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Personal development and skills development training programmes are provided by Litha-Lethu in group sessions. Learn how to improve your relationships with others and motivate them to be the best they can be by understanding who you are. Litha-Lethu presents Spirit Intelligence, a learning programme that goes beyond Emotional Intelligence! To unlock our full potential and revitalise the quality of our lives at work and at home, we need to understand and empower our whole being - our emotions and our spirit as well as our physical body and mind. Objective: to provide delegates with the skills necessary to effectively plan, schedule and control a project. Put all these together in the workplace, and find out what it means to celebrate workplace diversity, how important it is to realise the benefits of diversity and manage and celebrate its effectiveness within the workplace. Encourage and lead people to grab opportunities, avoid hazards, and make something important happen now!
Have you ever wondered why there is ‘too much month left at the end of the money?’ Are you constantly worried about barely surviving from month end to month end?
Training can be conducted as a ½-day (basics) or a full-day programme is conducted in a practical manner, concentrating on drawing up a budget that actually works, and giving one a step-by-step guide to get out of the debt trap.
Learn how to calculate and account for depreciation on fixed assets, provisions and accruals. This programme deals with the creation of a strategic plan and how to implement the strategies and inculcate the values that have been established. This one-day interactive programme looks time management being a component of self-management, adapting ourselves to the time that we have, and not time to what we need to do, learning new habits to ensure good time management, and identifying our thoughts and changing our way of thinking. The overall purpose of the workshop is to assist delegates in improving their interpersonal and communication skills. Principles of interpersonal skills: human dimensions that exist both within yourself and those that you work with.
Activities of interpersonal skills: if you perform the activities in the order they are discussed, and base them on the principles offered, you will be effective in your process of effective interpersonal relationships.
Barriers to communication: you need to be aware of and overcome or avoid the barriers that can affect communication in a negative way. In business today, how you communicate and behave and how you handle other people are just as important as how capable or clever you are. Application Think of an intrapersonal strain you may be feeling right now, or felt for a while in the past. Family of Origin Our family of origin socializes us into constructive and destructive ways of handling conflict that carry over into how romantic relationships are later handled.
Importance of Skill Development The skills of conflict management are not intuitively obvious In conflict, we must learn to do what comes unnaturally How many of us intuitively know to tell more and more of the truth when a conflict is becoming destructive rather than keeping quiet or yelling?
Application Look on page 7, at the list of list of emotional intelligence Discuss with a small group what you believe are your three key strengths from the list.

Destructive Conflict We would like to do what we can to prevent destructive, time-wasting, relationship- harming conflict Conflicts move from episode to episode in a continually unfolding pattern of interaction between the prime parties.
Defensiveness When people use defensiveness communication, they are communicating a desire to protect themselves against pain, fear, personal responsibility, or new information Some people seemingly can’t help adopting a devil’s advocate or contrary point of view. Intrapersonal perceptions The bedrock upon which conflicts are built But only when there are communicative manifestations of these perceptions will an “interpersonal conflict” emerge.
Interdependence Conflict parties engage in an expressed struggle and interfere with one another because they are interdependent A person who is not dependent upon another – that is, who has no special interest in what the other does – has no conflict with that other person In a healthy family, everyone can talk to every other member. HPI Financial Group aims to provide our clients with all-round services at the highest standard. Through the diverse offerings from different arms in the Group, we offer our clients top-notch services and help them to achieve outstanding investment returns. Our vision is to assist our clients to invest SMART,while providing them a holistic platform to maximizetheir returns on investment.
With a revolutionary strategy, we take our stakeholders to the frontier of the financial world to create sustainable success and ensure that our firm remains competitive at all times. We look to attract and retain talents, and we provide them the opportunity to reach the top of the top. We value the importance of corporate responsibility, and we actively participate in goodwill activities, allowing us to share our successes with the community. Life-long financial planning is a key to crystalizing decades of efforts into the leisure at retirement and to leave the best for the next generation.
Explore and generate new business opportunities through various business networks and channels. Nine attitudes of emotionally intelligent leaders and managers, Christina, your post did an excellent job of describing the challenges of new managers (who are also leaders!) the 9 assumptions are simple and brilliant!. Emotional intelligence - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Emotional intelligence (ei) or emotional quotient (eq) is the capacity of individuals to recognize their own, and other people's emotions, to discriminate between.
Ud department of communication, Bill worked in radio after graduating from ud and then founded a digital media firm in 1993, which he remains president of today.
Learn how to develop and use application techniques, body language and communication to improve your levels of Emotional Intelligence. Litha-Lethu Consulting has a wealth of practical experience in facilitating successful diversity management programmes, and has now incorporated the insights into an experiential training programme, allowing you to learn and practice the principles of sound organisational transformation and change management in promoting diversity in your workplace. The programme offers an overview of the different investment options that can be investigated once one has been able to save some money. Financial savvy refers to a person’s ability to understand and apply the fundamental financial concepts. Two days will be spent in a workshop environment creating an overall strategic plan and focusing on the individual plans needed to sustain and achieve the overall vision. An ability to communicate effectively will improve your relationship in both the personal and professional arenas.

Business success depends on how effectively we communicate our organisations’ strategic intent, values, core messages and services internally and externally.
Conflict Fact of human life Constructive conflict is an essential set of interpersonal skills. Javis's expertise in foreign exchange and bullion margin trading comes from a decade of field experience in managing treasury and margin trading businesses in various financial positions. As the Vice Chairman of the Group, Joseph is responsible for monitoring trends and developments in various markets and drawing performance indicators for business evaluation. Our practice is to represent the best interests of our clients, and we advocate SMART investment while using risk-management financial tools. We focus our endeavors in areas of business, where we can identify sound opportunities and enjoy competitive advantages through taking initiatives to lead the trend.
Our team is innovative and forward-thinking, and we refuse to be constrained by conventions. With this aspiration, HPI Financial Planning Limited provides independent, impartial and holistic financial consulting services to our clients. Do you consider yourself to be socially intelligent and adept, above to monitor yourself and others’ feelings and emotions, discriminate among them and use this information to guide your thinking and actions?
Spirit intelligence is the ability of your spirit being, the core of you, to make the best choices at work, at home and for your life. This 2-day learning programme gives you the practical tools and approaches to ignite the other 97%! Javis is responsible for identifying new opportunities and expanding the footprint of the Group. We aim to secure a profitable return for our investors without compromising the excellence of our services. We are constantly challenged to elevate our performance beyond the benchmark by encouraging communication and the exchanging of ideas, which allows our people to grow and expand their horizon. These include family protection, retirement, education, estate planning and key-man insurance. These skills have to be translated into best practice communication criteria that can be applied to our everyday business interactions. AWF641), HPI Financial Planning (a member of Professional Insurance Brokers Association) and HPI Bullion (Bullion Investment). The growth and success of our firm is contributed collectively by creative ideas, entrepreneurship and dedication to our team. If you answered yes to this question, ask yourself if you might have expressed the conflict ever so slightly in some way.

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