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Victoria Darragh is an award winning Executive Assistant with over 10 years' experience working in the public, not-for-profit and corporate sectors. A Fellow member of the Association of Personal Assistants as well as a member of the Institute of Professional Administrators, EUMA and the Global PA Network, Victoria regularly presents at conferences and companies across the UK and Ireland, Europe and internationally. Victoria recently won an award at the Mayfair PA Awards for 'Outstanding Contribution to the PA Profession' and has a wealth of experience in creating internal and external PA networks and  working with top companies in the UK helping them to achieve this.
Victoria is extremely passionate about the role of the PA and actively encourages it as a truly fantastic career choice.
Lucy Brazier is CEO of Marcham Publishing, specialist publishers of Executive Secretary and The VA Magazine - global training magazines dedicated to the professional development needs of senior and aspiring administrative professionals. As editor of the magazines, Lucy works with some of the best trainers of Executive Assistants in the world to deliver the most up to date and current training in the market. Lucy runs a LinkedIn group for assistants which currently has over 11,500 international members who share information, network and learn. A sought after trainer in her own right, Lucy regularly speaks at and chairs conferences & webinars all over the world. She collaborates with trainers including Susie Barron-Stubley, Sue France, Julie Perrine, Melba Duncan, Dewoun Hayes, Eth Lloyd, Dr.
Outside of work Nicky enjoys all aspects of the Barcelona sunshine but when it gets slightly too hot you can find her at the cinema or in the shops. She has worked as a Legal PA for the past 15 years in a variety of Entertainment companies including Sony Music (PA to Director of Business Affairs), MTV Networks Europe (PA to SVP Business Affairs) and the BBC (PA to Head of Independent Drama).
Alison took a year-long career sabbatical in 2006 to live and work in Oslo, Norway as an English teacher and in her spare time is writing her first novel. Katie’s role working for Jacqueline is quite extensive and has grown in recent years to include people management, business project management and also the leadership of the (small but mighty!) Ann Summers internal PA network. Laura began her career in marketing, and was lucky enough to work on a number of Britain's best loved brands, including Wall's Ice Cream, Flora margarine and everyone's favourite spicy snack- Peperami!
Her active involvement on a range of company-wide initiatives earned her the promotion of EA to the CEO. Having worked in various administrative roles for 11 years and being raised in a family run guest house, Sherien brings a wealth of knowledge and adaptable skills to the PA role. Sherien is an award winning PA whose achievements include being awarded PA Newcomer of the Year. Allan has built a network of very talented and successful partnerships across Europe, along with running his own consulting & coaching business in the last 10 years, with Innermetrix being at the forefront of this Journey. A dynamic Training & Development Consulting specialist with extensive Management experience working with leading bluechip Companies. Ability to communicate effectively at all levels of an organisation has been pivotal to success.
Gilly gained practical management experience in finance, sales, marketing and training in a variety of roles at Midland Bank, Mars Confectionery and Kettle Foods.
A lively, approachable and impactful presentation style makes Gilly a popular and sought after speaker.
Mel Sherwood is a pitch and presentation specialist who prepares ambitious entrepreneurs and business professionals to take centre stage, embrace the spotlight and present with more confidence, credibility and conviction. Few people understand the importance of looking after high-profile figures than Joan Serafini. Margaret Burgess was born and bred in Ayrshire and has lived in the Cunninghame South constituency for 40 years.
Philip joined Homes for Scotland in April 2012, assuming direct responsibility for managing the Executive Team, delivering business strategy and meeting the wide-ranging needs of member companies. With a career spanning over 25 years, Philip is well placed to deal with the significant challenges facing the home building industry as it strives to recover from the economic downturn. In addition to addressing these and the myriad of other issues impacting the industry, Philip has a strong customer focus having most recently been involved in the development of specialist research and feedback tools to provide builders with vital buyer insight through his own consultancy. Susan Torrance is Chief Executive of the Highland Housing Alliance the company which project managed the build of the Expo in Inverness in 2010.
