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Several people on my Facebook page helped me figure out how to paint these cardboard boxes this summer when I couldn’t get spray paint to do the job. I found these boxes in the Target Dollar Spot, covered them with polka dot scrapbook paper, and attached them to the white board with magnetic clips. Do the big empty block walls get covered with projects, too, or do you generally leave them? I’m really working to get my blog connected to a wider readership & would welcome you at my slice of the rainbow! I am obessed with how huge your classroom is (or appears to be in pictures) the storage space in unbelievable!! I have just discovered your website, I’m a mom of a 2.6 year old boy, and i ABSOLUTELY LOVE your work!!
I inherited the carpet (was in my classroom when I came along), but I think it is a Lakeshore carpet.
The science box has some Lakeshore science materials, some seashells, jar of insta snow, etc.
How are you display your children’s art work I know in your previous class you did with individual pictures are you still doing that? My calendar is a regular desk calendar that I’ve attached to the white board with magnet clips.
December 11, 2014 by Malia Hollowell Filed Under: Most Popular Posts, Plato's Blog, Teaching Tips 6 CommentsIdeas for ages 3 to 8. Our roundup of 32 must-try classroom management hacks includes our favorite tips for reinforcing positive behavior, placing kids in groups, taking mini brain breaks when they need to burn off some extra energy and so much more. Have each table color in a square on their bravo chart every time they do something positive.

Grab some playdough and balloons and make some wacky sacks kids can squeeze when they’re feeling anxious. Use our FREE editable lesson planner and organization pack to group, plan and keep track of small group instruction {plus tons more!}. Teach kids about personal space by sticking sheets of construction paper on to your small group table with contact paper.
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About Malia HollowellMalia is a National Board Certified elementary teacher turned founder of Playdough to Plato and The STEM Laboratory - sites sharing addictively fun learning activities for kids.
To make it, I cut scrapbook paper into triangles, punched two holes in the top of each triangle, added page reinforcers, then laced grosgrain ribbon through the holes. These hang up boxes are a GREAT way for me to put the art supplies out of his reach yet still in his line of sight, so he can remember and ask if he feels “crafty”! The blocks center box has things like a wild animal set, forest animal set, Lakeshore bamboo blocks set, and other things. I always put my circle time area in front of the white board, mainly because that’s where the computer projector screen is as well.
Dimming the lights and letting kids lay down can help take their energy down another notch too.
Chart with the class so that kids can learn how to be self managers when you’re working with small groups.
She earned her Master’s in Education from Stanford University and spent seven years teaching in a classroom. I used polka dots in my room this year, and a lot of things were made with scrap book paper.

I’ve seen some online that people sewed with a sewing machine, but I’m into doing things the simple way!
I am planning to put photos of the children on the block walls (I like to have a few 8x10s printed up). I love the pics of your classroom (love the polka dots!) and all the resources on assessments and the project approach. They are pretty strong magnets, but I ended up using two of them on some buckets that were heavier. I use the board for pinning up charts that we make together, but I rarely write on the whiteboard except for reminders to myself. There are so, so many components teachers need to orchestrate well in order for learning to happen. If you use scrap book paper to decorate, I recommend buying one of those big tablets of scrap book paper, because everything is already color coordinated for you. The boxes are just cheap cardboard boxes ($0.88 from Walmart), and I painted them white with tempera paint and a foam roller.
I also didnt notice your play house are is it by the computers and if you serve lunch what other table do you use beside the 2 large ones.

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inside classroom management ideas and solutions

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