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As a Holy Land of Taoism and a cradle of Wudang Martial Arts, Wudang Mountains have a long history. Visit the Wudang Global Federation for info about Wudang Taiji, Qigong and other Wudang Martial Arts. The schools are comprehensive cultural centers including international teaching and international Martial Arts performances.

The Taoist culture is attracting more and more attention in the whole world and the Taoist Martial Arts, which is the embodiment of Taoist philosophy, is accepted by more and more people. About our teachers, we specially engaged elites and representatives of Wudang, Tai Chi and other Chinese arts. Wudang Taoist Kung Fu Academy owns a team of masters who have won many prizes in martial art competitions both at home and abroad with one of the authentic inheritors of SanFeng school in Wudang Mountains as its chief master.

Based on its deep-rooted inner culture of traditional Taoist Martial Art, we have cultivated hundreds of people with martial art ability which enjoys a high reputation in the martial art circle both at home and abroad.

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international federation of coaching uk

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