Previously she has worked for Tullochs heading up their affordable housing division, been Managing Director of Albyn Housing Society Ltd and in the late 80’s, worked for the Housing Corporation in London. Dr Mohammed Salah-Eldin Imbabi, BSc (Honours), MSc, PhD is a scientist, professional engineer and innovator in the diverse fields of civil engineering, low energy building engineering, energy efficiency and renewable energy. Ian Williams is Chairman of Campbell Dallas LLP, head of renewables, a member of the firm’s tax consultancy group and corporate finance group. Steven Tolson is a chartered surveyor specialising in property development, regeneration and valuation. His specific interest lies in the value, benefit and delivery of good urban design and sustainable places.
Elizabeth Leighton is a Senior Policy Officer with WWF Scotland, responsible for WWF’s work on climate change and energy efficiency. The momentum for the present church fascination with a€?Leadershipa€™ dates back nearly 20 years.
Throughout this long and very subtle piece of story telling I have been struck by parallels to our present context and at the risk of generalising I offer just a few to invite discussion.
This corner of scripture well mined by writers and speakers on a€?Christian leadershipa€™ but the focus is to easily over-personalised and lifted from the complex hinterland that is its context. The unfolding story of Samuel, Saul and David is told against the background of an uncertain nation, competing power groups, issues of Yahweh, faith and theology. It did not start with a proposal from a strategic review group in the way that it might today. In fairly rapid succession the faces of a number of well-known leaders are projected onto the screen. A community reveals its own face in the image its projects, for good or ill, onto those it asks to lead them. The task of developing leadership will never be effective unless it sits within the task of developing community.
So we should not be surprised if the story struggles to find a theological outcome - which it does throughout. And in any case wasna€™t Israel supposed to be a sign of a different way among the nations? Leadership theorists have long noted how Western approaches to leadership are essentially a€?Heroica€™ in mode a€“ great men (and just occasionally women) who rise to the fore in times of crisis. But notice that by definition a€?Heroic Leadershipa€™ actually requires everyone else to be helpless. Here the conviction is that leadership is not something imported from outside but is found within, and is an expression of, the whole community. These insights feature in the more reflective approaches to clergy leadership training around the country. It is interesting to note that the only passage in the Torah to mention Kingship in Israel addresses the same concerns and teaches a very similar vision for community based leadership. Brueggemann suggests that reading the Bible for insights into leadership and ministry involves a continual reflection on the complex and uneven relationship between power, providence and personality (2000) and he uses the Samuel narrative to illustrate this. The Samuel narrative warns us that a€?Leadershipa€™ that pursued for pragmatic outcomes a€“ growth, results, significance - rather than rooted deeply in the utter priority of Yahweh and his ways, is dangerous. Providence is a€?the hidden, patient, sovereign enactment of Goda€™s overriding purpose beyond the will and choice of human agentsa€™ (1990 p15). Personality and appearance is a recurrent distraction in the Samuel narratives when it comes to choosing leaders. Popular Christian approaches to leadership find a€?The Heroica€™ as hard to resist as the rest. We find ourselves drawn into a reflective narrative that invites us to circle around what we read, to come to the drama from different angles, to question the text itself - both what it implies or hints at and what it claims. The style is contemplative rather than didactic, reflective rather than prescriptive, participative rather than directive.
Robert Alter, The David Story: A Translation with Commentary of 1 and 2 Samuel, W W Norton, 1999. Walter Brueggemann Power, Providence and Personality - Biblical insights into life and ministry, Westminster John Knox, 1990b. The momentum for the present church fascination with a€?Leadershipa€™ dates back nearly 20 years.A  It followed revolutions in leadership theory in the business world.
