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Unified communications (UC) refers to the integration of real-time communication with non-real-time communication such as messaging, voice mail, fax and others.
The market is segmented based on communications type as on-premise and hosted or cloud-based unified communications. Apart from the above cross sectional analysis of the global unified communications market, the report also provides competitive profiling of major players engaged in providing unified communications service, their market positioning, business strategies, and various recent developments. Globalization of markets coupled with expansion of industries across the globe is leading to need for reliable and affordable communication. Some of the factors that are driving the growth of the unified communications market range from the increasing mobile workforce and increasing penetration of mobile devices to virtualization and the cloud and the mounting adoption of BYOD in businesses. Some of the major players in this market include Cisco Systems, Alcatel Lucent, Microsoft, IBM, Avaya, Polycom, NEC, Huawei Technologies, Siemens Enterprise Communications, and ShoreTel among others. Technological advancements in packaging techniques have led to the introduction of next generation packaging. Mobile phone accessories are software or hardware components that are not integral to the operation of mobile phone.
High-availability systems are capable of working over long durations without any breakdown or failure. Green information technology (IT) covers services related to environmentally sustainable computing and IT optimization. The Broadcasting major is designated as a “Pillar of Distinction” at West Liberty University.
Our students receive hands-on instruction in our state-of-the-art studios at West Liberty Television, WLTV – 14 and radio station WGLZ.
The Bachelor of Science Communication: Broadcasting degree consists of 48 general studies credits, Communications core of 13 credits, 20 hours of Broadcasting foundations, 8 upper level hours in Broadcasting and 6 hours of restricted Broadcast electives. The real-time communication in the UC includes instant messaging, video conferencing, data sharing, internet protocol (IP) telephony, desktop sharing and others. The report provides complete understanding of factors driving and restraining market growth, potential growth opportunities, and prevailing trends behind the popularity of unified communications.

The research report provides complete insights on different end-user applications areas of unified communications including government, healthcare, enterprises, education and other sectors. With the evolving IT infrastructure and the availability of high-speed internet, exchange of data and information is now possible almost instantaneously. At present, North America accounts for major share of the unified communications market, with EMEA expected to overtake North America by the end of the forecast period.
Apart from this, the increasing popularity of video as a means of communication and desktops enabled with video are also aiding in the growth of this market. Next generation packaging offers features such as traceability and provides product quality information.
Over the next ten years, career opportunities for broadcast news analysts are projected to increase nationwide by six percent. The TV station reaches more than 55,000 cable households in Hancock, Ohio, and Marshall County (West Virginia) via Comcast cable and can be viewed online. It can also be used for other forms of communications which include digital signage, internet protocol television (IPTV) and others.
The research report provides market estimates and forecast for all the market segments and explains the impact of various factors on these segments. Unified communications (UC) facilitates integration of business processes with communication technologies enabling further optimization of operations. The EMEA market for unified communications was USD 6.38 billion in 2011 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 21% from 2012 to 2018.
Companies are also looking at unified communications as a means to reduce costs and improve employee efficiency while cutting down on their carbon footprint by reducing the need to travel. She has authored articles in Journalism Quarterly, the International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters, the Journal of Public Relations Research, Public Relations magazine and the Proceedings of the American Academy of Advertising. Unified communications is a business term used to illustrate all types of call and multimedia message handling functions managed by an individual user for business processes.
It enables users to access and share information on one media type and device and receives the same on another media type or device.

Unified communication is a useful tool to enhance the business processes as it provides seamless communication.
The report also provides a better understanding of the market with the help of Porter’s five force analysis and further highlights the competitive scenario across different levels of the value chain.
UC is not a single product but is a collection of services and helps to simplify the user experience.
Moreover, unified communication saves time and helps increasing productivity of the employees in an organization as it provides easy and convenient mode of communication. In all, the report provides a detailed analysis of the global unified communications market along with the forecast, in terms of revenue (USD million) for all the market segments during the forecast period from 2012 to 2018.
Some of the main services that are integrated into UC include instant messaging, presence, telephony, data sharing, and video conferencing. Video conferencing and web based collaboration are expected to be increasingly deployed across enterprises. Enterprises are also turning to hosted and managed UC services as this addresses the problem of high initial investment cost that is associated with unified communication systems. Unified communications is also useful for critical communications such as emergency cases, damage mitigating notifications and other emergency instructions. The unified communication market is backed by increased demand due to increasing mobile workforce and enterprise mobility. Moreover, concepts such as bring your own device (BYOD) is another factor supporting the growth of unified communications market.
In addition to this, unified communications as a service (UCaaS) is a highly updated, standardized, pre-integrated and low cost service that accelerates business processes. Unified communications service can be used in various sectors such as retail, transportation, banks financial services and insurance (BFSI) and other business enterprises.

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