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How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love? First love is the most likely to break your heart, and the most likely to detour you from loving anyone else. While most people move on from first love to find deeper, more passionate love that comes from a place of experience with the world, they never forget their very first lover. First romance, first love, is something so special to all of us, both emotionally and physically, that it touches our lives and enriches them forever. First love is where you do the exploration that will later allow you to open up and be vulnerable to someone else. Love and needs have very little to do with each other, but we keep mixing them up - hence all our pain, misunderstandings and jealousy. You could say first-time lovers are the soldiers out on the front lines, fighting for the right of everyone the world over to fall in love, and, more importantly simply to feel love. These daring soldiers of love are serving their time, but most will later leave the battle and settle down with less hurtful, more mature love; love that has a chance of survival. Our love has been the thread through the labyrinth, the net under the high-wire walker, the only real thing in this strange life of mine that I could ever trust.
Most of us have heard the line (or a similar soft let down) a time or two, but hearing let downs more than occasionally should make you pause and think. We are all extremely lovable in our own way, we really are, but some of us need to learn to let go of that which we thought defined us but which was really just a weird idea, one of those self imposed limiting beliefs that make us seem less loveable (including to ourselves). If you recognize that there may be things about you pushing others away, the inspirational stories on this page should nudge you in the direction of introspection and change. When we do this necessary self examination and let go, the result is self growth, self love and a much greater chance of finding some 'perfect' person who sees the lovable in us (and, mind you, there are many more than just one person in the world like that).
Here is a bit of funny, inspired poetry about a man who could really benefit from introspection and change.
There is an extravagant exultation in being in love, living always at the extremes of emotion. It's useless to hold a person to anything he says while he's in love, drunk, or running for office. If you happened to venture down Interstate 4 in Orlando, Florida, in 2009, you might have seen an interesting billboard. The billboard corresponded to a website, where John decided he would post the top candidates for his love and allow visitors to vote on who he should fall in love with. The website has now been taken down, and it is unknown whether John met his match in his viewer's favorite pick.
In 2010, a Florida judge gave new meaning to creative justice when he ordered a Florida woman should never again take possession of lighters or matches. Well, the woman was charged with aggravated assault after lighting her boyfriend's crotch on fire as he slept on the couch. A protection order was also issued to keep the woman away from her boyfriend, so it is pretty certain he won't be proposing to this girlfriend anytime soon.
This is one of those inspirational stories that make you smile, laugh, or perhaps cry, right? Well, obviously the woman, whose name is Belinda, by the way, knows something about being assertive.
I could never learn to like her, except on a raft at sea with no other provisions in sight. Finally, perhaps the best thing we can take away from this inspirational story is this: When you read it you realize that you yourself may have challenges, but you are not that far off the deep end. A lot of time has passed since this inspirational story graced (or: disgraced) the newspapers back in 1993, but it is worth mentioning again. On the other hand, the reason why Lorena cut off John's dick was a history of domestic violence, marital rape and general spouse abuse. Obviously inspirational stories don't always have to be heroic; there is a lot you can learn from the craziness of others.
Apart from John and Lorena's story there are the more or less inspirational stories of old, such as good old Bonnie and Clyde.
They committed everything from robbery to murder and eventually went down in a flurry of bullets.
Love may no longer be something you have to fake in order to get laid, but it is something you will hopefully feel at some point in your life.
The first night away at college, Jon went to a pool hall frequented by students and sat at the dark bar nursing a beer. As the late evening hours ticked into the early morning hours and she didn't show, he figured he had been turned down. Two years before this college meeting, the couple had sat together on a cheap motel bed, staring into one another's eyes.
After a few passionate kisses and fondles that ultimately went nowhere, she promised that once they left home and went off to college she would be ready. They had texted excitedly about this meeting for months leading up to their departure from home, so it was shocking to Jon that she did not show up at the agreed upon time.