The task of developing leadership will never be effective unless it sits within the task ofA  developing community. Leadership theorists have long noted how Western approaches to leadership are essentially a€?Heroica€™ in modeA  a€“ great men (and just occasionally women) who rise to the fore in times of crisis. Here the conviction is that leadership is not something imported from outside but is found within, and is an expression of, the whole community.A  So the language is of a€?shared leadershipa€™, a€?leadership in communitya€™, a€?servant leadershipa€™. These insights feature in the more reflective approaches to clergy leadership training around the country.A  But the widespread frustration expressed on these courses is that diocesan leadership styles have yet to embrace the same insights and all too often remain entrenched in more hierarchy and patronage. Walter Brueggemann Power, Providence and Personality -A  Biblical insights into life and ministry, Westminster John Knox, 1990b. Using open data provided by a government initiative, app developers in Perth, Western Australia, have constructed a free app that updates wait times for area hospitals in real time, ZDNet reports. The academic health system is building a new Stanford Hospital to meet California-mandated seismic safety standards and support the overall growth of the medical center. Cleveland Clinic has appointed Linda McHugh as the health system's new chief human resource officer.
Click here to download the whitepaper "Five Best Practices to Enable Population Health Management".
Thank you for downloading "5 Staffing Strategies for Engaged Nurses and Better Patient Outcomes." The paper was sent to the email address you provided. Click here to access the whitepaper "Implementing a Successful Telehealth Strategy: What Health-System Leaders Need to Know". Thank you for downloading "Outpatient Joint Replacement." The paper will be sent to the email address you provided. The Association of American Medical Colleges and a couple other university-based organizations are deeply concerned about a subpoena from a House panel asking for the identities of researchers, students, trainees, healthcare providers and other staff with any connection or involvement to research that uses human fetal tissue. The "Disrupting Healthcare's Legacy Approach to Staffing" whitepaper has been sent to the email address you provided. The "Essential Elements of Care Redesign and Care Management" whitepaper has been sent to the email address you provided! There is a growing body of evidence that supports the clinical effectiveness of fecal microbiota transplantation, but little research has been conducted on the patient experience of undergoing FMT — until now.
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The "What Does it Take to Humanize Healthcare?" whitepaper has been sent to the email address you provided! The "Is Leadership in Healthcare Different?" whitepaper has been sent to the email address you provided! The "6 CFO Must Reads: Impact Cost and Quality with Workforce Strategies" e-book was sent to the email address you provided!
The whitepaper "Three Keys to Optimizing Efficiency and Productivity in the Operating Room" has been sent to the email address you provided! Broadlawns Medical Center, a public hospital based in Des Moines, Iowa, is looking to cut its cut its property tax rate, according to a report from The Des Moines Register. The "Improving and Transforming the OR for Value and Quality" whitepaper has been sent to the email address you provided! The "Consolidating Non-Clinical Purchased Services" whitepaper has been sent to the email address you provided! The "The New Rules of Healthcare Recruiting" whitepaper has been sent to the email address you provided! Merge Healthcare, an electronic medical imaging company purchased by IBM in August, has joined forces with health information service provider MedAllies to advance interoperable medical image ordering and delivery for the nearly 300,000 physicians using its platform.
Data from the West Virginia Health Care Authority showed 25 hospitals across the state saved $265 million last year in uncompensated healthcare, according to the Register-Herald. The Infectious Diseases Society of America has published updated guidelines in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases on treating candidiasis, a serious, life-threatening fungal infection.
In addition to securing $2.3 million in a seed round, Austin, Texas-based Chiron Health's HIPAA-compliant telemedicine software launched for iPhone and iPad Wednesday. Participation in CMS' Bundled Payment for Care Improvement initiative decreased when those involved were required to accept downside risk in October, but remains fairly strong overall, even for clinical episodes that involve infections, according to a new Avalere report. The whitepaper "Maximizing Point of Service Collections" has been sent to the email address you provided! 7 Steps for Builing and Funding Sustainability Projects examines how hospitals and health systems have various options for funding energy-efficient and renewable-energy initiatives. The "Achieving Cost Savings by Looking at the Big Picture of Health System Supply Chain" E-Book has been sent to the email address you provided! The "Improve Care Delivery with Recorded Discharge Instructions" whitepaper has been sent to the email address you provided! The "7 Steps for Building and Funding Sustainability Projects" whitepaper has been sent to the email address you provided!
