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At the same time, 24 officers from Airport Passports Department completed a course on interpersonal skills to deal with the public. The course attendants received lectures on concept and scope of crime scene (understanding the crimes scenes and its various types), duties of judicial officer in preserving crime scene (Crime scene and persons), common mistake in dealing with crime scenes (Mistakes in dealing with persons, materials and places, and the ways evidence get corrupted or insufficient) in addition to general topics such as dealing with public and others. The attendants of the course on interpersonal skills received training lectures on duties and responsibilities of line officers at the airport, communication skills with others, public satisfaction in terms of the concept and importance as well as to know the types of passengers and how to deal with them, the reasons and ways to avoid disgruntled travelers and the development of passenger service system.

The contingency theory focuses on specific situational factors which can affect the direct relationships between independent and dependent variables. Add important lessons to your Custom Course, track your progress, and achieve your study goals faster. 17 participants from different departments participated in the course conducted during 14-26 April 2012.

Mohammed Abdulla Al-Mahanna Al-Marri mentioned that this course is being conducted to train the officers in dealing with crime scene and to develop their skills and expertise in the field of technical inspection of crime scene and in turn to utilize it in criminal investigation and inquiry.

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interpersonal skills in veterinary medicine

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