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Every day around the globe, in every company that designs or builds products, engineers reference copyright materials including Standards and technical documents.
Standards Aware™, written in conjunction with Thompson Consulting, Inc., is a collection of eight courses designed for anyone who uses or distributes standards in the workplace. Standards users frequently require assistance in finding the standards appropriate for their needs.
Allied Health Sciences Courses offered in association with LIHS – Life Supporters Institute of Health Sciences.
There are plenty of opportunities to get your refereeing qualifications in 2014, please see below for some of them.
The following departments and faculties offer courses taught in English on a regular basis. Basically all courses offered in American Studies, British Studies and English Linugistics are taught in English. The Faculty for Biology (including Biochemistry) and Pre-medical Studies offers a large number of courses taught in English. The Master of European-American Studies is an international, interdisciplinary four-semester program that provides more specialized study of European-American relations in the past and present, as well as in a wide variety of contexts. Each summer semester additional courses are offered within the double degree program German-Finish Master in Education. The Faculty for Physics offers the master's program in Physics as well as in Computational Science in English. The following department have a small number of courses taught in English which varies from semester to semester. Catholic Theology  individual courses taught in English plus the possibility to do an independet project in basically all subject areas. The Faculty of Philosophy, Art History, History, and Humanities offers individual courses with varying topics.

If you have difficulties handling the LSF course catalogue, please download our short guide. You can find our training programme here.  Please note you can attend any training course regardless of where you are based. We can provide courses or workshops tailored specifically for your organisation or for a cluster of organisations working in the same field.
If there is a topic you are interested in that we don’t seem to cover please tell us below. Our comprehensive list of courses will address the standards education needs of your entire organization.
But few users understand what they can and cannot do in terms of copying and distributing these protected materials. From new hires and recent college graduates, to seasoned engineers and professionals across industries, the collection offers something for everyone.
This course explains what standards are and uses examples of the various types of standards to illustrate the many ways that we use and rely on standards. This course examines the benefits of standards for consumers, explains why industry uses standards, and explores the regulatory use of standards by government authorities. Despite their diversity, most standards organizations follow similar processes to develop standards.
This course provides an overview of testing, certification, and other related elements of conformity assessment. This course examines the benefits of adopting a strategic approach to standardization by companies and government agencies. This course addresses the problems that standards users have in identifying the standards they need and in obtaining the required documents.
Adding on to this belief it offers courses for medical, paramedical and also management studies.

Students who do not come within an exchange agreement but want to apply as degree seeking students should see our information on English-taught degree programs. You will find a complete list of all courses including course descriptions on the departmental homepage. Topics in fields of research such as political science, history, economy, literature, culture and language are analysed from a comparative, transnational perspective. Some of these courses are part of the international master's program Experimental and Clinical Neurosciences. These cover a wide range of topics that staff and volunteers need to know to improve their financial management skills and strengthen and develop the sustainability of their organisation. We can develop a specific course if there is enough interest, or possibly provide some individual support to you. From new hires and recent college graduates, to seasoned engineers and professionals across industries, the collection offers something for everyone. This course identifies the various industry groups and government agencies that are involved in the development of standards.
This course describes the most common processes used to develop industry, national, and international standards. With all these courses it contributes to the society by providing formal education and training not only to its employees but also to all other individuals who seek career opportunity in those fields and are looking for courses in those fields. Exchange students may take courses within this program as long as they meet the requirements.

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it courses for the over 60s

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