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I had a great synchronicity and manifesting story the other day, and I was so excited to tell my friend and business partner, Kim, about it. Well, I could barely get the rest of my story out, because Kim was so stuck on the fact that I Tivo Wife Swap that she couldn’t get past it.
In a little while, I finished my lunch, finished the episode of Wife Swap, and went back to my computer to get to work. I don’t need to defend my “guilty pleasure,” watching – and Tivo’ing – Wife Swap, and I don’t really feel guilty about it at all. In my house, we play a game, where we talk about who Wife Swap would send into our home if we were to participate in the show. However how cool is it that because you did follow your inspired action you are going to make a connection happen for many that may not have otherwise been made! I help Conscious Entrepreneurs translate their Soul Purpose into a tangible, step-by-step plan to create personal and business success.Have you found yourself in the middle of the most intensive personal and spiritual growth and development course you could ever enroll in? The holiday season is in full swing - and while you're busy shopping for all the special people on your gift list, my friends & I wanted to bring some special gifts to you (because we think you're pretty special, yourself!).
My name is Dana D'Orsi and I've made it my mission to help as many purpose-driven entrepreneurs as possible build six-figure businesses doing what they love, while working 30 hours a week or less.

I asked them to share "the good stuff" with you -- "meaty" training content, strategies, tips, templates and tools that you can put into place immediately to begin seeing results in your business.
Pricing Tips & Word-for-Word Scripts to Help You Charge What You Are Worth Confidently and with Ease!
The Build Your Six-Figure Business Giveaway Extravaganza will be live for 12 days (December 8-19) - so be sure to grab your gifts now! You can pick and choose the gifts that interest you the most -- just a few or the whole shebang. And then I was aware of nudges, those intuitive nudges, and this one was telling me to look up the woman from the tv on Facebook.
Her name is Dina Beauvais, and she has written a book and created a program called Dream to Destiny. Either because you decided to build your own business or to move forward into a better more expanded and satisfying life?
And this December, I've partnered with 17 like-minded experts to bring you The Build Your Six-Figure Business Giveaway Extravaganza, where we're gifting you $2,000+ in training resources to help you grow your business to six figures & beyond!
Remember, these training resources are valued at $2,000 -- and they're only available for a limited time!!!

I mean, I guess there is a real difference, subtle though it may be, between watching Wife Swap if it happens to be on when you turn on the tv, but to Tivo it purposefully? I did, and I sent her a friend request, and very soon afterwards, she was contacting me, and we began to talk. As I began to watch it, I noticed that one of the “wives” teaches a lot of the same things that I do. She and her family have just gotten an RV (one of my dreams, also) and are heading out this summer and through next fall, touring with her book and her message. I was really resonating with her story and with what she and her husband were saying and doing. Watch how the set-up that is created brings out the Shadow aspects of those who are participating in the drama.

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intuitive life coach training online washington

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