With access to the most forward thinking, passionate and knowledgeable trainers in the world as well as personally meeting and speaking to literally thousands of PAs over the last two years, Lucy’s knowledge of the market and what Assistants all over the world are facing on a day to day basis are second to none. She also launched adminchat in January last year – a weekly free training session presented on Twitter and hosted by a different world class trainer every week. This year alone she will have delivered training in the US, Canada, South Africa, Moscow, Milan and of course the UK. Monica Seeley, Marsha Egan and Bonnie Low Kramen as well as organisations including Pitman, OfficeTeam & Hays.
Lucy has previously worked as a Publishing Director for Wilmington PLC, and has managed a team based in Singapore, New York, Germany & London responsible for 13 magazines, 12 international conferences, awards, trade show attendance and marketing for EMAP. Nicky blogs about her experiences and knowledge which has grown over the last decade working her way up from a Junior Administrator through to an Executive Assistant and Marketing Manager at a global events company. Aspects of her PA roles have included drafting record deals for world-famous bands and working on the annual MTV Europe Music Awards. Within three months she had been promoted to PA to the Chairman, CEO and CFO, and in addition to her PA duties was appointed to a number of projects and forums.
As the most senior assistant in her company, Laura now manages her own assistant and works to expand and promote the roles of other PAs within ELEXON.
Since winning she has really enjoyed presenting to PAs at numerous conferences and events in both the UK and internationally. Sherien currently works as a PA to four directors, the Chief Executive and provides secretariat support to the Board of Trustees of a charity organisation.
This has brought with it a vast amount of opportunities which she has taken full advantage of, networking and encouraging Scotland based PA’s to go for awards, connect with each other and share ideas. Certified Professional Behaviour Analyst, Professional Values analyst Attribute Index Analyst. With a strong business background and interpersonal skills, Gilly is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer and developer of people.
With speeches full of helpful tips and practical suggestions that audiences love for their immediate benefits, Gilly’s approach is enjoyable, frank and very memorable. She is a multi-award winning speaker, trainer and coach and the founder of Grow Your Potential, which specialises in supporting individuals and organisations to design and deliver winning pitches and presentations.
The first was providing technical support for physiology and neurosciences departments in further and higher education, across Edinburgh.
For the first time in their history, Assistants are starting to get the recognition that they deserve as strategic business partners and not just as a support mechanism.
She was previously employed as the manager of East Ayrshire Citizens Advice Bureau, she is also an elected board member of the national charity, Citizens Advice Scotland. These include driving higher loan to value ratio lending back into the mortgage mainstream for those who can sustainably afford such products, gaining public and political understanding on and support for alternative and more effective and cost-efficient ways of achieving low carbon targets, and ensuring that local authorities deliver an effective land supply. Prior to this he enjoyed ten years as UK Marketing Director with a major national home builder. The company currently undertakes landbanking and housebuilding for the intermediate market, and has delivered some of the first National Housing Trust homes in Scotland. She has been a supporter of Homes for Scotland and a strong voice for house building in Scotland since its foundation. Major sponsors of Dr Imbabi’s research include the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), Scottish Executive and the Carbon Trust. He is a Director of Ogilvie Group Developments and RICS Scotland, a visiting lecturer at a number of Scottish Universities and a chapter author of Urban Design in the Real Estate Development Process. As a former senior BBC correspondent he understands the importance of balance and neutrality.
The subject has moved so firmly to centre place of attention, budgets and programs it is hard to remember. No serious diocese or Regional Training Partnership is without its own a€?Clergy Leadership Coursea€™. It usurped the place of Torah and undermined the vocation and freedom of Goda€™s people by the near irresistible drift towards the despotism. It is an idea is already embedded in and emerging out of the story and hopes of a community. Part of the cost of leadership is that it is lived out in the shadow of a peoplea€™s unmet needs, unexpressed anxieties, idealized hopes and ambitions. For a€?Kinga€™ read - a€?CEOsa€™, Appraisal Schemes, HR, a€? best practicea€™, middle managers a€“ a€?like they have gota€™? A significant number of clergy on these leadership courses have had previous careers in business or industry. I reflect how often, after the last candidate has come through, there can be a lingering sense of disappointment in the air that someone we hoped for and needed has not turned up. Deuteronomy 17.14-20 anticipates a time when the people will ask for a King on almost identical terms as the Samuel narrative.
