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Our Audio Course includes downloads and coaching cards that support your efforts to improve your vocal performance. You’ll find valuable information, guidance and tips in our blog to start you on your way to developing the voice and communication style you’ve always wanted.
In my 20’s and 30’s, I was frequently hired by theatrical producers to sing the “money note.” That’s the very high, top note you hear at the end of some big chorus numbers. As I’ve aged, my voice has darkened and those notes don’t have the same quality and “ring” they used to – if I can hit them at all!

Whether you want to improve your voice, media, presentation, or communication skills, Say It Well!
We show amateur and professional speakers, from CEOs to broadcasters, how to look and sound more confident and credible. You’ll know that, when you open your mouth, the sound that comes out will be the one that best supports your message. Although I’m classically trained, the music I most often sing and truly enjoy is musical theatre.

Those of us who use it professionally and present speeches or broadcast for a living, must take even better care as we use and abuse our voices more.
Most of us aren't college students any more, but we all spend much more time communicating than we realize.

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improvement of communication skills in the workplace

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