They were more than half undressed inside the cramped bathroom when he happened to look into her eyes. In that moment, just before the much coveted act, he opened his eyes and saw the eyes of a stranger looking back at him. When his girlfriend texted him more than an hour later to say she was not ready and had changed her mind, guess what? One of the modern dilemmas in the dating world is how long you should let someone live with you without paying rent, bills, or buying at least part of the food they wolf down on a daily basis. Roommates who sleep on the couch and go to work by day are one thing, but what about lovers who seem content to just live with you and accept your generosity without any motivation to get up and make something of themselves?
Some modern men would argue that women have been doing this for years, but many others would disagree. Kimberly was sick and tired of paying all of the bills, struggling to keep food in the kitchen, and then going into the bedroom to pretend her man was a man. One night, after waiting a few hours for her boyfriend to come home from the golf club - without the bread he was supposed to pick up for dinner, she lost it. While he was in the shower she threw all of his clothing out the bedroom window and doused it with lighter fluid.
The match went out before reaching the clothing, but in that time the boyfriend figured out the game. After a week of missing her boyfriend, and crying over the silence of her depressing house, she called the boyfriend back home.
Later they tossed them all in the trash cans outside the Laundromat, because the scent of the fluid just wouldn't go away. Food for Thought: Obviously, traditional roles for men and women don't necessary have to be the standard today.
Before you toss the lover out with the trash, question whether they are worth taking care of.
And note that he was talking about being in love, which (as we hinted at the beginning of this page) is only partially the same as actually loving, because being in love has your needs mixed up in it, whereas true love just IS, no questions asked, no demands made. That is why being in love passes, whereas true love never does (though it can be overshadowed by negative feelings). Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is. Be quick to accept love into your world, quicker than accepting sex perhaps, and don't be so quick to toss it out the door. This is a very worthwhile way to de-stress, you don’t only let bad feelings go but you also clean the house for better living. What One Country Did About Their Homeless Problem Seemed Crazy… Until I Saw These Photos. You experienced the absolute truth of love but got it mixed up with the very relative truth of needs - both your needs and the needs of your partner. This page of inspirational stories and inspiring words is for all of the soldiers braving the front lines so love can be enjoyed by the masses back home.
But most people know by now that those words are often meant a soft let down because, sadly, no one wants to say what they really think or feel is 'not-quite-right' about you. The problem - which is never evident to the victim - is that this exultant state induces mental tunnel vision. You probably know a few hilarious yet inspirational stories that could teach a lesson on the misfortunes of love, but we wanted to try our hand at a few as well. This was a one-of-a-kind billboard offering $1,000 to the lucky person who could find someone named John a woman to love. She was declared momentarily insane while she did it, and in her defense she did call 911 when she realized what she had done.
There are indications that John may be pretty far from the ideal husband, and Lorena undoubtedly took the idea of 'taking matters into your own hand' (and keeping them there until you throw them out) a bit too far. Madly in love and passionate about leaving the world together, they went on a crime spree in the United States. Greenberg's words would have applied a century or so ago, but it doesn't fit in most modernized nations today.
You may mix it up with the desire to have sex, but eventually you will figure out that it is a completely different game. He was waiting for his girlfriend of three years, hoping she had not changed her mind, for they had something very special planned. That was the proper division of labor, according to this belief, and every time her mother came to visit she reminded Kimberly of this. As he came into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around his waist and thoughts of a "happy ending" in mind, she dropped a lit match out the window. He dug up some other clothes and voluntarily left, leaving his clothing doused in lighter fluid on the ground beneath the window. Rather than finding it peaceful as she remembered it being before she met the boyfriend, she found it to be depressing. The rain had washed the lighter fluid from his clothes, and together they took them to the Laundromat and rinsed them out in the large sinks.

Well, Kimberly found herself purchasing the boyfriend all new clothes, and living happily ever after (or, at least they're still together) with the nagging of her mother in the background, but completely overshadowed with the very real feeling of love for her boyfriend and acceptance of him, just the way he is.
A lot of things have changed, and men are now just as capable of being stay-at-home parents as women are capable of being CEOs and traveling salespeople. In many cases, you can work things out in a similar fashion to what you saw right here in these inspirational stories. Try to remember what they smelled like and tasted like the first time you came together for a kiss. The light that clicked on inside your head so that you saw more beauty than ugliness in world; and felt more love than fear.
Horse-riding enthusiast Julie Moore loves to be out there in nature and to just let her intuition be ne with that of her horse. Chrisenda Smith sprinkles her passion into the bowl by cooking her heart out when she feels bad.
Jude Howker loves to spill colors on canvas and paint all the way in order to ease the weight of his heart. It is not certain what could be so urgent that she would need to get a man's attention in this particular manner. Plus, it wasn't just a burn, but a completely severed wiener which she proceeded to throw out in a field to feed the mice! He was later convicted of several crimes, including grand larceny and more domestic violence to his next wife and the one after that as well. On the plus side the small family's public disclosure of dysfunctionality did help raise public awareness about domestic violence, marital rape and spouse abuse.
And that the very best game in town is when you choose to feel the most unconditional love you can and then have sex to boot.
She was standing in the doorway to the women's bathroom, leaning on the frame with her back to him. Remember all the reasons you fell in love with them and, more importantly, all the reasons you love them now.
It can change your life for the (much) better, and that starts with you; which means that you alone hold all the power. So, Shelley Emling and her team has asked their Facebook friends if what are their favorite ways to shoo away stress.
The adrenaline and excitement of the sport is definitely balanced by the beauty of the natural world.
Better yet, does your father still curse him or does your mother still refuse to speak of her?
It is just a matter of overturning the personality 'flaws' that may not be quite so lovable to the majority of people and moving on with grace, trust and good cheer. Am I that bad?" If you see any part of yourself reflected in inspirational poems such as this one, you better, er, get to the preacher before your spouse does! Perhaps he made the mistake of saying something like this before falling asleep, "I'm tired. Giving attention is almost always a good thing while craving attention is not (you really need to give yourself the attention you deserve). Or maybe they do want to be loved but have given up on it and now just want their itch scratched instead.
He went up behind her, slipped his arm around her waist, kissed her, fondled her and started turning it into the best drunken night away from home he or she had ever had. She found her appetite gone, rather than enjoying the meal she thought she was making for herself. Experts have researched, studied and experimented about stress in order to find out what the best ways to fight against it are. Women when they are feeling not in the best mood, they release their blues by doing lots of house chores.
Bonfires remind you of all those times when you camp out under the stars with good friends. Dancing alone has this way of cleansing your body – the blood flows beautifully and when the sweat falls, you are also releasing toxins.
When you feel heavy inside, you hold your breath, scream your agony and let the weight of your heart out.
In her free time she likes a good soccer match, the outdoors, and laughing with loved ones. Again, virtue is no more, and having people give up on love is really sad - though odds are that there are a lot of men out there who probably don't mind doing the itch scratching.

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