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Yoga is a perfect compliment alongside acupuncture to maintain health, vitality and longevity! I treat a lot of patients with musculoskeletal and stress conditions which I think would be helped, and in some cases have gone someway towards preventing if they did regular yoga.
Sessions are gentle, relaxing and focus on creating an energy which facilitates the body to release, no need to push or force. I began practicing yoga in 1996, and over the years have practised many styles, but the style which has been at the Heart of my practice over the years is Dru.
I find Dru Yoga to be an essential complement that nourishes our inner world and brings that sense of peace and relaxation in a culture which often draws us out and over stimulates us. When Bershan Shawa€™s doctor diagnosed her with stage IV breast cancer at the age of 33, he told her she had three months to live. Now, seven years later, she proved her doctor wrong by experiencing a a€?miraclea€? and far outliving his prediction.
In addition to her doctora€™s prescribed traditional cancer treatmentsa€”radiation and chemotherapya€”she took a proactive approach and began reading all she could about healthy eating and exercise.
In addition to her dietary changes, she practices Ayurvedic medicine, the traditional form of healing that originated in India. Suzanne Garber envisioned a very special wedding night on December 29, 2001, with her new husband, Chris. At this point her husband suggested seeing his longtime primary care physician to rule out anything serious. In the four months between her pre-wedding gynecological check and her surgery, a€?the tumor had grown to eight pounds,a€? says Garber, a€?but was miraculously completely contained within itself.a€? Because of this she did not need radiation or chemotherapy. Garber credits her early diagnosis to being in tune with her body and vague symptoms such as bloating, painful sex and constipation. Receiving a cancer diagnosis was bad enough for Richard London, but getting the bad news over the phone from his urologist while at work made it particularly tougha€”especially since he had no idea his doctor suspected he had cancer. Five years later his doctor declared London a€?cureda€? of prostate cancer with a PSA of zero, although he has learned to work through impotence and incontinence issues.

A former basketball coach for 11 years, Echols had always kept very active and usually had an abundance of energy to play with his two young children, Pria, 3, and Preston, 5. The first surgery attempt, which was similar to a colonoscopy, attempted to remove the cancer but it had already spread into the second layer of tissue, says Echols.
Szablyaa€™s doctor explained her best treatment option: cytoreproductive surgery with heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy, major surgery that could take up to 18 hours, removing the affected organs followed by a hot chemotherapy bath to kill the microscopic tumors that could not be removed surgically. The 10-hour surgery involved removal of Szablyaa€™s spleen, gallbladder, ovaries, uterus, appendix, fallopian tubes and part of her liver. Dru Yoga is a graceful and potent form of yoga, based on flowing movements, directed breathing and visualisation. Similar in some respects to Acupuncture in that it alleviates stagnation and imbalance from organs within the body it is also tremendous for health maintenance and general wellbeing (and it's fun!).
As well as moving discordant energy out of your body and provoking a relaxation response, it also helps to reset you body back to natural order as we get muscle groups which get imbalanced through repeated daily postures. Using unique energy block release sequences, sessions work to subtly release energy constrictions which get held in our body, and particularly in our spine.
Although Shawa€™s mother died of breast cancer at age 59, when Bershan found a lump in her breast she was not worried. Every three months Shaw detoxes with a vegetable-and-juice fast for a weekend or will go away on a retreat where she eats only raw foods. Since they held off on being intimate until after their wedding, Garber expected some pain the first time.
When, at his annual checkup at age 47, a blood test revealed an elevated PSA level, his doctor scheduled the biopsy that showed he had cancer. His primary care physician attributed his symptoms to hemorrhoids, but when the bleeding didna€™t go away two weeks later, Echols knew something else was amiss.
As he feared, the colonoscopy revealed colon cancer that had spread to his lymph nodes: stage III. The doctor wanted to do a second surgery, at which time Echols decided to get another opinion.

Afterward Szablya underwent chemotherapy and also went for acupuncture three times a week. There is also a particular focus on the Anahata (Heart) centre (known as a Chakra) which creates a heartwarming sense of wellbeing which lends itself to the body unwinding and releasing. I stopped eating meat and dairy and eventually went vegan,a€? she says, although she occasionally eats fish. Her doctor said she currently has a€?no evidence of disease.a€? a€?Ita€™s ongoing, you can never take your foot off the pedal,a€? Shaw says. The cancer returned two more times over 14 years before his father eventually passed away from it. A family history of colon cancer on both sides of his family plus an intuitive sensea€”a€?I knew deep down inside something else was wronga€?a€”motivated Echols to schedule his own colonoscopy, although he was only 38 (colon cancer screening is not usually recommended until age 50). Until his diagnosis he and his wife, Keisha, led a busy life and often referred to themselves as Team Echols.
He then went to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, where he was treated with radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. She also began taking supplements, including turmeric (a spice known for its anti-inflammatory properties) and pau da€™arco (an herb reportedly beneficial for easing chemotherapy symptoms and for diminishing tumors). They were in the middle of closing on their home and canceled the closing to get an ultrasound that same day. Most doctors recommend annual PSA screenings for men beginning at age 50 unless the man is at higher risk through heredity or ethnic heritage (African American men tend to be higher risk, for example) or if cancer runs in the family, as it does in Londona€™s case.
His treatment plan included working with a dietician who developed a naturopathic medicine and nutrition strategy to help him through the treatments and cope with side effects. Although he went through chemotherapy and radiation concurrently, Echols continued to work full time throughout the process, which amazed even his doctors.

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