:When you are at the other end of the communication, you have a responsibility as a listener and receiver of messages. You have to keep an open mind and receive the message without criticizing it, approving it or disapproving it until you have heard it folly.Good listening requires patience and self- discipline. That is why listening is called an art.Also, while listening you have to make mental (or written) notes of the message. Then, at the end of the listening session, you can have a ready summary of what the speaker said.5. An environment conducive to communication:An environment of trust needs to be created for effective communication to take place. For example, the audience may not be properly introduced to the credentials of the speaker. Non-verbal communication:Your gestures and posture must be in harmony with the spoken message. Talking in a mixed gathering, he has to be especially careful that he does not generalize or stereotype individuals or groups.If, for example, some smokers are present in a gathering, he has to exercise care in making remarks about smoking.
The use of unconventional and technical words should be cautious, and sometimes they need to be explained.The same goes for short forms which are too numerous these days, with new ones coming into circulation every day.
In the case of communication, we have a number of theories mainly presented as models for an easier understanding.From the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle to twentieth century scientists, many have proposed models of communication. The messages affect both the sender and the receiver.(iv) Communication serves numerous purposes for different parties that directly or indirectly participate in it. As for the source, we need to be aware how much the source knows, his attitude, his communicative skill and his cultural context.II. In the event of a major variance between source and receiver, communication may fail.Berlo says that communication is ongoing and dynamic.
A piece of communication is a bucket with many bits from many sources – and this bucket is dumped on the receiver. It was considered that encoding and decoding are the vital acts and need the most attention.4. This theory asks us to consider the inequality among classes, castes, economic and social groups.
Communication is a reflection of the power-relation in a family, a factory, or between senders and receivers of mass communications.8. Indian communication theory:Indian sage Bharat Muni has written on Indian poetics, and calls sadharanikaran the key process in communication. Sadharanikaran does not mean to persuade the other party, but stresses the joy of sharing.In the Indian tradition, communication is a mental search for meaning whose aim is self- knowledge, freedom and reaching the Truth.
The Islamic theory considers communication as a tool of building relationships in a community. The general manager may be the one to receive and address a complaint to the sales manager. Antony has to gain sympathy for Caesar and create antipathy for the killers.He starts by befriending the listeners. He then makes an ironical remark about how people forget the good in others (here Caesar), and partially praises the murderers! Antony manages to reverse the mob opinion against the murderers and gets the Romans to hunt for them.This is a masterpiece of persuasive communication based on common human psychology. He starts with an appeal to the values which the audience likes even if he has to create new values.The audience may like the virtue of economy (limited spending), yet the businessman may play on human psychology to sell luxury goods that simplify life and make it comfortable.
One develops an insight into human psychology and eventually masterly understanding of human nature.(i) Better selections for reading and a good reading speed help the individual to commune with great minds, skip the irrelevant and acquire an idea bank of his own. Self-review:Every day and from time to time, he reviews his speech and actions and tries to find out where he has gone wrong or fallen short. Good management of time:He manages his time well, beginning with his hours of waking up and going to bed. Building up courage:A self-improvement fan tries to overcome his fears, whatever they may be, by meeting situations head-on in a planned manner. Humility and gratitude:Newton pronounced that even with his unequalled place as a physicist, he had just a pebble on the shores of knowledge.
He needs to hitch his wagon to the stars (keep a high aim) and do some motivational reading. He needs to take a course in grammar and go to a handwriting workshop.Since he is a borderline case for becoming a CA, he has to remove his fears and develop confidence through test series. At the same time, family successes in accountancy should be used to learn the practicalities.

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