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Doing the Master Intuitive Coaching training is the best thing I could have offered myself. Being a part of a community, like the one that Colette Baron-Reid has created with MICI, has allowed me to let go of the ‘reigns” and surrender to ALL of life’s adventures with joy, trust and anticipation. As a Registered Professional Counsellor and Certified Coach, I have integrated many different therapies into my client sessions.
I am truly amazed at how Deep to the core this healing technique the ~In-Vizion process~ reaches.
Several years ago my amazing journey with Colette began when “cosmic” sisters I met on a cruise contacted Colette and asked her to open an upcoming Sedona weekend intensive for one more student.
I was a successful professional Medical Doctor for 17 years and the leading chief of the government hospital in the country where I was born when I decided to move to the U.S. Colette and her team have created the virtual classroom allowing people to study all around the world but feeling connected with a members only Facebook, and the study buddy program is the best learning technique I’ve experienced. My friends and family are amazed at the difference the MICI program has made in my life–in my self-confidence, my clarity of thought, my ability to decide what changes need to be made in my life, make and implement a plan to bring those changes about. Having carried around an extra 50 pounds for the past fifteen years, I felt such shame and disappointment for being unable to control this aspect of my life. The other day, I found myself in a very uncomfortable place, swimming in an energy that I don’t often hang out in. By now, a few of my best spiritual friends were calling to check in on me, and I was talking to them, hoping they would help me shift this energy. When we have some desire and some resistance for something, we begin to experience frustration. Michelle enjoys helping others fill their spiritual toolboxes by working with her clients and students individually, in small groups through workshops, and by speaking to large groups at events.
The key is to accept responsibility for your state and the thinking that is causing the emotional discomfort. I help Conscious Entrepreneurs translate their Soul Purpose into a tangible, step-by-step plan to create personal and business success.Have you found yourself in the middle of the most intensive personal and spiritual growth and development course you could ever enroll in? As an energy medicine practitioner, Coach and Hypnotherapist, I am able to work with the essence of your emotional challenges, and communicate these to you in an easily understandable and accessible way. This training is giving me powerful transformational tools I can use with my clients and the results are nothing short of amazing. Using Colette Baron-Reid’s card deck from ‘The Map,’ I was able to practice seeing my reflection in the elements of the cards which opened up a whole new understanding of the question, “Who am I? It’s given me a strong voice to help heal myself and to gratefully be of service to others using her knowledge and experience. What a remarkable gift that was for me – and it “keeps on giving.” This synchronistic event led to numerous other Colette seminars and classes. Using creative, cutting edge modalities, it helps people move forward, even when they’ve been stuck for years.
My studies as a coach have included a deep self-exploration that has given me a new perspective on how best to help my clients.
The MICI Weight Release Energetix module has completely changed how I handle life’s daily triggers.
It has helped me go so much deeper than I ever had been able to on my own and brought hope back into my life.
The IN-vizon process really gets to those hidden nooks within the subconscious mind and allows you to bring them up in a safe and empowered way so you can bring about your highest good and greatest potential!
I do not believe one should start the New Year with a negative statement, nor unrealistic expectations.
It was everything I could do not to get too close to the edge of the slippery slope that leads to feeling powerless and victimized. In any act of manifesting something, there are two things we want to consider, desire and resistance. It never fails that someone who shows up and has never played before, has no idea how to play the game, and doesn’t really understand what outcome they want to achieve walks away with the money.
Depending on the strength of the desire versus the strength of the resistance, we will feel mildly frustrated or more frustrated than usual. Usually you are in a place where you feel little desire for something you don’t have and little resistance to what you do have.

