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It creates a competitive environment that not only develops conditioning but uses skills under fatigue and is also fun for the players, who may need a mental break from more traditional conditioning methods. These methods are appropriate for players of all ages and levels, and might provide a great opportunity for younger age groups that need conditioning work to be competitive but with coaches wishing to avoid the “look” of a hard fitness session in the traditional sense.All too often coaches adopt an all or nothing mentality, ignoring the common sense middle.
Play the first version, rest, the second version, rest again and finally the third version.
Any overhead passes or other variations result in a turnover.Any dropped ball results in a turnoverFirst pass MUST be backwards, subsequent passes can obviously go forward.

This includes after turnovers etcTouches must be two hands to countUpon turnover defending team becomes attacking team and furthest try line becomes their try line.
Partnered Offside TouchThis version is probably the most physically intense and can blow open, especially after 5-7 minutes of touch in the first round. Hit The Deck Offside TouchWe now revert to a form that looks very much like regular offside touch. There are only 2 touches per possession in this version.This program is quite a good game based conditioning set up, but performance and value will, like all game-based methods, be skill dependant.

Adding criteria such as rule 6, creates an environment where all players have to work while not requiring high-tech systems like GPS.If you have any questions or would like to share your favourite conditioning games, please leave them in the comments below.

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international association of coaching psychology 2014

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