Its strategies will be insufficiently rooted, he says, in the a€?providential presence and absence of Yahweha€™.
Biblical vocation to leadership and the exercising of power starts from a very different place.
We a€?do Goda€™ in the midst of raw and complex human dilemmas, in real and costly engagement within actual history. And in our media driven age, and in declining institutions, a€?personalitya€™ and appearance are criteria harder than ever to resist. Our reading of the Bible can be heroic too a€“ a text that takes us over, telling us what to do and think.
I am grateful to Paul Barrett, friend and former director of SmithKline Beecham for his perspectives on this period of business history. No serious diocese or Regional Training PartnershipA  is without its own a€?Clergy Leadership Coursea€™. Not for the first time the church was thinking the worlda€™s thoughts after it.A  British business had long been structured around families or run on military, hierarchical lines. It may be that an institution that chooses its senior leadership through the archaic and secretive system of a€?prefermenta€™ will always struggle with the consultative, collaborative transparency that post-heroic leadership aspires to. We a€?do Goda€™ in the midst of raw and complex human dilemmas, in real and costly engagement within actual history.A  Without that context theology becomes a detached piety, a pseudo-innocence feeding on idealized assumptions about God and ourselves.
And in our media driven age, and in declining institutions, a€?personalitya€™ and appearance are criteria harder than ever to resist.A  When leadership is seduced by the search for reputation, status, ambition, or its own needs we will be missing the tough realities of the seductiveness of power and the hidden theology that shapes us and our story. Founded in 1959 as the Palo Alto-Stanford Hospital Center, Stanford Hospital today has 613 licensed beds, about 1,500 faculty physicians and more than 1,000 interns and residents.
Scheduled to open to patients in early 2018, the 824,000-square-foot building will include a larger Level I trauma center and an emergency department that is more than twice the size of the current one. News & World Report ranked the hospital nationally in 10 pediatric specialties for 2015-16, which earned Lurie Children's a spot on the publication's children's hospital Honor Roll. Merlino served as chief experience officer and associate chief of staff at the Cleveland Clinic prior to joining Press Ganey.
Baker, MD, executive vice president of healthcare quality evaluation for the Joint Commission, has released a statement to clear up any misunderstandings people may have regarding the organization's standards for pain management. Terry McAuliffe's latest attempt to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act was unsuccessful, according to a Richmond Times-Dispatch report. Census Bureau has released the results of the latest American Community Survey, including five year's worth of statistics on the social and economic characteristics of even the smallest communities in the nation. Other companies worked for include The Times, The Independent, Centaur Communications and Glass's Guide. Nicky has experience working in a variety of industries including accountancy, banking, insurance and in the public sector. Laura is also a passionate member of several different PA organisations and is very proud to be a Board Director of the Association of Personal Assistants.
Laura is always keen to connect with assistants that also share her love of the PA profession and she feels that the highlight of winning PA of the Year has been the opportunities it has provided to meet and learn from so many different PAs from around the world. Previous to this Sherien worked in such roles as Secretary to a group of Consultants, Marketing Assistant for an Architect firm, Facilities Coordinator for a construction company and Purchase Ledger for NHS Legal department just to name a few.
In addition, Gilly has developed and grown Priority Management in Glasgow with year on year growth; her high standards and expectations throughout the business from administration to delivering training have resulted in a significant market presence.

By introducing people to new working processes and by leveraging existing IT, productivity and performance improvements are immediate, tangible and measurable. Her concept of an event management company seemed to fit in well as another arm of the organisation.The success has come from spotting the possibilities of business events and trips, to and from Scotland.
This involved designing and developing practical teaching materials at a time where technology was developing.
Her personal interests include walking in the countryside and reading.Margaret is a member of the Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee and the Welfare Reform Committee.
She helped establish the Existing Homes Alliance Scotland in 2010, a coalition of consumer, anti-poverty, social housing, industry and environment groups calling for action to make Scotland’s homes fit for the 21st century.