Anger shows up when we have strong desire for something and encounter strong resistance at the same time. With our new awakened consciousness, we can decide to make different choices about our focus.
Either because you decided to build your own business or to move forward into a better more expanded and satisfying life? I have cultivated an intuitive talent of empathetically understanding where my clients are energetically and how to facilitate their way forward. The tools that she has created, The In-Vizion process and the The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards, have both been a subtle yet powerful combination of bringing awareness to the things that prevent us from recognizing who we truly are and to build new pathways of understanding and personal acceptance. Since beginning my certification training in January to become a Master Intuitive Coach with MICI, I have become more prosperous, more clear, and more empowered. But when Colette shared her dream of training IN-Vizion process coaches, I “knew” I was being called to be a part of this magnificent journey. The IN-Vizion ® process is a valuable tool to use with any person seeking answers regarding wealth, health, heart – Life! Each module builds on the last, and the skills i have learned will stay with me for the rest of my life. The selfcare techniques introduced are easy and can be practiced anywhere and in a short amount of time.
I have gained a deeper level of understanding that there really is a way for me to lose weight successfully by lovingly acknowledging all the parts of myself, heal and really feel alive again.
Colette’s class helped me to acknowledge and accept my empathic feelings, and to share my insights with others in the forum in such a way as to get the “AHA” moments again and again, and in a safe, reflective, and supportive environment. Six weeks before my first intensive started my mother was diagnosed with lethal cancer and given an expiration date. At the moment that your vibration is experiencing increasing desire and also increasing resistance at the same time, it starts to stir things up inside of you.
Personally, in six months of immersion (3 modules), I have visually worked through and swept away more old, unhelpful habits and beliefs than in years of analysing, journaling and counselling supervision.Additionally, I have found this process to be the quickest, most effective and most unthreatening way to guide clients into the realm of the subconscious I have ever encountered. Every MICI module from Wealth Energetix to Weight Loss Energetix has helped me become a better, more authentic version of myself.
The Institute, encompassing every facet of a person’s life, trains them to observe and question lifelong-held – yet false – beliefs, converting self-judgment into joyful hope and determined action. Colette Baron-Reid has a high sense of honesty and integrity that is visible through her books and through this teaching that she has chosen to share to those students dedicated enough to embrace it. I am so excited about the prospect of helping others get clear and bring about the changes they want to see as well! The IN-Vizion process is the critical component that has allowed me to get underneath my fears and work through them. I resolved to learn to relax and meditate.I resolved to be the healthiest I have ever been.
I decided I could not leave my mother with such a limited amount of time left here so I withdrew from my intensive. If you follow the programs and learn and apply the tools Colette teaches, you WILL move more fully into the highest expression of yourself!
The awakening that has happened within me has created an awarenss that leads to self healing.
And I’ve been in awe of the results when I work with clients and others who are genuinely (and quickly) helped by answering three simple yet profoundly insightful IN-Vizion process questions – Where are you?
Whether in my own life, or in witnessing client growth, I can say with certainty that Colette Baron Reid’s IN-Vizion process is a unique key to empowering new choices and perspective, and therefore ultimately to authentic fulfillment for ourselves and those we hope to serve. But Life gives us the exam first, then teaches the lesson.”My new country, what I call now My Home, taught me how to build–to glue, cell by cell, my new identity. But the best part is my newfound confidence that I am more than capable and I am enjoying this process of change.
My protection from the world resulted in my years of over indulgences and I ate myself into serious obesity.
I pulled out my spiritual toolbox and got to work with some of my best tools and techniques, and I waited to feel better. I absolutely love MICI and am so happy to be a part of such an amazing, transformational program!

By coincidence I had been following an elimination and clean-eating program for a few weeks prior to class. I was still reeling from my Mom’s situation and I had withdrawn from a program that heals me in all ways. This incredible journey lead by magical and charismatic mapmaker Colette and her amazing team has been one of the highlights of my life. I would describe it as being an aware and active participant in my own life–fully engaged and conscious, recognizing my typical triggers and believing that I know the best way to move around them for lasting change. I lost 10 pounds, but even more… I lost inches in places that I never have before (thighs). I had purchased “The Map” a few months ago and to be honest I could not get my brain to vibrate with the information so I could absorb it. I’m deeply grateful each and every day for the opportunity to not only help myself but others seeking their highest self. I lost 3 inches off each thigh, followed by 3 inches off the gluts, and last week dropped 3 inches in the waist.When I began, I was busting the seams of my clothes.
The students come from all walks of life, and the supportive energy and love abounds & uplifts every single day. I was more grounded and clear-thinking and began effortlessly, to my surprise, to release the weight.
I found Colette Baron-Reid’s Master Intuitive Coach Institute at a time of major transition in my life.
I especially enjoyed the cleansing salt baths with essential oils and I continue these on a daily basis—my special “me time”. I was ecstatic to learn there was a class to train how to handle all these energies flying at me and how I respond to them. I found as the days progressed being exposed and practicing the IN Vizion process my path became uncluttered and obstacles began to disappear. It’s instinctively become a Path of Life for me.Words seem too small to convey how incredibly inspiring and enriching, trans-formative and empowering the Wealth Energetix(TM) Intensive in San Diego was. The bi-product being dropping weight along with the emotions.What worked for me was the dumping ground. When thoughts or feelings creep in to undermine my peace I simply do a quick 30 seconds of IN Vizion and it is sincerely….MAGIC! I was raised to “pull up [my] big girl panties and just deal with it.” Which is such a damaging slogan. The sensation of the goblin trickling away down a healing waterfall is as good as a one-hour massage!I thank you and all your creativity to develop programs like this.
With rare wisdom she stretched the boundaries of our thoughts with her own expansive vision and insightful perspectives. She is one of those who are orchestrating the coming Planet Transition to make this World a better place. She is a Treasure, and it’s an honor and privilege to be in her presence.This Module, as a gift, will be imprinted into my heart forever. When the “where are you now” was prehistoric volcanic activity I thought it was everybody else coming at me in the workplace. I know myself well enough to know when I eliminate I tend to binge on those items at a later date.
I mix the two and occasionally add peppermint essential oil which soothes me and reduces cravings for sweets.I have also found the extent of my porousness was more extreme than I knew.
Perhaps it is because I can finally tell the difference between what is mine and what is not.
I appreciate having tools to get through those porous moments so that I do not have to live life behind mental walls.I intend to go through the program again while I work on establishing boundaries, and see if I find even more gems of wisdom hidden within.

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