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Like I mentioned, both my internships have prepared me for the real world by making me more professional.
Universidad Austral offers 8 to 10 English-taught classes in our Buenos Aires facilities every semester.
The course analyses the economic development of the region from a historical perspective, paying special attention to some recent events in the region and in Argentina.
Our work in this course requires that each of you come to class having critically reflected upon the week’s readings and prepared to share your understandings and engage with those of your classmates and professors.
This class will examine the ways in which racial and ethnic differences have been visualized in the United States and Argentina. This course analyzes literary, musical and artistic pieces in Spanish America during the 20th century. This course will explore development cooperation in an international context, focusing as much as possible on Latin America. Human rights are the rights that every human being is entitled to enjoy and to see respected and protected.
Different groups, liberal or conservative, publicly present themselves as advocates of human rights. The course is meant as a survey and analysis of the current state of affairs when it comes to communication and the media in Argentina. I’m in Sweden at the moment, running a fascinating Management Programme for an International company, and the question came up concerning the ideal manager for a multi-cultural organisation.
She helped me with my interviewing skills and made sure I was on college central network and my resume was up to date. The students will learn a variety of concepts, which will enable them to comprehend economic cycles, economic growth and the way regions interact with one another.

During the course students will explore and become familiar with the nature of Latin American modernities and identities, the dynamics of Latin American societies and cultures, and the main social processes that have taken place in this part of the world since the constitution of nation-states and modernity. It begins by exploring both the historical development and character of modernity in the region. This course therefore requires wakeful reading and reflection prior to class, and mindful participation once there.
Students will learn how Hollywood has created films that analyze issues of race and ethnicity in a multicultural United States and, in a comparative perspective, examine how independent filmmakers have portrayed ethnic relations in Argentina’s social and economic reality of the 21st century. We will present the theoretical and historical background, the relevant moments, the significant figures, the constants and the elements of originality that characterize contemporary Spanish-American literature, music and art. It will describe chosen development challenges faced by the international community, and the actors working on reducing social and economic disparities.
In this context, the media represent these stances in different ways, and the organizations promote their values with different strategies. This entails taking into account the recent technological and cultural changes taking place in the last years.
The car you drive may have been made in one country and sold to you in another and the same applies to many of the standard household items you use every day. This framework will be used to approach the study of the way in which the economy of different Latin American countries has evolved. Discussions about peripheral modernity, hybridization, and issues of identity (for example, White, Indigenous, Creole, Afro, mestizo, etc.) are some of the main topics to be covered in the first part of the course.
We will explore how images have helped to “inscribe” a diverse range of narratives around cultural identity. The class will use a variety of examples, including guest-speakers from the development professions, and insist on exchange of opinions.

The social implications of theses transformations will also be addressed throughout the course. In order to understand and to deeply examine the constitution of Latin American modern nation-states, in the second section of the class three case-studies will be considered in order to understand the different ways in which nation-states were constructed in this part of the world. By tracing the visual markers of difference(s) historically, we will discuss how images have operated both to “naturalize” structural patterns of oppression as well as to critique and challenge received notions regarding diversity.
The work will be based on media content survey, communication analysis of organizations and literacy research. Politics of identity, utopias, and imaginaries will be our main entry points to study: Brazil (racial democracy and modernity in the Tropics), Argentina (looking at the European mirror), and Peru (indigenous cultures and Inca utopia in the constitution of Peruvian nation-state). The third and last section focuses on the study of some of the most important social problems, conflicts, and social movements in contemporary Latin America.
Different groups and organizations try to make theirs the rhetoric used when talking about human rights, thus putting forward their own view on this issue. In this case, diaspora and migration, human rights, indigenous cultures and contemporary movements, marginality, poverty, and inequality, and political violence, armed movements and drug cartels will be examined and discussed.
What are the main strategies the groups promoting human rights when communicating their cause? In this case, readings and discussions address three significant cultural expressions of South American pop culture: soup operas, football, and music.

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