John Morrison is the owner of Morrison Media Strategies a leading PR, Public Affairs and Media Training company.
Cutting edge theological training establishments will have their a€?Leadership studies departmenta€™. Across the scriptures generally, a€?leadershipa€™ is an idea that sits in tension between the Kingship of Yahweh, His Word and His peoplea€™s story.
Then, as now, a€?leadershipa€™ does not exist as a pure theory that comes with a universal adaptor for plugging into any organization or business in a€?needa€™. We have strong expectations and requirements of those who lead us and are blunt in our assessment of those who dona€™t match up. One parish priest described the experience as like being required to live a€?by a script I had not writtena€™. They know very well that what a€?The Churcha€™ is drawing on from outside as examples of a€?best practicea€™ is actually very mixed in practice. Leadership a€?like other nationsa€™, as Samuel pointed out (1Sam810ff), was routinely despotic. This is characterised by a collective abdication from shared responsibility, a culture of blame, fragile relationships and a perversely ambivalent subservience to a€?the powersa€™ while projecting messianic expectations onto those it chooses to a€?rule over thema€™.
But beware of coming to narratives such as 1&2 Samuel expecting an unambiguous teaching, with unambiguous characters and unmistakable meaning.
Both operated forms of patronage that rewarded loyalty and long service without always a due regard to ability. They know very well that what a€?The Churcha€™ is drawing on from outside as examples of a€?best practicea€™ is actually very mixed in practice.A  Alongside a serious commitment to developing in leadership skills there is a right unease with an institution that feels in thrall to and intimidated by secular business theory and language.
He has written a book on how to improve the patient experience and has been published in a number of academic journals. In that role, he leads the nation's efforts to control health threats from infectious diseases.
Lois Capps, RN, of California have introduced legislation pushing to support comprehensive healthcare and mental health services to students at school-based health centers, or SBHCs, across the country. She has worked for a number of high profile organisations and Executives in both London and Barcelona. Sherien realised that she wanted to be a PA early on in her career but knew she had a long way to go before being considered for such a role and natural progression in hand with determination and hard work would get her there. History of successful delivery of a wide range of training solutions within blue chip organisations. Gilly now has a first class team working with her to deliver the Priority Management programmes.
She has to organise possibly the most glamorous event ever to hit Scotland.She was the Scottish co-ordinator of the Braveheart film premiere in Stirling, liaising with BAFTA, 20th Century Fox and essential services, such as local police, to ensure the evening for the event went smoothly.
She has worked on computer aided learning for both Medical and Veterinary graduates and developed interactive practical programmes using video technology. They celebrate and recognise the role and its importance while encouraging Assistants to take control of their personal development, and drive their own career agendas. She is also a member of the following Cross-Party Groups: Credit Unions, Diabetes, Housing, Volunteering and the Voluntary Sector.
Dr Imbabi is the author of more than 80 peer-reviewed scientific papers and sits on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Sustainable Built Environment, published by Elsevier. She recently completed a Churchill Memorial Trust Travelling Fellowship to the US where she visited award winning home energy efficiency programmes in the United States. And lest all this sounds cynical let me declare that I have benefited from such courses myself and now regularly contribute to their programs.
It is a symptom of the longings and needs of an institution facing enormous pressures and working anxiously but bravely with dwindling resources. In the face of a crisis, The Hero is allowed to suspend all norms of moral behaviour to overcome the problem. The passage warns against the temptation to identify leadership by outward signs of status (property, wealth, possessions etc). We have to gloss over those large parts of the Samuel narrative where Yahweh is effectively absent and silent. What we have here is a very different kind of story telling a€“ one that invites us to a different way of reading scripture.
Events happen, people (or God) do things, but the narrative is very sparing about telling you their motives and feelings.
And the context and the questions today feel very new.A  These are thoroughly testing times.
