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With noble intentions, organizations in the United States spend nearly $200 billion dollars on leadership training. So now that we have that on the table, why is leadership development so essential for success?
Most of us who spend our lives in organizations find a routine we can comfortably settle into, doing our work to the best of our ability.
But if leadership is about how to transform human potential into organizational results, we should all be paying attention. A recent study conducted by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology shows that successful organizations actively engaged in leadership development found the “average investment in those activities was $500,000 with an average ROI of $1,000,000. Think about it this way: A company that desires to enrich its culture by focusing on the development of its employees will cultivate committed, courageous, educated, innovative, effective, empowered, futuristic thinking people working in an organization that supports them to transform, grow, problem-solve, and perform beyond the norm, yielding improved global competitiveness, increased profitability and expanded shareholder value. The city of Luanda will on 18-19 June this year, host the International Forum on vocational Education for Poverty Reduction among young vulnerable people, an event that is to be co-organised by the Ministry of Public Administration, Labour and Social Security (MAPTSS) and the Chinese Foundation for Youth Development.
According to a press note, for two days, scholars and international organization officials, members of the civil society, representatives of firms and educational institutions will analyse the Chinese experience in the field of vocational education and its contribution to the creation of employment and poverty reduction in the African continent.
The organisers have said that the creation of a vocational school in Angola is a typical case of a deep co-operation between China and Africa in the professional training field, with a view to fighting poverty in the continent. It will be attended by representatives from South Africa, Cameroon, Chad, Ethiopia, Ghana, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia and the African Union. The Chinese experience is being implemented in Angola, with the inauguration of a vocational training school located in Kilamba City, Luanda Province. As a child, I spent a lot of time by myself exploring the shores of Blue Waters Lake in Minnesota. Those quiet mornings alone were times of magical discovery for me – cultivating my imagination, my dreams, my love of nature. One morning, when I was about five years old, I watched as the colors of the sunrise began to paint the sky with delicate brush strokes of pink and orange and yellow. Not wanting the moment to be lost, I began to quickly sketch the scene in the sand with my fingertip.
Before I could say anything, the woman took my hand and guided me over to the other children. As I look back on that day, so many years ago, I see the beginning of a turning point in my life. From grade school, through college, and into the workforce, a single word began to follow behind me like a loyal Pitbull – quiet. In our group-think society, I believe the “Extrovert Ideal” has led to an unintended “Introvert-as-Unfortunate” mentality – one that business leaders and, society as a whole, may benefit from rethinking. Consider, as does Cain, that many of humanity’s greatest innovations, and most profitable ventures – from the Theory of Evolution, to van Gogh’s Sunflowers, to the personal computer, to Chopin’s nocturnes, to Peter Pan, to Google, to Microsoft – came from introverts; quiet and cerebral people who preferred working, creating, and living, in solitude.

In the workplace, “Introverts thrive in environments that are not over stimulating – surroundings in which they can think deeply before they speak,” according to Cain. Throughout human history, the yin and yang qualities of extroverts and introverts have been debated.
As I reflect back on that early morning, nearly a half century ago, at Blue Waters Lake, I still get chills as I remember the long, mournful call of the loon. As a now confessed introvert, I think perhaps our natural affinity to quiet, to solitude, acts in a similar way to the extra weight of the loon, allowing us to dive more deeply into the rushing waters of humanity.
Look and listen carefully – out of the swirling mist of stillness may come wonders never before imagined. Bank on over 30 years of our global expertise in the IT education sector, to enrich your organizationa€™s talent pool. Keeping the workforce consistently competitive and up-to-date with the latest skills required in the field always causes an overhead most clients cana€™t accommodate. TALE offers cutting-edge learning solutions to Indian corporates, companies, universities, technology majors, training corporations and publishing houses. TALE is engaged with Governments across India to help build workforce in our Country and states by providing necessary skill sets to people.
Returns manifested in improved global competitiveness, profitability, sales and shareholder value,” illustrating the extensive benefits of investing in leadership development.
It was a more innocent time then, a time when a young girl could venture off on her own without the fears of today.
I loved to sit on the beach in the early morning hours and just listen to the sound of the world before mankind made its imprint on the new day. I looked up from the sand, startled, and noticed for the first time there were now about a dozen people on the beach with me. But her eyes were also filled with something else – a look that seemed to me to go beyond compassion to pity.
With the cry of the loon still beckoning me, I reluctantly joined in a game they were all playing.
While I didn’t understand it at the time, the word that began to define my life that day on the beach was this: introvert. Unlike most birds, whose bones are hollow and light, The Great Northern Loons have solid and dense bones. And – not with ruby red eyes, but with reflective eyes – we peer beneath the surface, and offer a unique and valuable view of the world. Our consultancy services are customized to help achieve specific business goals as required by you. Customized, up-to-date curricula formulated according to the latest global instructional design practices.

In a world where technology evolves daily, we can upgrade your workforcea€™s skills faster, cheaper and better.
Our turn-key administration solutions offer the perfect complement to your organizationa€™s learning strategy. Tale International started operations in 2007 with a vision to set new benchmarks while delivering on niche turnkey assignments in the industry.
We must instead develop people to lead – a subtle yet essential distinction to which Forbes contributor, Mike Myatt, would agree.
Unless we work in HR or some similar department, rarely do we concern ourselves with things like organizational capability, productivity, culture, performance and (perhaps least of all) leadership. This same research also shows that “the impact of a leader is not fully realized in the organization for about three years; so patience is necessary when evaluating and realizing the full effects of leadership development investments”. Then, I heard it – echoing eerily through the pre-dawn stillness – the long, mournful wail of a Great Northern Loon.
Then, out of the soft, swirling mist it came, its small red eyes, like rubies, faintly glowing. As soon as it was over, I ran at breakneck speed back to the spot that, just a few hours earlier, had been my own private paradise on the beach. As a leader, or one who does leadership training, or simply as a human being, this is an important fact to consider. Here are just two to consider: (1) Introverts perform best in quiet, private workspaces – but unfortunately we’re trending in precisely the opposite direction, towards open-plan offices.
The density of their bones makes their bodies heavy relative to their wing size, so they need up to a quarter-mile “runway” to take off from a lake. With time we have evolved to cater to a diverse set of clients spread across different geographies. In his December 2012 blog, Myatt points out some of the main differences between training and development.
I was in awe of the delicate grandeur of the sunrise; enthralled by the haunting call of the loon. Once below the surface, the loon’s heartbeat slows to conserve oxygen, allowing them to stay underwater for up to five minutes.

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