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This course is designed for managers, team leaders and decision makers and its aim is to enhance the active listening skills of the course participants. This entry was posted in Events, News, Promotions and tagged active, event, Irelands Anncient East Brand Workshop, listening, mullingar, training, workplace, workshop. Milwaukee Public Schools is inviting interested students, families, staff and community members to attend one or more of a series of listening sessions tied to the eight strategic objectives the district is developing to improve student outcomes.
The objectives were developed to explore the broad range of opportunities and challenges the district faces and to develop concrete plans to improve student achievement. Teams of MPS staff and community partners are working to develop a series of White Papers in each of these areas.
Rethinking High Schools: March 3 at Morse*Marshall School for the Gifted and Talented, 4141 N. Ten MPS students and educators have been awarded Herb Kohl Educational Foundation scholarships and fellowships.
Working with a rehabilitation professional can help ensure you are practicing correctly and not reinforcing bad habits. Be sure to report back to your rehabilitation therapist and audiologist about how you are doing. All of the suggested tools should be used repeatedly and, if possible, every day over a designated period of time.
Side-by-side tracking is a good practice tool for those who have been newly implanted—either with a first or second cochlear implant. Additional tips on using audio books can be found in Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation: It's Not Just for Kids!. Analytic Training is based on the assumption that speech is understood by recognizing the smallest distinguishing linguistic features and applying these to higher-level units of speech. Synthetic Training provides an approximation of the speech perception tasks found in everyday communication. Communication Therapy deals with ways in which cochlear implant recipients develop skills to establish and maintain successful conversations.

While not a specific tool, the HOPE Online seminar, Adult Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation: What and Why, is helpful for recipients to refine their approaches for clarification when speaking with others. Recognize when communication has failed and why and develop skills to re-establish communication.
Interactive software products allow you to build listening skills at home and at your own pace.
Sound and WAY Beyond is a comprehensive computer software product available only from Cochlear.
When key personnel acquire active listening skills through training, both communication and collaboration improve in the workplace.
They are designed to be interlocking efforts that connect opportunities for students, families and members of the community to create a robust educational experience for children in kindergarten through twelfth grade in MPS. A professional can help you set a course, but it is important for you to set aside time each day to use tools that can help make maximum use of your new access to sound. This exercise is done with a partner who sits beside the recipient and reads while the recipient follows along looking at the text. Some people prefer to begin practicing with familiar children’s books while others prefer adult books from the outset.
Cochlear offers a number of products that can be introduced by your therapist and used in a therapy session or at home.
It employs a conversational approach to rehabilitation and includes exercises such as: talking about talking, speech perception in conversational context, predictability, shaping conversational turns, confirming, clarifying, and repairing conversation and telephone training.
Research has shown that moderate training on targeted phonemes with computer assisted rehabilitation products may improve consonant and vowel recognition by as much as 15% (Fu, Q.J.
It provides a range of listening exercises that are appropriate for newly activated recipients as well as those who have had a cochlear implant for some time and wish to improve their listening skills in specific areas like hearing in noise and music appreciation.
This in turn can result in a reduction in absenteeism, an increase in productivity and an overall improved work environment. With community input and ideas, the White Papers will become a road map that guides the district towards developing and supporting programs that improve student outcomes.

A therapist will be able to determine where you are in the hierarchy of performance and then recommend appropriate exercises. The good news is that your brain can be trained to listen better by using strategies that compensate for poor hearing.3 Simple Strategies to Improve Your HearingFace the person whom you are trying to hear. The task can be made more difficult by picking up the speed or even substituting selected words. Moderate auditory training can improve speech perception of adult cochlear implant patients, ARLO 6(3), July 2005, pages 106-111).
If you are trying to carry on a conversation with anyone further away, you will have difficulty.Maintain good lighting. Typically, analytic training is administered as part of a treatment plan that incorporates analytic and synthetic training with communication therapy.
If you are in a room where you are able to control the lighting or where you sit in the room, make sure you have enough lighting to be able to see the person’s face clearly. You will use some of the visual cues provided by the speaker to pick up their speech, especially in noisy environments.
Even people with normal hearing do soem lipreading when they are having difficulty.Reduce the background noise. Avoiding distractions such as the television will improve your ability to understand conversations. If you are having a conversation while trying to wash the dishes, the running water can be a distraction from the speech.
If you have control over your environment, try to reduce the background noise as much as possible.There is also a software program called LACE (Listening and Communication Enhancement) which will help train your brain to listen.

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