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I'm the kind of dude who likes Ender's Game, a book about a young kid who is trained via zero-gravity 3D laser tag to fight off an alien invasion. So for those of you who haven't read the novel, here is the plot format for the vast majority of chapters.
We hang out with Peter and Valentine who are taking over the world without issue using internet forums. Ender easily beats both the personal and battle school challenge because of how great he is at stuff.
Still, watching a highly skilled character beat progressively difficult levels without experiencing any character growth is essentially the same at watching a skilled friend beat a videogame. I'm willing to grant Card the "exceedingly young hero" just because every science fiction novel geared toward young adults a€” and many that aren't a€” runs into this problem. The best I could do with the Ender's Game main cast is "Genius" for Ender, "Smart and Compassionate" for Valentine, "Smart and Ambitious" for Peter and "Guilty" for Graff. Maybe people with a deeper relationship with the novels can do better, especially those who were compelled to read on to the sequels, but I'm really running dry.
To contrast this with something else I was reading at the time that I first read Ender's Game, Harry Potter is a fundamentally sympathetic character that grows and changes substantially over the course of a single novel.
You can describe any member of the cast in with a multitude of adjectives that don't pertain to appearance, age, or occupation. A key element of the science fiction author job description is making predictions that kind of hold up.
Moreover, Card's interpretation of the future of the internet a€” an internet abused by Valentine and Peter in the pursuit of global domination a€” seems pretty stuck in the news group system of the era when he wrote it.

Summit EntertainmentWorth noting is that a lot of the elements that make the novel memorable a€” FTL travel, a war with an insectoid species, one unified government a€” had already been explored and defined by Heinlein's Starship Troopers or Haldeman's The Forever War. It's pretty well known by this point that author Orson Scott Card holds some particularly vehement opinions about certain moral questions, but I really A didn't remember this kind of stuff coming out in the actual novels. As a result a lot of people have told me to read Speaker for the Dead, the sequel, which sounds like it is more like the last chapter of Enders Game than the preceding 95%. Either way, this isn't saying that Ender's Game is inherently bad, or that you should stop liking it. The first edition of Ender's Game, published by Tor Books in 1985, featured cover art by British artist John Harris, one of the best known Sci-Fi concept artists. Subsequent editions of Ender's Game feature artwork from other famous science fiction artists. Ender's War, a 1986 book release that features both Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead, sports a cover designed by Vincent Di Fate, another well-known artist and Hugo Award winner. Both these covers are from Tor Books' Starscape edition, a series that was created to make Tor's back catalogue more attractive to a younger audience. Tor Books eventually realized that and commissioned Welsh artist Gordon Crabb to give the Starscape cover a facelift.
Today, Ender News is very excited to exclusively reveal: The Dragon Army logo from the upcoming Ender's Game film!
While the novel was originally released in 1985, the Soviet Union would eventually collapse less than a decade later. Which, hey, I understand it was the late eighties and things were different, but that is just overtly, "Math is Hard!" Barbie levels of sexist.

No holds barred, I really, really liked the denouement of Ender's Game, and feel like it was better than a lot of the book combined. This is the image most strongly associated with the book as Tor kept it alive through decades of hardcovers, paperbacks and reprints.
The cover for the original German release was designed by Tim White, whose art is all over the place since the 1970s, not just on hundreds of book covers.
Di Fate was commissioned by NASA in 1985 to create the official painting of the International Space Station. Personally, I think it's more targeted at parents buying "appropriate" books for their children, so it's not a very good idea and doesn't do the book justice. The result is a big improvement over the previous edition, portraying Ender in a typical scene from the book and showing enough of the dark side without focusing on emotions.
However, this artwork has actually nothing to do with Ender's Game as it was originally created for a 1982 re-release of Frederik Pohl's classic SF novel Drunkard's Walk, which is also the title of Harris's image. Several works have been published with collections of his Sci-Fi and Fantasy images, you might recognize some of them from Robert Heinlein or Terry Pratchett books.
Especially the first release with cover art by a widely unknown artist named David Gaadt -- interestingly enough a Greensboro, SC resident like Orson Scott Card -- makes Ender's Game look like a story for children. But since Enders Game takes place well over 100 years into the future, the fact that Card foresaw the Soviet Union lasting that long is a bit of a goof.

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is the book ender game a series

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