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Develop a streamlined method for producing efficient cycle counts, tightening logistics and cutting costs.
Auditors are due to arrive at any moment, counts aren't complete and the stack of orders on your desk grows exponentially as the hours tick by. It's increasingly difficult to find down time in your day to do inventory counts and ensure a lean inventory management process is in place. Learning inventory management, seamless logistics and successful cycle counts doesn't just happen overnight, but this 1-hour program will provide you with proven solutions and next steps for taking control of your counts and costs. You have stockpiles of obsolete inventory that never move and it just gets recounted year after year. Don't spend another minute struggling to get a hold of your inventory management processes!
What would your workday look like if you could minimize the stress related to ineffective inventory management — and how would your work life change with a renewed sense of control, purpose and accomplishment? This high-energy program will give you and your coworkers the skills needed to tighten logistics, manage cycle counts and gain a renewed sense of control over your budget.
Calculate the cost of carrying inventory — and deal with the inventory that takes up valuable warehouse space but never movesWho Will BenefitAny member of your organization who works with inventories will benefit from the strategies and solutions provided that allow you to manage your inventory and employees more effectively than ever before! How can firms in the Retail sector face the intense competition from e-commerce companies and overcome other challenges? An off-the-shelf e-learning course, developed by an external vendor who does not know the unique inventory management needs of your company, will not be very effective. Many a time, you need to make changes to the learning content of your inventory management course. The L&D managers of Retail firms are under tremendous pressure to reduce the cost of training. Customized e-learning courses help retail organizations deliver tailor-made training to enhance their inventory handling efficiencies. Beacon fits into small spaces, allows more prescriptions to be filled in a shorter time, decreases will-call retrieval time, and reduces inventory costs.
Contact your sales specialist or visit our Education page to learn more about our ROI model and to read some of our customer experiences. Directed by light, pickups are quick for the customer and no longer require waiting while the technician searches for the prescription.
Beacon is designed to replace or supplement existing systems by providing perpetual inventory management with individual package monitoring for quantity, expiration date, and touch frequency. Logistics; will continue throughout to be a driving force for both national also regional and international platforms and trade eventually. Eksekutif dan praktisi di bidang FMCG, Retail, Supply Chain Management, Pergudangan, Logistik, serta pengusaha yang ingin mempelajari dan memperdalam ilmu Inventory Management. Inventory Management Workshop diadakan pada tanggal 11-12 September 2014 di Hotel Santika Premiere Jakarta. Eksekutif dan praktisi di bidang FMCG, Foods, Retail, Supply Chain Management, Pergudangan, Logistik, Distributor, Principal, serta pengusaha yang ingin mempelajari dan memperdalam ilmu Distribution Management.
Eksekutif dan praktisi di bidang FMCG, Foods, Retail, Supply Chain Management, Pergudangan, Logistik, serta pengusaha yang ingin mempelajari dan memperdalam ilmu Supply Chain Management. As soon as you've made sure one product's inventory is correct, another discrepancy always seems to appear.
From what to do with obsolete inventory to tips for negotiating with suppliers, there are numerous strategies for gaining more space in your warehouse, ordering the quantities you actually need and increasing your bottom line. You know the computer system hasn't been giving the most accurate quantities lately and try to make up an excuse. You're company paid taxes on something it didn't really have and you risk problems with the IRS for not paying enough taxes on the items you didn't count. Your organization would reduce wasted space and increase revenue if you could replace the old inventory with more of your top-selling items.