There are obvious parallels with the institutional church a€“ the church a€?familya€™ governed under the benevolent patronage of a formal, patriarchal hierarchy. Robert Alter describes them as a€?one of the most astounding pieces of narrative that has come down to us from the ancient worlda€™ (1999 pix). There is a discernible lack of theological confidence in this engagement and little conviction that the Christian practice and theology might actually inform this process a€“ both secular and religious a€“ or even transform it. The style is relational, communal, non-directive, collaborative, negotiated.A  a€?It is not leadership from any one person that is required, it is an aspect of leadership each of us summons from within. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago has 288 beds, handled 10,997 admissions and hosted 4,926 inpatient and 13,342 outpatient surgeries in the last year reported.
Nicky plays an active part in the Assistant community and has written many articles for high level industry publications, presented at events, webinars and trade shows. As well as several science qualifications she has the Training for Trainers Certificate and joined the Institute of Trainers in 1993. Previously Elizabeth managed Scotland’s Global Footprint Project, which worked with local authorities to measure and reduce the carbon impact of their policies and programmes. They are generally loners, non-consultative and relationally dysfunctional a€“ and of course ruggedly and irresistibly handsome.
Providence is not trust in a certain preferred outcome so much as a faith that a greater purpose and story is being continually woven into our narrative a€“ often unseen and despite all appearances on the surface. One of the honourable qualities in the Anglican tradition is its willingness to draw widely for its learning. Leadership thus becomes a rather fluid concept focusing on those behaviours which propel the work of the group forward. In fiscal year 2014, clinicians at Lurie Children's cared for more children than any other pediatric hospital system in Illinois. Frieden made a name for himself in tuberculosis control with the New York City Health Department.
Since then she has gained a Certificate in Social Science, with a special interest in Scottish Politics, Equalities and Scottish Law. She also managed the Wild Rivers Project, which helped prepare stakeholders for the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive, and represented WWF UK on the WWF Arctic Programme. But this does presuppose a confident theological framework within which to test, critique and respond to what we are hearing.A  That is not always apparent in the present context. Stanford Hospital has received Magnet designation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center, and Healthgrades gave the hospital its Distinguished Hospital Award for Clinical Excellence in 2015 and 2016. Lurie Children's was the first pediatric hospital in the country to earn Magnet designation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center, but that's not its only first.
In 2002 she became a Quality Scotland accredited EFQM assessor and a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers & Commerce (RSA).
Prior to joining WWF, Elizabeth worked for the US Foreign Service, with postings in Moscow, Sofia, London and Edinburgh, along with a stint in Alaska developing the Arctic Council. The vision for leadership here is of non-heroic, and non-hierarchical exercised among and within the community, without a€?exalting himself above other members of the communitya€™ (vs14-20). Some gained cult status and they were undoubtedly a means for rapid transformation in uncertain economic climates. The vision for leadership here is of non-heroic, and non-hierarchical exercised among and within the community, withoutA  a€?exalting himself above other members of the communitya€™ (vs14-20).
When it was founded in 1882 as Maurice Porter Memorial Hospital, it was the first hospital in Chicago dedicated solely to the treatment of children.
Frieden led a program that rapidly reduced TB, including cases of multidrug-resistant TB, by 80 percent.
But lest we be tempted to think this is what our Bishops should become we should note that the average life span of these men (as most still are) is around two years (1). The hospital expanded and was renamed Children's Memorial Hospital in 1904, and remained as such until 2012. This move was planned, having found she spent a great deal of time volunteering, training and developing youth organisations.
In the church the attraction to a€?leadershipa€™ also coincided with the decision to ordain women as priests. That year, the hospital moved from Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood to a newly built 23-story building in Streeterville, thanks to a $100 million donation from Ann Lurie. She worked for the National Bible Society for Scotland, developing teaching programmes for schools across Scotland – including remote rural communiites. So, whatever the intention, at the very moment women began to minister in full, priestly partnership with men in the church the task was renamed and redefined by a noun borrowed from organizational worlds habitually dominated by men. Frieden continues to be a vocal public figure as the CDC addresses the potential threat of the Zika virus to U.S.
This work involved high-tech computer simulations and often travelling back in time 2000 years, 3 times a day! This company has expanded in 2007 and focuses on Training trainers and organisational development.
For the last 7 years, Sheila has worked for the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO), and now works part time for them assisting the sector access rural funding.

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