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After logging into the Administration area (the back end) of your Joomla site, go to the Article Manager and open the article you'd like to work with.
A gray bar will appear within the article text indicating that your page break is now present.
If you'd like to edit the page break, simply highlight the bar and click on the page break button in the editor again. After inserting all of the page breaks into the article, save your work, return to the front end of the site, and navigate to the article where you made the changes. We take a great deal of pride in our knowledgebase and making sure that our content is complete, accurate and useable.

Page breaks can be added to break up longer articles into different sections, all in an attempt to stay organized and improve the usability of your site & articles. After the article is open, determine where, within the article text area, you'd like to insert the page break. You will see that the longer article is now broken down into different sections, and those sections are indexed within a small menu. If you have a suggestion for improving anything in this content, please let us know by filling out this form. This article explains how to insert and edit the page break function using the core Joomla page break function and the page break function within the JCE Editor.

Place your cursor where you'd like the page break to go, and then click on the page break button underneath the article text area.

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inserting page break in word mac

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