With the tips, tools and techniques provided in this one-hour webinar, you'll learn strategies for implementing new purchase order policies, eliminating misleading counts and prioritizing your organizations deadlines to leave you breathing easier about your organization's inventory, projections and budget.
Don't endure another grueling inventory count, fall victim to inaccuracies or be overrun with frustration. Each organization has its own minimum stock, maximum stock and re-ordering level requirements. For instance, the developer of your inventory control software has released its new version. Every training dollar counts, and it is essential to get the maximum benefit with minimum expenditure.
For instance, a large Retail company with stores in 10 counties needs to train its 20,000 people on inventory control best practices.
These courses can be updated without any hassles and enable retailers to deliver training in a very economical manner.
This solution is a turnkey design incorporating pharmacy inventory management, will-call, and pharmacist prescription verification, allowing for one standard operating procedure for the entire pharmacy.
With access restricted to specified users, software controlled electronic locks require authentication for entry either through use of biometric scanning, personal token scanning or password and log in entry. Customize your pharmacy by using DeliverRx bags and bulk shelving, and even integrate refrigerated items. Previously, the way one would manage their inventory through Beacon was by operating the stationary desktop client. This handheld device allows users to stock their Beacon inventory products from the palm of their hand, freeing them from the desktop client.
Pharmacist Check, another optional feature, allows the order with image and barcode to be verified by a pharmacist.
Turhan Bilgili provided consultancy for ATC (Automobile and Touring Club) UAE (Dubai) to implement national programme on dangerous goods transport by road for the UAE. One part of being organized that any successful business adheres to is keeping close track of their inventory. Riwayat pendidikan beliau adalah memperoleh gelar Master of Informations System spesialisasi Supply Chain Management dari Deakin University Melbourne dan gelar Master of Commerce spesialisasi Business System Development dari Deakin University Melbourne.
Jika Anda adalah Perusahaan Principal, bagaimana cara terbaik mengelola perencanaan Supply Demand untuk lebih dari 100 distributor Anda di seluruh Indonesia? Have you mastered the tools and techniques for gaining control of your inventory and maintaining your sanity in today's fast-paced business environment?
He comments that his business must not be important to you if you can't even keep track of his inventory. You'll be able to implement what you learn immediately and see positive changes in your work life as soon as you return to your desk. Learn proven solutions and time-saving tips that will help cut costs and ensure accurate counts and inventories more effectively and efficiently than ever before! Various well-known retail chains such as Dots, Alco Stores, Radio Shack, Deb Shops, Wet Seal, and Delia’s have filed for bankruptcy protection in the last 15 months. Well, experts believe that ‘brick and mortar’ retailers need to focus on a key aspect – inventory management.
Companies opting for the online training format can choose to either develop customized courses or purchase readymade learning materials from a vendor.
You need to make changes to the online course used to train your people on the software, accordingly. All you can do is request the vendor to make the changes, and there is no guarantee that he will oblige. Beacon's signature features include pick-and-put-to-light LEDs, barcode confirmation of every prescription, and image verification of every medication.

These features create a safe, accurate, and efficient process from beginning to end to ensure patients receive not only the correct medications, but all medications in their prescription. Many Beacon pharmacies have seen inventory turns increase to as much as 30% while inventory levels drop by 30%. However, by continually looking for ways to drive efficiencies in both labor and inventory, TCGRx has developed and introduced Beacon Mobile. This means less walking back and forth when stocking and searching inventory, translating to improved efficiency and increased accuracy. Such organization makes the working process of the business flow quite smoothly, making it pleasant and painless for all of those who are involved, because it eliminates any potential worry that a particular piece of inventory be missing. Jika Anda adalah perusahaan distributor, bagaimana cara yang mantap untuk mengelola Supply Demand dalam Supply Chain Anda? Optimizing retail inventories is the need of the hour.This critical need of retail companies has given rise to the following training needs. There is also a wide diversity in the inventory management software used in the Retail industry.
On the other hand, YOU OWN the customized online course and can update the course as you wish.
Every square foot saved is another square foot that can be used for additional services in your pharmacy. One simple way that you can ensure that your establishment has this sort of organization is by using the Inventory Management Excel Template.The Inventory Management Excel Template offers many benefits. Inventory dapat dilihat sebagai tiga aspek yang berbeda namun saling berkaitan, yaitu sebagai revenue generator, sebagai cost, dan sebagai asset.
Workshop ini akan menjawab pertanyaan tersebut dengan simulasi permainan yang interaktif dan praktek langsung di komputer. Orders aren't placed for badly needed stock and the result is missed sales, instant shortages and lost income. It is easily customization and available for free, quick and convenient download right here on this page.
Di banyak perusahaan multinasional, Inventory Management telah diterapkan untuk meningkatkan Return of Investment (ROI) karena Inventory adalah salah satu asset investasi yang berhubungan dekat dengan profit. Namun, karena kapasitas gudang yang terbatas, barang saya tidak muat lagi di dalam gudang sampai saya letakkan di luar gudang menunggu untuk diambil. If these situations sound familiar, you're in desperate need of simple solutions and successful strategies to increase accuracy and efficiency in inventory purchasing and production — and all while saving time and money!
Using and customizing this valuable asset for your business is simple and can be done with ease in Microsoft Excel. This template will be of great help with the organization of your business, which will allow you to focus on higher concerns for the business and prevent you from having to deal with more basic inventory hassles that could have been avoided.Using the Inventory Management Excel TemplateUsing and customizing the Inventory Management Excel Template for your business is an easy process. Workshop ini akan menggali konsep dasar Supply Chain Management agar dapat membantu Anda untuk menerapkan Supply Chain Management yang benar di perusahaan Anda. After downloading the Inventory Management Excel Template from this page, open the template in Microsoft Excel.
Once you have completed these first two steps, you can begin to customize the Inventory Management Excel Template with the inventory that your business currently has.The template offers sections for the equipment ID number, the item name, the employee whom the equipment was assigned to, the date of this assignment and the age of the item in question.
You can chose to have no highlighting at all, or to highlight items that are older than one months, three months and one year. This feature will be of use when you need to search for a specific piece of inventory.Download: Inventory Management ExcelNot what you were looking for?

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